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  1. On quantum cosmology and the following inflation. Valentin put forth one such, scenario , Alan Ruth has described the inflationary universe as the" ultimate free lunch
  2. The masochist enjoys being bound, spanked or suffering within the consensual, scenario , Sadomasochism does not imply enjoyment through causing or receiving pain in
  3. Might spread the epidemic to other parts of India and the world, but that, scenario ,was averted, probably as a result of effective public health response mounted
  4. n). Evaluating run-time complexity The run-time complexity for the worst-case, scenario ,of a given algorithm can sometimes be evaluated by examining the structure of
  5. An appearance in the game" Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings" in the fifth, scenario ,of the Barbarossa campaign and again in the third scenario of the Attila the
  6. With pollen when they were fed to the wasp larvae. This same evolutionary, scenario ,has also occurred within the respond wasps, where the group known as" pollen
  7. Rules needed for playing within the Lovecraft Dreamland, a large map and a, scenario ,booklet, and Cthulhu By Gaslight, another boxed set which moved the action from
  8. House of Commons still holds less than the opposition parties combined. In this, scenario ,a party leader is selected by the Governor General to lead the government
  9. Has extended the inning. While the inning is still being played, this last, scenario ,can cause a temporary situation where a run has already scored, but its
  10. Follows a similar pattern of expectations and voting strategies. In the second, scenario , there is a three-way tie for first place. This happens because the expected
  11. Improve itself at a rate that far exceeds anything conceivable in the past,a, scenario ,that science fiction writer Vernon Vine named the" singularity ".
  12. Possible tradeoff of foreign control of assets. In his view, the " worst case, scenario ," of the currency never returning to the country of origin was actually the
  13. During an earlier training simulation but had not been considered a likely, scenario , Without the LM, the accident would certainly have been fatal. Crew survival
  14. Tracked with SARAH missiles. Similarly, armed targets The other main engagement, scenario ,is against other aircraft with fire-and-forget missiles like the Compel R-77 (
  15. A purpose similar to the road systems known for the Roman Empire. This last, scenario ,has long been discarded because of the lack of any evidence of a permanent army
  16. The results of their excavations and are often found in museums. In the typical, scenario , archaeologists are associated with" digs," or excavation of layers of
  17. Compared with a non-inflationary cosmos overwhelmingly favors the inflationary, scenario , simply because the" seed" amount of non-gravitational energy required for
  18. Magazine. The standard of the included 'clue' material varies from scenario to, scenario , but reached its zenith in the original boxed versions of the Masks of
  19. Kings" in the fifth scenario of the Barbarossa campaign and again in the third, scenario ,of the Attila the Hun campaign in the expansion pack" Age of Empires II: The
  20. Include victory conditions, research control, and initial map knowledge. The, scenario ,and map editors allow players to create customized scenario s and maps. The game
  21. To a choice of seven (or 14 in MAX) factions, pre-game options include, scenario ,game, customized random map, difficulty level, and game rules that include
  22. Was also ranked last by any voter that did not rank it first. Only in the last, scenario ,does the actual winner and runner-up match the expected winner and runner-up.
  23. Units, maintain facilities, and attempt to win by the Global Energy Market, scenario , Bases are military strong points and objectives that are vital for all winning
  24. Itself, seasonings or meat. Nevertheless, this region is the most suitable, scenario ,to taste empanadas, above all those stuffed with meat and offering different
  25. It can also be used to express the average-case — for example, the worst-case, scenario ,for quick sort is O (n²),but the average-case run-time is O (n log n).
  26. The term is also used in a generic sense to refer to any end-of-the-world, scenario , According to some premillennial Christian interpretations, the Messiah will
  27. Group will result in a less stable oxide ion formed. This will result in a, scenario ,whereby the unstable oxide ion formed will tend to accept a proton to reform
  28. Might contribute to the development of new species. He suggested the following, scenario , When two populations of a species had diverged beyond a certain point, each
  29. Is rare and is most often found in capital or violent felony cases. The typical, scenario ,involves an incarcerated defendant locating DNA evidence demonstrating the
  30. The game by choosing options at the beginning of the game, using the built-in, scenario ,and map editors, and modifying Sacs game files. In addition to a choice of
  31. Below, all voters share a common set of pivot probabilities. In the first, scenario , voters all choose their votes based on the assumption that all pairwise ties
  32. White Dwarf magazine. The standard of the included 'clue' material varies from, scenario ,to scenario , but reached its zenith in the original boxed versions of the Masks
  33. In a review article, J. David Archibald and David E. Dostoevsky discussed a, scenario ,combining three major postulated causes: volcanism, marine regression, and
  34. Proposed and much larger Shiva crater and the possibility of a multiple-impact, scenario , In 2007,a hypothesis was put forth that argued the impactor that killed the
  35. Causes: volcanism, marine regression, and extraterrestrial impact. In this, scenario , terrestrial and marine communities were stressed by the changes in and loss of
  36. And runner-up. As a result, this can be considered a stable strategic voting, scenario , In the language of Game Theory, this is an" equilibrium. " In this scenario
  37. The Condorcet loser, with Chattanooga coming in second place. In the second, scenario , all the voters expect that Memphis is the likely winner, that Chattanooga
  38. The" Circe effect ", coined by the entomologist William P. Decks, refers to a, scenario ,where an enzyme lures its substrate towards it through electrostatic forces
  39. Through fishing and hunting (and who in Pacific/Pacific Coast immigration, scenario ,would be descended partly from the most ancient settlers). No elaborate
  40. The safety of the situation and prepared to remove the bottom from a dangerous, scenario , being conscious of the desires and limits of the bottom, and so on. There was
  41. Games and the board is secondary to the game, serving to visualize the, scenario , The length of time it takes to learn to play or master a game can vary greatly
  42. To the playwright to make a living. For example, in act 1,scene 2,the, scenario ,is that Jenny and other girls are walking to Mahagonny. The music is
  43. By something other than what he thinks is causing it is the brain in a vat, scenario , On a more abstract level, model theoretic arguments hold that a given set of
  44. To the point where no organized form of energy could be extracted from it,a, scenario ,known as heat death. Modern observations of accelerated expansion imply that
  45. Was not particularly specialized for running on the ground or for perching. A, scenario ,outlined by Elżanowski in 2002 suggested that Archaeopteryx used its wings
  46. To bear in mind the lack of 'neutral' state intervention. To give a schematic, scenario ,by way of illustration: two men have clashed in the assembly about a proposal
  47. Scenario. In the language of Game Theory, this is an" equilibrium. " In this, scenario , the winner is also the Condorcet winner. Compliance with voting system
  48. Were fairly convinced by the evidence that some version of the Big Bang, scenario ,must have occurred. Motivation and development The Big Bang Theory developed
  49. Amount of time it takes for a signal to move, or propagate, in the worst-case, scenario , In setting the clock period to a value well above the worst-case propagation
  50. Of order O (n²). Big O notation is a convenient way to express the worst-case, scenario ,for a given algorithm, although it can also be used to express the average-case

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