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  1. During its late 19th and early 20th century Rubber Bonanza zenith when this, dynamic ,boomtown was known abroad as the St. Louis of the Amazon. Foreign companies
  2. A sidekick. Ditko's quirky art provided a stark contrast to the more cleanly, dynamic ,styling of Marvel's the most prominent artist, Jack Kirby, and Ditko's
  3. By using memorization or maintaining a table of subproblems already solved, dynamic ,programming reduces the exponential nature of many problems to polynomial
  4. They largely repudiated the Old High Church tradition and replaced it with a, dynamic ,appeal to antiquity which looked beyond the Reformers and Anglican formularies.
  5. Back to his study of Walt Whitman; Ginsberg claimed Whitman's long line was a, dynamic ,technique few other poets had ventured to develop further. Whitman is often
  6. Of angst is achieved by Shostakovich, Mahler and Berg in compositions of wide, dynamic ,range, at times seemingly spinning out of control (Mahler),and atonal music
  7. In 2008 ANSI, in partnership with Citation Technologies, created the first, dynamic , online web library for ISO 14000 standards. *On June 23, 2009 ANSI announced a
  8. And efficiently within a limited budget. For his first work in color,the, dynamic ,editing and complex compositions of his earlier pictures were set aside, with
  9. The air is the origin of the term anodyne. There are two ways to produce, dynamic ,upthrust: aero dynamic lift, and powered lift in the form of engine thrust.
  10. As essentially historicist and static; and hence unable to accommodate any, dynamic ,development within the church. The Tractarian formulation of the theory of the
  11. Used include avionics, railways,banking, military and space technology. Ada's, dynamic ,memory management is high-level and type-safe. Ada does not have generic (and
  12. Shitake Sushi. Style Virtually all commentators have noted Kurosawa’s bold, dynamic ,style, which many have compared to the traditional Hollywood style of narrative
  13. Counters the force of gravity by using either static lift or by using the, dynamic ,lift of an airfoil, or in a few cases the downward thrust from jet engines.
  14. For engaging communities of all sorts. # Museums' collections will be more, dynamic ,and better used (pp 15–18). #* Government and the sector will find new ways
  15. By noise levels. Floating-point digital calculations have comparatively-huge, dynamic ,range (good modern handheld scientific/engineering calculators have exponents
  16. May use heuristics, inductive and deductive reasoning, social network analysis, dynamic ,network analysis, link analysis, and brainstorming to sort through problems
  17. Are independent and there is no repetition, memoization does not help; hence, dynamic ,programming is not a solution for all complex problems. By using memorization or
  18. To view all human cultures as part of one large, evolving global culture. These, dynamic ,relationships, between what can be observed on the ground, as opposed to what
  19. Are limited by the range over which the variables may vary. This is called, dynamic ,range. They are also limited by noise levels. Floating-point digital
  20. Their own network addresses, and the Name Binding Protocol (NBP) was a, dynamic ,system for mapping network addresses to user-readable names. Although systems
  21. Pointers "; nor does it implicitly declare any pointer type. Instead, all, dynamic , memory allocation and reallocation must take place through explicitly declared
  22. While skeletal Death actively writes the epitaph. Algardi's tomb is much less, dynamic , The allegorical figures of Magnanimity and Liberality have an impassive
  23. Values between the two PKA values, the criterion predominates, but coexists in, dynamic ,equilibrium with small amounts of net negative and net positive ions. At the
  24. BNP, RTMP and ZIP, were built on top of DDP. Name Binding Protocol NBP was a, dynamic , distributed system for managing Applejack names. When a service started up on
  25. This completely new development sold extremely well. However, its modern and, dynamic ,exterior belied the low performance of its base engine, and its base package
  26. Occurs (by Newton's laws of motion) to push the aircraft upwards. This, dynamic ,movement through the air is the origin of the term anodyne. There are two ways
  27. Presented their new logo. “ The new Atlanta Falcons logo is fresh, strong and, dynamic , and yet appreciates the tradition and history of this franchise,” said
  28. Term can be removed. Introducing time varying coefficients run allows for the, dynamic ,use of envelopes to modulate oscillators creating a" quasi-periodic" waveform
  29. Developing collections and related expertise. # Museums' workforce will be, dynamic , highly skilled and representative (pp 17–22). #* Museums' governing bodies
  30. The software with features like processor, disk and network virtualization, dynamic ,hardware resource allocation (including fractional processor units),and
  31. Polynomial complexity. * The greedy method. A greedy algorithm is similar to a, dynamic ,programming algorithm, but the difference is that solutions to the subproblems
  32. Anglican social thought – a theology which sees God, nature,and humanity in, dynamic ,interaction, and the interpenetration of the secular and the sacred in the
  33. Non-Muslims, which was often carried out by later rulers, changed the religious, dynamic ,of landaus. Possibly because of excessive tribute taxes" the bulk of the
  34. Whereas subproblems overlap in dynamic programming. The difference between, dynamic ,programming and straightforward recursion is in caching or memorization of
  35. Is a high concentration of life scientists working in the city. There is also a, dynamic ,and fast-growing electronics design and development industry. With the
  36. Dynamic programming and memorization go together. The main difference between, dynamic ,programming and divide and conquer is that subproblems are more or less
  37. Work holds for ordinal preferences. These questions are directly linked to the, dynamic ,market process approach to economic theory, where it is argued by Miles and
  38. And generics. Ada 95 added support for object-oriented programming, including, dynamic , dispatch. The syntax of Ada is simple, consistent and readable. It minimizes
  39. Since aphasia presents differently among individuals, these programs must be, dynamic ,and flexible in order to adapt to the variability in impairments. Another
  40. Improve those of other, sometimes completely unrelated, fields. For example, dynamic ,programming was invented for optimization of resource consumption in industry
  41. Are used to solve many problem instances, a quicker approach called, dynamic ,programming avoids recomputing solutions that have already been computed. For
  42. Amplitude envelope and instantaneous frequency function, creating a realistic, dynamic ,sound that changes over time. Theory The concept behind additive synthesis is
  43. General Baptists, who soon came to be known as Free Will Baptists. This same, dynamic ,between Arminianism and Calvinism can be seen in the heated discussions between
  44. Of ideas, it seemed, was not suitable for the movie moguls, who demanded fast, dynamic ,dialogue above all else. For Dick Hummer, during the 1940s,Huxley went to the
  45. At runtime. The Burroughs/Unisys APB interpreter (1982) was the first to use, dynamic ,incremental compilation to produce code for an APL-specific virtual machine. It
  46. Specifications, the implementation could use a linked list, or an array (with, dynamic ,resizing) together with two integers (an item count and the array size)
  47. In the ecclesiological writings of Frederick Denison Maurice, in a more, dynamic ,form that became widely influential. Both Maurice and Newman saw the Church of
  48. Lower prices, etc., etc. Smith's central message is therefore that under, dynamic ,competition a growth machine secures" The Wealth of Nations ". It predicted
  49. More or less independent in divide and conquer, whereas subproblems overlap in, dynamic ,programming. The difference between dynamic programming and straightforward
  50. Is a very balanced tone, comparable to the 00 but with greater volume and, dynamic ,range and slightly more low-end response, without sacrificing the ergonomics of

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