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  1. In Canada to fully utilize information technology in the undergraduate, curriculum , In October 2006,Dr. Dinter-Gottlieb established a commission to review the
  2. Mechanical Engineering and Physics. Caltech requires students to take a core, curriculum ,of 30 classes: five terms of mathematics, five terms of physics, two terms of
  3. Its largest internal division an undergraduate college teaching a liberal arts, curriculum , also culminating in a bachelor's degree. What often distinguishes a
  4. Under the responsibility of a consortium led by city council (though the, curriculum ,is the responsibility of the Generality de Catalunya). There are also many
  5. Maintains much more strict admissions standards and provides a more rigorous, curriculum ,with smaller classes and increased faculty interaction. Although there are no
  6. Ljubljana Colic, only allowing schools to reintroduce evolution into the, curriculum ,if they also taught creationism. " After a deluge of protest from scientists
  7. Its collection includes over 300,000 volumes which support the undergraduate, curriculum , It also houses an archival collection of official and student publications
  8. Or specialties (academic, technical,business, and so on. ) according to the, curriculum ,adopted by each school. However, in many rural areas, teachers are poorly
  9. And have an international breadth. Because a substantial portion of any aikido, curriculum ,consists of throws, the first thing most students learn is how to safely fall
  10. The only school in the whole Bay Area to offer a technology- and science-based, curriculum , with major connections to leading universities. In addition, Berkeley City
  11. Advantage, integrated the use of notebook computers into the undergraduate, curriculum ,and featured innovations in teaching. By 2000,all full-time, undergraduate
  12. May other private schools, but these institutions tend to follow the same local, curriculum ,(CCS) as government schools. Both international schools are relatively
  13. Are taught at universities and schools as part of the computer science, curriculum , Such courses are usually supplemented with the implementation of a compiler
  14. All the" subversion" and wars of the modern world. An of Saudi Arabia's, curriculum ,has been released to the press by the Hudson Institute. Almanac recently aired
  15. Parents after the Dover Area School District in Dover, Pennsylvania passed a, curriculum ,change requiring that its high school biology students be read a one-minute
  16. Biology textbook. (In Turkey, unlike in the United States, the public school, curriculum ,is set by the national government). In 2008 Richard Dawkins website was banned
  17. Design will be discussed in history classes as part of the new national, curriculum , One Australian scientist who adheres to creation science is Dr Pierre Gunnar
  18. Appearance of these algorithms has long led educators to question this, curriculum , advocating the early teaching of more central and intuitive mathematical ideas
  19. For academic budget, faculty appointments and promotions, and coordinates, curriculum , Caltech's $1.55 billion endowment is governed by a permanent Trustee
  20. In 1724,where he studied mainly Greek, Hebrew,theology and mathematics,a, curriculum ,designed for boys preparing for the priesthood. In the last year at the
  21. The" science" of Vedic astrology, Jyotish Libyan, was introduced into the, curriculum ,of Indian universities. Undergraduate (called" graduate" in India)
  22. Programs. Four-year institutions in the U. S. that emphasize a liberal arts, curriculum ,are known as liberal arts colleges; an example of a traditional liberal art
  23. Ignatius Gymnasium, Het 4e Gymnasium and the Cygnus Gymnasium where a classical, curriculum ,including Latin and classical Greek is taught. Though believed until recently
  24. As the national standard. Classical Chinese is still part of the high school, curriculum ,and is thus intelligible to some degree to many Chinese. Urbanization Since
  25. In the developing world amidst an obesity epidemic in the United States,the, curriculum ,is followed by an opportunity for students to engage in a fun and healthy
  26. Center found that in Egypt and Pakistan, while the official high school, curriculum ,does include evolution, many of the teachers there don’t believe in it
  27. A son, named Leotychidas. Therefore, Agesilaus was trained in the traditional, curriculum ,of Sparta, the agog. But Leotychidas was ultimately set aside as illegitimate
  28. A typical class is worth 9 academic units and given the extensive core, curriculum ,requirements in addition to individual options' degree requirements, students
  29. For Academic Enrichment. This campaign consists of re-evaluating the existing, curriculum ,and raising money for greater academic ambition. The money will be used for
  30. Drainage, which offers places from Kindergarten to 12th grade. It follows the, curriculum ,of the International Baccalaureate. * King Fahd Academy, a private school in
  31. Charter schools, and private schools all follow the Program of Studies and the, curriculum ,approved by the provincial department of education (Alberta Education). Home
  32. Him to neglect ancient history and philosophy, which formed part of the Greats, curriculum , and thus he failed to obtain a degree. Most biographers adduce a variety of
  33. Who is on the board of Truth in Science, commented about Intelligent Design, curriculum ,he was involved in overseeing:" We are just simply a group of people who have
  34. And is therefore a cherished cultural form of expression that is part of the, curriculum ,in BVI schools. The fungi band, also called" scratch bands ", use instruments
  35. As 2006,there has been some debate on reintroducing plus/minus grading to the, curriculum , Advocates argue that adding pluses and minuses would reduce grade inflation
  36. Best secondary school of Paris at that time, in the fall of 1802. Most of the, curriculum ,consisted of classical languages; the young and ambitious Cauchy, being a
  37. Refer to schools which offer a vocational, business,engineering, or technical, curriculum , The term can either refer to a self-contained institution that has no graduate
  38. Reestablishment of religious education (banned during the Soviet period) and, curriculum ,changes that have reemphasized the use of the Azerbaijani language and have
  39. Of Dr. G. Homer Durham, Arizona State University began to expand its academic, curriculum ,by establishing several new colleges and beginning to award Doctor of
  40. Directly for details on prerequisites, application procedures, and program, curriculum ,". Art selection Due to the large quantities of artwork in modern times, there
  41. Except for higher education establishments, colleges and universities. The, curriculum ,focuses on eight main subject-areas: Bulgarian language and literature, foreign
  42. The teaching machine was a mechanical device whose purpose was to administer a, curriculum ,of programmed instruction. It housed a list of questions, and a mechanism
  43. And is a tuition-free public charter school with a college preparatory, curriculum , All students from the class of 2009 and 2010 gained admission to college.
  44. Allows for the teaching of a foreign language (English, generally ) across the, curriculum , though this is limited to a maximum of 30 % of the school day. No public
  45. And is seen as a significant step towards realizing Wayland's vision. The, curriculum ,was the result of a paper written by Ira Magazine and Elliot Maxwell entitled
  46. 2001,the science of Vedic astrology, Jyotir Libyan, was introduced into the, curriculum ,of Indian universities. The astrology commonly used in Sri Lanka derives from
  47. Tutor he switched to English literature, which was not then a part of the, curriculum ,offered. Crowley largely spent his time at university engaged in his pastimes
  48. Taught in schools. But English and Spanish are part of the official high, curriculum , There are also international schools, such as the http://www.eabdf.br/
  49. Many colleges may offer a Master of Arts degree in some field without a full, curriculum ,leading to a PhD. Some schools that were branded as a" College" have changed
  50. Of Confederation and presaged the Constitution of the United States. New, curriculum ,In 1850,Brown President Francis Wayland wrote:" The various courses should be

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