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  1. Of the ancient Indian linguists. Three nineteenth century British phoneticians, deserve ,mention. Alexander Melville Bell (1867) devised an ingenious iconic phonetic
  2. As they truly deserve ),grace (treating unworthy sinners as they do not, deserve ,), compassion (toleration of much discrediting, inappropriate mortal
  3. No misgivings about the death penalty; their position is that evil-doers who, deserve ,death should be killed, and that a king in particular is obliged to punish
  4. On the scandal:" The reason I haven't spoken to you before now is this: You, deserve ,the truth. And as frustrating as the waiting has been, I felt it was improper
  5. O Apostle of God? " He said," When authority is given to those who do not, deserve ,it, then wait for the Day of Judgment. " * 'Umar in Al-Shabab, in a long
  6. Of radio. There was controversy whether his contribution was sufficient to, deserve ,patent protection, or if his devices were too close to the original ones
  7. And also did not believe pure mathematics to be important enough to, deserve ,support. Thus, he sought a position in astronomy, and in 1807 was appointed
  8. If there is such a word) but I hope I don't like them as I think I, deserve ,a long rest. " In 1947,he took eleven songs George had written but never used
  9. Works, or,more specifically, works not intended for publication, do not, deserve ,legal protection, but that any such protection should come from laws about
  10. Hearts and that they really do want change, and that they deserve it. They, deserve ,a better society and so that is what motivates me and I think that I can be a
  11. Christ, I believe that all people are created in the image of God and therefore, deserve ,love and respect. " Others created a Day of Dialogue to oppose what they
  12. As this title has" honorable connotations" which the character does not, deserve , *Clem Weather by is a government representative on the board of directors of
  13. Tillman, Hugh FOSS and Eric Nave) beginning to receive the recognition they, deserve ,for breaking Japanese codes and cyphers ". Additional buildings The huts were
  14. Interview to a local tabloid saying," Random charges are random; they do not, deserve ,the kind of attention you wish me to give. " Later, on 28 March at a press
  15. Organizational stability, affinity with the ICU principles and commitment to, deserve ,becoming Full Members of the Council. Provisional Members are invited to
  16. Because some" alternatives" have merit, there is the impression that the rest, deserve ,equal consideration and respect even though most are worthless. He says that
  17. That 'If the Muslims of India behave as the Jews in Germany did, they will, deserve ,the same treatment ', Bhosle writes: Germany's Jews ...? What else is required
  18. Next year, in his annual address, Madison stated that a national bank might “, deserve ,consideration. ” Congress passed such legislation, which Madison signed. His
  19. Same ontological kind of thing as, for instance, redness. Thus, events arguably, deserve ,their own ontological category. Properties, relations,and classes are supposed
  20. The current level of compromise to be the bigger worry. Shouldn't a programmer, deserve ,or ask for rewards for their creativity? Stallman said that this is where
  21. Justice with desert. It says that all guilty people, and only guilty people, deserve ,appropriate punishment. This matches some strong intuitions about just
  22. Promotion was controversial, with some suggesting that Florentina did not, deserve ,it. However, the club remained in Serie B and managed to finish the 2003–04
  23. To his son, Humayun," Do nothing against your brothers, even though they may, deserve ,it. " He died at the age of 47 on, and was succeeded by his eldest son, Humayun
  24. Democratic move on the part of the king. The people decide that the Daniels, deserve ,protection, and they are allowed within the walls of Argos despite Egyptian
  25. Avoid extremes; forbear resenting injuries so much as you think they, deserve , " #" Cleanliness. Tolerate no uncleanliness in body, cloaths, or habitation.
  26. Christian themes include God's mercy (not treating sinners as they truly, deserve ,), grace (treating unworthy sinners as they do not deserve ),compassion (
  27. And Discipline, Dominance and Submission, or Sadism and Masochism (" BDSM" ), deserve ,the same human rights as everyone else, and should not be discriminated against
  28. More misguided, made with great creativity, but denying us what we more or less, deserve ,from a Batman story. No matter how hard you try, superheroes and film noir do
  29. Methodological individualists tend to disagree with claims such as" we, deserve ,the government we have, because we are doing it to ourselves," since perhaps
  30. Own healing as a sign they are particularly worthy or holy, while others do not, deserve ,it. Among the best-known accounts by Catholics of faith healing are those
  31. Century. Among these remains a Buddha head and stone foundations of a Vicar, deserve ,special mention. Following the Islamic concept that before Islam there was the
  32. Which, by ignorance and not by intent they might have fallen, what thank they, deserve , we know, though you may guess. And as nothing is more dear to us than the
  33. All theories of distributive justice claim that everyone should get what they, deserve , Theories disagree on the basis for deserving. The main distinction is between
  34. To me that any contrivances at present known or likely to be discovered really, deserve ,the name of logical machines "; see more at Algorithm characterizations. But
  35. Commanders, and soldiers. Though, theoretically,all life forms are said to, deserve ,full protection from all kinds of injury, Jains admit that this ideal cannot be
  36. And might be inflicted on any person who was thought by the censors to, deserve ,it. This degradation, properly speaking, included all the other punishments
  37. Fear that the reparations will not wind up in the hands of those who need and, deserve ,them most is a legitimate concern. But the idea that survivors have been
  38. And I see their hearts and that they really do want change, and that they, deserve ,it. They deserve a better society and so that is what motivates me and I think
  39. Sauce) and the Spanish ringtones all Jerez (kidneys stewed in sherry sauce), deserve , special mention. Kern may refer to: * Kern (typography),the process of
  40. That they can do as they please. " High responds that the gods do not, deserve ,blame for the breaking of the bridge, for " there is nothing in this world that
  41. Make one happy for no reason. God is very fair and gives you exactly what you, deserve , " Karma is not punishment or retribution but simply an extended expression or
  42. Of death for most offenses, answered that he considered these lesser crimes to, deserve ,it, and he had no greater punishment for more important ones. All his laws were
  43. Welfare. Like the theory of distributive justice as giving everyone what they, deserve ,(see above),it links justice with desert. It says that all guilty people
  44. Slay even peaceful infidels simply because they are pagans (...). The Poles, deserve ,death for defending infidels, and should be exterminated even more than the
  45. Dopamine transporter (or other markers of dopamine function) in MDMA users, deserve ,further study or are normal. Several studies have indicated a possible
  46. For the realization of democratic citizenship. Giving people what they, deserve ,In one sense, all theories of distributive justice claim that everyone should
  47. Of his father, Babur" Do nothing against your brothers, even though they may, deserve ,it. " Withdrawing further Humayun decided that it would be wise to withdraw
  48. Any of the aggravating features which Parliament has deemed serious enough to, deserve ,a higher penalty. Section 39 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988 provides that
  49. Reaction, justice requires according individuals or groups what they actually, deserve , merit, or are entitled to. Justice, on this account, is a universal and
  50. Becoming more common in the vicinity of the railway station. Buildings that, deserve ,some attentions are: * The Royal Hotel corresponds with the architecture of the

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