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  1. To petition legislators to raise the legal age of consent to at least 16,with, ultimate ,goal to raise the age to 18; the campaign was successful: by 1920,almost all
  2. So the courage and supreme skill of the central characters will not prevent the, ultimate ,destruction of themselves or their class. As Kurosawa’s career progressed he
  3. Is the only honorable course. " Many commentators regard Seven Samurai as the, ultimate ,expression of the artist’s heroic ideal. Joan Ellen’s comments are typical of
  4. And that the conditions of experiment are insufficiently understood, its, ultimate , success is rendered highly problematical by the essential fact that real
  5. The intermediate state is unconscious sleep or consciousness, whether the, ultimate ,punishment of the wicked is annihilation or eternal torment, the nature of
  6. Force lying unseen within man's psyche and dramatically shaping the world: The, ultimate ,aim of all love affairs ... is more important than all other aims in man's
  7. Objects through concepts and that (2) reason seeks the unconditioned or, ultimate ,answer to" why? "). Schopenhauer said that Kant's mistake regarding
  8. Is made, approval voting satisfies different sets of criteria. There is no, ultimate ,authority on which criteria should be considered, but the following are some
  9. A knot around you, and keeps it tied in every paragraph thereafter including the, ultimate ,last one. " Harlan Ellison (who began reading van Vogt as a teenager) wrote
  10. Physical remains (or a substitute, such as a statue) as a permanent home. The, ultimate ,goal of the deceased was to rejoin his key and BA and become one of the "
  11. It where the public mind shall rest in the belief that it is in the course of, ultimate ,extinction. " Name "/IN"> American"/> Much of the political battle in the 1850s
  12. The most influential author in this regard was arguably Jair. Jabir's, ultimate ,goal was Taken, the artificial creation of life in the alchemical laboratory
  13. Of the existence or nonexistence of a deity or deities, and the nature of, ultimate ,reality is unknowable by reason of our natural inability to verify any
  14. N, but in is used for adverbial and adjectival sentences. Stress falls on the, ultimate ,or pen ultimate syllable, which can be open (CV) or closed (CVC). Writing
  15. As" containing all things necessary for salvation" and as being the rule and, ultimate ,standard of faith. Anglicans understand the Apostles' Creed as the baptismal
  16. And our neighbor, taken as an entirety, more than our bodily life, since the, ultimate ,purpose of love of our neighbor is to share in eternal beatitude, a more
  17. Writers interpreted this as an anticipatory coronation in preparation for his, ultimate ,succession to the throne of Wessex. However, his succession could not have been
  18. In 730,while still living in Damascus, Alhazred supposedly wrote a book of, ultimate ,evil in Arabic, al-Azif, which would later become known as the Necronomicon.
  19. To ensure that the medical equipment installed there was working properly. The, ultimate ,plan is to return him home permanently, once it is established that he has the
  20. While the Republic of Genoa was left to ponder prospects and solutions. Their, ultimate ,solution was to sell Corsica to France and French troops of the ancien régime
  21. As a prerequisite for acquiring supernatural faculties, highest bliss and, ultimate ,salvation; moreover it is said to protect against all kinds of dangers. The
  22. It is fought in a blinding rainstorm, which enables Kurosawa to visualize an, ultimate ,fusion of social groups ... but this climactic vision of classlessness, with
  23. Product giveaways, samples coupons, loyalty programs, and discounts. The, ultimate ,goal of sales promotions is to stimulate potential customers to action. Media
  24. End of the world, the last judgment, a new heaven and a new earth, and the, ultimate ,consummation of all of God's purposes. Eschatological passages are found in
  25. Asia, in various forms in many modern languages is of unknown, ultimate ,provenience. Its etymology and language of origin are uncertain. It appears to
  26. Who taught that only through disdain for fleshly desire could one reach the, ultimate ,state of mankind. Augustine taught the redemption,i.e. transformation and
  27. This technique can develop great holding power and may be appropriate in ", ultimate ,storm" circumstances. It does not limit swinging range, and might not be
  28. Engineer Günter Went had been leader of the spacecraft launch pad teams, with, ultimate , responsibility for condition of the spacecraft at launch. He had come to be
  29. Work, Hooker makes clear that theology involves prayer and is concerned with, ultimate ,issues, and that theology is relevant to the social mission of the church. The
  30. The survivors of the ill-fated Titanic, who asked him if he knew the Titanic's, ultimate ,destruction would occur, to which,'Abdul'l-Baha replied," God gives man
  31. As" containing all things necessary to salvation," and as being the rule and, ultimate ,standard of faith.: (b) The Apostles' Creed, as the Baptismal Symbol; and
  32. Things. Jainism prescribes a path of non-violence to progress the soul to this, ultimate ,goal. Jains believe that to attain enlightenment and ultimate ly liberation, one
  33. Louise of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. His early life gave little indication of his, ultimate ,potential; until the time of his accession in 1855,aged 37,few imagined that
  34. State defined as an agency that possesses a compulsory territorial monopoly of, ultimate ,decision-making (jurisdiction) and/or the right to tax. " Rothbard argues
  35. Walls forces, become involved in the bond, contributing significantly to its, ultimate ,strength. SAS are designed for either permanent or removable applications.
  36. Further, tests on the Apollo 10 mission would prepare the LM for its, ultimate ,goal, landing on the Moon. Crew Backup crew Originally Clifton Williams was the
  37. The world value amaranths as leaf vegetables, cereals,and ornamentals. The, ultimate ,root of" amaranth" is the Greek (amaranths) " unfading" with the Greek
  38. A vision of horror. The battle is a vortex of swirling rain and mud ... The, ultimate ,fusion of social identity emerges as an expression of hellish chaos. " Cycles
  39. Derives from its status as a base of alum. It is borrowed from Old French; its, ultimate ,source, alumen, in turn is a Latin word that literally means" bitter salt ".
  40. A text-based art on Japanese websites. Unicode would seem to offer the, ultimate ,flexibility in producing text based art with its huge variety of characters.
  41. Of indifference, he was answerable before God, as Josiah had been. Alfred's, ultimate ,responsibility was the pastoral care of his people. Family In 868,Alfred
  42. Own phone, such as replacing the battery and/or antenna. The OK 900 was the, ultimate ,tool of cell phone hackers because it could listen in to AMPS phone calls right
  43. Be cured by the one medicine of love and compassion. These qualities are the, ultimate ,source of human happiness, and the need for them lies at the very core of our
  44. Force the Scottish Parliament into compliance with the Act of Settlement. The, ultimate ,securing of the treaty in the unicameral Scottish Parliament is attributed by
  45. For International Peace in 1910 was regarded as a milestone on the road to the, ultimate ,goal of abolition of war. Beyond a gift of $10 million for peace promotion
  46. Overestimated the strength of Confederate troops, blamed this decision for the, ultimate ,failure of the Peninsula Campaign. Lincoln removed McClellan as
  47. Parliament in July 2007. The Euro-Atlantic integration of Albania has been the, ultimate ,goal of the post-communist governments. Albania's EU membership bid has been
  48. Live on Earth is nothing but a test for us and to determine each individual's, ultimate ,abode be it punishment or Janna in the afterlife, which is eternal and
  49. Of trustees The AKIN membership elects the Board of Trustees (Bot),which has, ultimate ,responsibility for the business affairs and financial health of AKIN, and
  50. End at the Pacific Ocean, although the Peru-Chile trench can be considered its, ultimate ,western limit. From a geographical approach the Andes are considered to have

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