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  1. Approach of the Spanish fleet, Drake is said to have remarked that there was, plenty ,of time to finish the game and still beat the Spaniards. There is no known
  2. In the bone pile to draw from. When using the larger sets, make sure you have, plenty ,of playing room as they can spread out considerably. Double 6s 7 rounds, double
  3. Together. The Capp-Saunders" feud" fooled both editors and readers, generated, plenty , of free publicity for both strips—and Camp and Saunders had a good laugh when
  4. Means that the heart is connected and affects the entirety of the body. While, plenty ,is known about the healthy heart, the bulk of the study in cardiology is in the
  5. To suffer from chronic hunger and malnutrition in a time of unprecedented, plenty , These people lead a life of misery and are denied the most basic of human
  6. Reputation as a worthwhile alternative to Labor and Conservative, offering, plenty , of debate in parliament and not just representing a protest vote. Meanwhile it
  7. Nearby attractions include: * Canada dos Leaders – A National Park with, plenty ,of Gerardo wildlife and surrounded by several spectacular waterfalls. *
  8. Design, with a beautiful display of trees, mature shrubs and bushes and, plenty ,of flower beds. There are also many statues here, most importantly the war
  9. Species lasted only a few years while the atmosphere cleared and there was, plenty ,of organic matter to feed on. Once the atmosphere cleared, photosynthetic
  10. The goat's broken horn was transformed into the cornucopia or horn of, plenty , Some ancient sources claim that this derives from the sun" taking nourishment
  11. A former deprogrammed, wrote: * In the early 1970s,Ted Patrick—a man with, plenty ,of street smarts but, at the time, no formal training in counseling—believed
  12. Run by Johnny Bench in the bottom of the ninth. The New York series provided, plenty ,of controversy with the riotous behavior of Shea Stadium fans towards Pete Rose
  13. Such as kielbasa, stuffed cabbage and pierogies. Cleveland also has, plenty ,of corned beef, with nationally renowned Slyman's, on the near East Side, a
  14. Style of the early 20th century made famous by the Academic DES Beaux arts;:, plenty , lots of, much; merci beau coup: thanks a lot; misused in slang, for example "
  15. In the world. Afghanistan does not face water shortages because it receives, plenty ,of snow during winter, especially in the Hindu Kush and Pair Mountains, and
  16. אביתר, Ebyathar, Evyatar, the divine father is pre-eminent or father of, plenty ,), in the Hebrew Bible, son of Achimelech or Elijah, High Priest at Nob, the
  17. Afghan villagers training and animals to start with. Fishing The nation has, plenty ,of water reserves and suitable climate for fish farming. Fishing takes place in
  18. Of the camp called" Canada," so-called because Canada was seen as a land of, plenty , Many of the SS at the camp enriched themselves by pilfering the confiscated
  19. Sitting on my watch, so I can be on time,' he wheezes, because time he's got, plenty ,of. " Christian gave the album an A+. Later, when The Village Voice conducted
  20. Ball. Why was Carlos Valderrama seemingly or arguably ahead of his time? There, plenty ,of reasons that could be considered, many of them based on mere speculation
  21. District. " (Chapter XXVII) Tings were huge open air events, which required, plenty ,of space. The more important ting that king Olaf talked about was probably the
  22. Switch must be located. The levels are sometimes labyrinthine and feature, plenty ,of items such as additional ammo, health increases and other" power-ups "
  23. Researchers),although the ILL and national statistical offices can provide, plenty ,of data on request for those who wish to try. In one study, Deon Filmed
  24. Outside world. Technically almost anybody can be chairman, as long as they have, plenty ,of management experience. Over the last few years the post has been held by
  25. Deploy. Warren gives the total French army size as 50,000. He says:" They had, plenty ,of archers and crossbowmen, but nobody wanted to let them fire sic. The reason
  26. Many BBQ and Soul food restaurants. With its blue-collar roots well intact, and, plenty , of Lake Erie perch available, the tradition of Friday night fish fries remains
  27. Driving funk/rock rhythm section with a dramatic formal string arrangement and, plenty ,of orchestral stabs, a novel technique that Horn himself had pioneered the
  28. To know is how to prepare defile fish, cut noodles fine, and give the man, plenty ,of children. " Goldman pursued an independent education on her own, however
  29. But leaves it for the reader to go into greater depth if desired, providing, plenty , of references to this end. In writing the book, Dennett wanted to" get
  30. To storytellers, play games with clowns, or watch a play. The festival has, plenty ,of carnival rides available as well. Celebration ends with a large firework
  31. Use only a portion of the bandwidth available over coaxial lines. This leaves, plenty ,of space available for other digital services such as cable internet, cable
  32. Away from disturbing noises; the air quality should be good and there should be, plenty ,of food for the students and teachers. Gives emphasized the importance of
  33. Different levels of realization. On the other hand in Hinduism, which provides, plenty ,of room for counterpoint, there is also the notion of data (dualism) where
  34. A morpheme (unit of meaning) is a single syllable; contrast English, with, plenty , of multi-syllable morphemes, both bound and free, such as" seven "," elephant
  35. The main tunnels by at least to ascertain the ground conditions. There was, plenty ,of experience with tunneling through chalk in the mining industry. The
  36. With temperature reaching as high as 30-35C at least once per year) with, plenty ,of sunshine interspersed with heavy rain. The average annual hours of sunshine
  37. To reach children before they were convinced about a spherical Earth. Despite, plenty ,of publicity, the space race eroded Shenton's support in Britain until 1967
  38. Usage of the term is also common in medicine and in nutrition (" take, plenty ,of fluids" ). Liquids form a free surface (that is, a surface not created by
  39. Program would make only minor changes in a fraction of the gene pool, giving, plenty , of time to reverse direction if unintended consequences emerge, reducing the
  40. Cancer, and includes limiting dietary fat, eating a balanced diet that includes, plenty ,of nutrients, and dietary fiber such as are found in fruits and vegetables, and
  41. Such as Peruvian or Brazilian, but to the adventurous traveler there are, plenty ,of delectable dishes to try, not to mention fruits, rum,and especially
  42. Loss of his job. He claimed that with the President dead," money would be more, plenty ," (a reference to Jackson's struggle with the Bank of the United States) and
  43. Were used to change level. Flash locks were only practical where there was, plenty ,of water available. Locks use a lot of water, so builders have adopted other
  44. Throat business that the record companies had of doing business. The 1990s saw, plenty ,of artist who came out Chicago who enjoyed success D'Eyre, Innefect, L. A. W.
  45. In 658. It is likely that amongst the ruins of the Roman city there was, plenty ,of room for both peoples, and the Saxons allowed the Britons to continue to
  46. Ehrenreich's performance, but claiming Coppola" has made a movie in which, plenty ,happens but nothing rings true. " Other ventures Coppola co-produced George
  47. And larger- and smaller-flowered cultivars. During the summer they require, plenty ,of water and are very effective on the margins of lakes or by running streams
  48. The reason for this was the crew could be fed well on the island; there was, plenty ,of fresh water and timber to repair the ships. Tasman got the assistance of the
  49. Damp pieces of cloth to ensure heat preservation. Next comes a layer of, plenty ,of soil, thus turning the whole arrangement into a genuine pressure oven. Wisps
  50. To conform to a rigid tactical scheme to players like Xavi Hernandez who enjoy, plenty ,of creative license even though they are center midfielders; the dilemma with

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