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  1. Where students and instructors have an opportunity to learn from mistakes and, highlight ,exemplary actions. Students may be given a certificate of completion at the
  2. With a higher rate of increase for those who do). In addition, the authors, highlight ,side effects from several mainstream mouthwashes that included dental erosion
  3. As well as popular protest in the form of the On-to-Ottawa Trek. One, highlight ,of the 1930s,both for the railway and for Canada, was the visit of King George
  4. Road, leads down to the West Sands and the Harbor. For many this area is the, highlight ,of any visit to Aberdeen; parking at the foot of Shore Road is usually at a
  5. Torture to children under fourteen years, though this rule had exceptions. One, highlight ,during his reign occurred in 148,with the nine-hundredth anniversary of the
  6. In, but continued to struggle with a bullpen that blew more than 20 saves. A, highlight ,of the season was a 22–0 victory over the New York Yankees on August 31,one of
  7. In January 2007 has since seen the globe sting replaced by a red strap line to, highlight ,the breaking story immediately. To complement this, a permanent live news
  8. Existing apart from our minds, but was using the phrase" mind-stuff" to, highlight ,the inherent intelligibility of the world: that our minds and the physical
  9. The international Mountain Film Festival. These cultural events in Alberta, highlight ,the province's cultural diversity. Most of the major cities have several
  10. To move out of the cellar, with losing seasons between 1969 and 1975. One, highlight ,was the acquisition of Gaylord Perry in. The Indians traded fireballer" Sudden
  11. Worst in franchise history. Was slightly better, with a 3–13 finish—the lone, highlight ,being the Browns' first home win in five years, against the Steelers on
  12. And many pundits predicted that the team would win the division. The, highlight ,of the season was an upset of the defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants
  13. Classes on Ditch Day, so the underclassmen can participate in what has become a, highlight ,of the academic year. In 2010,Ditch Day fell on May 21. Another long-standing
  14. New palace of the Bavarian king (now housing the Greek Parliament),to, highlight ,the continuity between modern and ancient Athens. Neoclassicism, the
  15. History Some religious communities regard sin as a crime; some may even, highlight ,the crime of sin very early in legendary or mythological accounts of origins —
  16. Factor is a natural outcome of Hollywood script development which wishes to, highlight ,one or two major characters which can be played by major stars, and thus a good
  17. J. Edgar Thomson, suggested renaming the area" Atlantica-Pacifica" to, highlight ,the rail connection westwards, shortened to" Atlanta ". By 1854,another
  18. With his heroic brother. He deified his paternal grandmother Livia in order to, highlight ,her position as wife of the divine Augustus. Claudius frequently used the term
  19. He enabled powerful dramatic shifts in the emotional color of the music. To, highlight ,these episodes he used changes in instrumentation, melody,and mode. Among the
  20. In 2010,according to Deloitte CE Top 500 Ranking report. Transport The, highlight ,of Croatia's recent infrastructure developments is its rapidly developed
  21. Working with BDSM clients, sexologists Charles Allen Moses and Peggy Kleinplatz, highlight ,that distress can occur in BDSM patients due to stigma and discrimination
  22. The data are still fragmentary and subject to criticism. Preliminary results, highlight ,the difficulties in evaluating the toxicity of this heterogeneous material.
  23. 1916,the Braves only twice posted winning records from 1917 to 1932. The lone, highlight ,of those years came when Judge Emil Fuchs bought the team in 1923 to bring his
  24. By their functions, they are not equivalent to the anatomical organs - to, highlight ,this fact, their names are usually capitalized. The term gang (臟) refers to
  25. In Bleak House and Amy Orbit in Little Orbit),this idealism serves only to, highlight ,Dickens's goal of poignant social commentary. Many of his novels are concerned
  26. Example, scattering the melody across woodwinds, or using thirds to, highlight ,the melody taken by them. This process placed a premium on chamber music for
  27. At Heading to retain the urn. In the timeless Fifth Test at The Oval,the, highlight ,was Len Hutton's then world record score of 364 as England made 903-7 declared
  28. And earning an All-Star appearance. Also, David Ortiz provided a late-season, highlight ,when he broke Jimmie Foxx's single season Red Sox home run record by hitting
  29. 2007. Wood supposedly bypassed the $84 million filter in about half an hour to, highlight ,problems with the government's approach to Internet content filtering. The
  30. And cuts it open from end to end. When done properly this" ceremony" is a, highlight ,of the evening. Supper At the end of the poem, a Scotch whiskey toast will be
  31. Sought to undermine the deliberations of the Constitutional Assembly, began to, highlight ,a significant break in the uneven negotiations carried over from the previous
  32. Plus the fundamental theorem of finite Abelian groups described above, highlight ,some successes in Abelian group theory, but there are still many areas
  33. But Hoyle explicitly denied this and said it was just a striking image meant to, highlight ,the difference between the two models. Hoyle later helped considerably in the
  34. Alchemy. Early alchemists, such as Cosmos of Panoplies (c. 300 A. D.), highlight , the spiritual nature of the alchemical quest, symbolic of a religious
  35. Asset-based community development, a methodology that seeks to uncover and, highlight ,the strengths within communities * USS Atlanta (1884),USS Boston (1884)
  36. And particularly impacted baseball. Potboiler down to the thirty-second game, highlight , and now under the microscope of news organizations that needed to fill 24
  37. Ships were later redesignated largely as a public relations move, in order to, highlight ,the capability of the Aegis combat system the ships were designed around. In
  38. And the lead female roles in L'more innocent were designed to contrast and, highlight ,the different traditions of operatic writing for soprano, even borrowing
  39. Adrenal glands, spleen and hematopoietic system. We conclude that these data, highlight ,signs of hepatomegaly toxicity, possibly due to the new pesticides specific to
  40. Form from chaos Marta Eagle further developed and refined this typology to, highlight ,nine themes, adding elements such as Zeus Faber, a creation crafted by a deity
  41. The first Sunday in September and runs until the Monday thereafter. It is the, highlight ,of the year in Babelsberg and is a celebration of the people of Babelsberg and
  42. With Bill Murray, in which Variety called her" unquestionably the pic's comic, highlight , " Kane was a regular on the 1986 NBC series All Is Forgiven, a regular on the
  43. Entirely by outside songwriters—enjoying minimal success on radio and MTV. The, highlight ,of the album was" Perfect Water" written by Dharma and Jim Carroll (noted
  44. Manager. Robinson served as player-manager and would provide a franchise, highlight ,when he hit a pinch hit home run on Opening Day. But the high profile signing
  45. Participating in the opening-game coin toss. However, it would be the only, highlight ,for the Browns that night. The Steelers got revenge on the 51–0 loss to the
  46. Support for inserting images into Buddy Info, the ability to change the, highlight ,colors of the UI, improvements in displaying Linked Screen Names, several bug
  47. Use of antipsychotic medications as a treatment for schizophrenia. But they do, highlight ,the need to closely monitor the benefits and adverse effects of these
  48. They toured Scotland by coach, and enjoyed several receptions en-route. The, highlight ,for them all was a triumphal return to Undermine, where Carnegie's mother
  49. As a percentage of under 5's mortality is 57. The aim of this report is to, highlight ,ways in which the Millennium Development Goals can be achieved, particularly
  50. Version of events. In this regard, conspiracy theories may sometimes serve to, highlight ,'blind spots' in the common or official interpretations of events. Suggests

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