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  1. Apollo 12) with no such reciprocal charges. Spacecraft location The command, module ,shell was formerly at the Muse de l'Air et de l'Space, in Paris. The interior
  2. Carried to the surface of the Moon with them. Spacecraft location The command, module ,is displayed at the National Air and Space Museum,Washington’D. C. It is in
  3. Possible for astronauts to perform an EVA from the lunar module to the command, module ,in an emergency, but as he had been suffering from space sickness the extra
  4. The lunar surface for the return trip. (An even larger, separate propulsion, module ,would have been required for the lunar descent. ) The final choice of lunar
  5. At the Kansas Atmosphere and Space Center, Hutchinson,Kansas. The lunar, module ,burned up in Earth's atmosphere on April 17, 1970,having been targeted to
  6. From the Navy helicopter hovering above attached a sea anchor to the command, module ,to prevent it from drifting. Additional divers attached flotation collars to
  7. The triangular shape of the insignia symbolizes the shape of the Apollo command, module , It shows a red figure 8 looping around the earth and moon representing the
  8. Was aborted after an oxygen tank exploded two days later, crippling the service, module ,upon which the Command Module depended. Despite great hardship caused by
  9. S memory, which caused the inertial measuring unit (IMU) to think the, module ,was in the same relative position it had been in before lift-off and fire the
  10. It from drifting. Additional divers attached flotation collars to stabilize the, module ,and position rafts for astronaut extraction. Though the chance of bringing back
  11. Of Natural History and Science in Louisville, Kentucky,until 2000. The command, module ,and the internal components were reassembled, and Odyssey is currently on
  12. Mission insignia The insignia for the flight showed a Command and Service, module ,with its SPS engine firing, the trail from that fire encircling a globe and
  13. And return them to the CSM. As the program concept evolved, use of the term ", module ," changed from its true meaning of an interchangeable component of systems with
  14. And only obliquely referred to it at the time. Spacecraft location The command, module ,is now displayed at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, along with a
  15. It had been in before lift-off and fire the thrusters to" correct" the, module ,'s attitude. 16 months later, Lovell would once again have to perform a similar
  16. Under more critical conditions, during the Apollo 13 mission, after that, module ,'s IMU had to be turned off to conserve energy. In his 1994 book, Lost Moon:
  17. Activity (EVA) challenges. Lunar descent On July 20, 1969 the lunar, module ,(LM) Eagle separated from the command module Columbia. Collins, alone aboard
  18. With two separate craft flying at the same time. The crew dubbed the lunar, module ,Spider for its buglike appearance, and the command module Gumdrop because of
  19. During the launch Aldrin looked up in time to see the exhaust from the ascent, module ,'s engine knock over the American flag they had planted. (In his 1989 book
  20. Half full. An emergency battery was also added to another sector in the service, module , In June 1970,the http://history.nasa.gov/ap13rb/ap13index.htm Copyright
  21. Roughly 11:45 a. m. CST the drogue parachutes deployed. At 11:51,the command, module ,struck the water forcefully. Initially the command module landed upside down
  22. Landing on the Moon. Crew Backup crew Originally Clifton Williams was the lunar, module ,pilot for the backup crew. He died on October 5,1967,in a T-38 crash. His
  23. Some otherwise idle time to do some navigational sightings, maneuvering the, module ,to view various stars by using the computer keyboard. However, he accidentally
  24. Of maneuvers Pictures File: AS09-19-2919 The lunar, module ,awaits extraction from Apollo 9's S-IVB stage. JPG|The lunar module awaits
  25. of the Bahamas and within sight of the recovery ship USS Guadalcanal. The command, module ,was displayed at the Michigan Space and Science Center, Jackson,Michigan until
  26. Carrying the oxygen tanks was originally installed in the Apollo 10 service, module , but was removed to fix a potential electromagnetic interference problem.
  27. At 11:51,the command module struck the water forcefully. Initially the command, module ,landed upside down but was righted in several minutes by flotation bags
  28. Of the accident and reassembled into BP-1102A,the water egress training, module ,; and were subsequently on display at the Museum of Natural History and Science
  29. Contexts. Terminology and notation Jean-Robert Armand introduced the term ", module ," 'unit of measure' in French in 1806 specifically for the complex absolute
  30. The NIST validations page. This testing is a prerequisite for the FIPS 140-2, module , validation described below. FIPS 140-2 validation is challenging to achieve
  31. Umbilical connection to the spacecraft, while Scott filmed him from the command, module ,hatch. Schweickart was due to carry out a more extensive set of activities to
  32. Of the United States used traditionally in song and poetry. The lunar, module ,was named Eagle for the national bird of the United States, the bald eagle
  33. A 70 mm camera, Armstrong photographs Buzz Aldrin stepping out of the lunar, module , File:23_A11neilmesa. JPG|Panoramic montage showing Neil Armstrong File: Earth
  34. V would launch a spacecraft that was composed of modular parts. A command, module ,would remain in orbit around the Moon, while a lunar excursion module would
  35. On July 20, 1969 the lunar module (LM) Eagle separated from the command, module ,Columbia. Collins, alone aboard Columbia, inspected Eagle as it pirouetted
  36. Saturn I launches carried boilerplate models of the Apollo command/service, module , Two pad abort tests of the launch escape system took place in 1963 and 1965 at
  37. The heater and protection thermostat were originally designed for the command, module ,'s 28-volt DC bus. The specifications for the heater and thermostat were later
  38. Design studies of Apollo spacecraft began in 1960 as a three-man command, module ,supported by one of several service module s providing propulsion and electrical
  39. Petra: http://deutsche-boerse.com/dbag/dispatch/en/isg/gdb_navigation/home?, module ,InOverview_Equip DE0006757008&foldertype _Equi&wplist DE0006757008&active
  40. Were rubbed down with a sodium-hydrochloride solution and the command, module ,wiped with Betadine to remove any lunar dust that might be present. The raft
  41. The lunar module awaits extraction from Apollo 9's S-IVB stage. JPG|The lunar, module ,awaits extraction from Apollo 9's S-IVB stage Image: Gumdrop Meets Spider -
  42. And moved next to the MQF. The Hornet sailed for Pearl Harbor where the command, module ,and MQF were airlifted to the Johnson Space Center. In accordance with the
  43. Service module s, and the third was a manned flight, Apollo 9,testing the lunar, module , Nine Saturn Vs launched manned Apollo missions to the Moon, including Apollo
  44. Larger and more powerful Saturn V. Shirr wanted to name the Apollo 7 Command, module ," Phoenix" ( the mythical bird rising from its own ashes) in memory of the
  45. That it was possible for astronauts to perform an EVA from the lunar, module ,to the command module in an emergency, but as he had been suffering from space
  46. After Nixon departed, the Hornet was brought alongside the five-ton command, module ,where it was placed aboard by the ship's crane, placed on a dolly and moved
  47. Crew dubbed the lunar module Spider for its buglike appearance, and the command, module ,Gumdrop because of its shape. Summary of maneuvers
  48. In the news release, but the crew lately decided to change them. The command, module ,was named Columbia after the Columbia, the giant cannon shell" spacecraft" (
  49. Also been found to exist in the Van Allen Belts around the Earth by the PAMELA, module , Artificial production Antiparticles are also produced in any environment with
  50. A command module would remain in orbit around the Moon, while a lunar excursion, module ,would descend to the Moon and then return to dock with the command ship while

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