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  1. Throughout the country, which was initially suggested by Khan Saiph ad-Din in, accordance ,with the Sharia law. Many other famous Sufi's also revered Aurangzeb, including
  2. Also negotiated the safe return of Hasan Ali Shah to Persia, which was in, accordance ,with his own wish. The government agreed to Hasan Ali Shah's return provided
  3. His major contributions was directing the evolution of Sharp APL to be more in, accordance ,with his vision. As other vendors were busy developing APL interpreters for new
  4. Asserted that the primal being of the world was a state of indefiniteness. In, accordance ,with this, anything definite has to eventually pass back into indefiniteness.
  5. Accredits organizations that carry out product or personnel certification in, accordance ,with requirements defined in international standards. The organization's
  6. That Russia is prepared to supply the necessary spare parts and equipment. In, accordance ,with this agreement, Armenia and Russia agreed to work together in exporting
  7. As" the philosopher" and some described him as the" first teacher ". In, accordance ,with the Greek theorists, the Muslims considered Aristotle to be a dogmatic
  8. Of the Württemberg region, and is connected with a shopping Sunday in, accordance ,with the Ladenschlussgesetz code. The festival is also attended by delegations
  9. The universe is repeated in its basic features an infinite number of times. In, accordance ,with this, other civilizations, including more" successful" ones, should
  10. Architects, and many buildings both public and private were constructed in, accordance ,with these styles. Localities with a great number of such buildings include
  11. Where the command module and MQF were airlifted to the Johnson Space Center. In, accordance ,with the recently passed Extra-Terrestrial Exposure Law, the astronauts were
  12. After the motive has appeared, must carry out the action which alone is in, accordance ,with his inborn and immutable character. " A definite action inevitably results
  13. As Faith, the same source sometimes identified as the parallel for Athene. In, accordance ,with this double meaning, the Aegis appears in works of art sometimes as an
  14. Cars should drive on. The second horn could imply that God made his commands in, accordance ,with transcendental facts that exist apart from God — exactly the types of
  15. Supports a holistic, non-anthropocentric environmental ethic which is in, accordance ,with Leopold's view that" A thing is right when it tends to preserve the
  16. Were voluntary – provided that the sentencing judge acted appropriately in, accordance ,with the rules for acceptance of a plea made voluntarily by the defendant. The
  17. As Cardinal Newman, and entertainers such as P. T. Barnum. Increasingly, in, accordance , with romantic taste, these accounts also began to deal, amongst other topics
  18. Other times a Coors, or clams, the purpose of which it in part served. In, accordance ,with this double meaning, the ægis appears in works of art sometimes as an
  19. Unbelievers (Koufax),and (whose amount) he imposes upon the populace in, accordance ,with the amount of property they own, as in alkali. This is an amount that is
  20. According to the Book of Exodus, the Ark was built at the command of God, in, accordance , with the instructions given to Moses on Mount Sinai. God was said to have
  21. Thought and reflection. Aristotle, in contrast to earlier philosophers, but in, accordance ,with the Egyptians, placed the rational soul in the heart, rather than the
  22. During his minority, Afonso V was placed under the regency of his mother in, accordance ,with a will of his late father. As both a foreigner and a woman, the queen was
  23. Bush gave Russia notice of the United States' withdrawal from the treaty, in, accordance , with the clause that required six months' notice before terminating the
  24. Ordered ministry, and a fixed liturgy (which could take a variety of forms in, accordance ,with divinely ordained distinctions in national characteristics). In the
  25. Oaths, and also the reference of disputes between believers to law-courts in, accordance ,with. * The believer must not bear arms or offer forcible resistance to
  26. Region is situated south of 60°S latitude parallel, and is governed in, accordance ,with the international legal regime of the Antarctic Treaty System. The Treaty
  27. Or in unsanitary facilities. Abortion, when performed in the developed world in, accordance ,with local law, is among the safest procedures in medicine. In the US, the risk
  28. This allowed him to conclusively account for the phenomenon of interference in, accordance ,with the wave theory. With François Aragon he studied the laws of the
  29. Have a basic wharf facility. All ships at port are subject to inspection in, accordance ,with Article 7,Antarctic Treaty. Offshore anchorage is sparse and intermittent
  30. Contingencies by a radical scheme of military and naval reorganization. In, accordance ,with this conviction, he suggested that certain reforms should be introduced.
  31. Authority, there should be a rational argument why human beings should act in, accordance ,with moral norms, over and above the reaction of society. # The existence of
  32. After his death; the auction grossed more than US$20 million. In 1987,in, accordance ,with Warhol's will, the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts began. The
  33. All the lands of Islam, defeated and unable to threaten any Muslim. This is in, accordance ,with the words of Almighty Allah,'and fight the pagans all together as they
  34. Though the employees would remain on the payroll until December 14, 2007 in, accordance ,with the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act. Other employees
  35. The Jinnah that is imposed by treaty or consent, such that it is established in, accordance ,with mutual agreement, according to (what is stated in) alkali. (The amount
  36. To sign a pledge that if elected they will always vote in Parliament in, accordance ,with the Platform and decisions made by a vote of the Caucus. They are also
  37. Function must be an activity of the psyche (normally translated as soul) in, accordance ,with reason (logos). Aristotle identified such an optimum activity of the
  38. Shares by the Bank as a part of the settlement of accounts with such country in, accordance ,with the provisions of paragraphs 3 and 4 of this Article. Republic of China (
  39. Gleaned from the Latin translations and notes of the Arabian commentators, in, accordance , with Church doctrine. Most modern knowledge of Aristotle was preserved and
  40. It was thought that he would help Russia to solve the Eastern question in, accordance ,with her own interests, but to the surprise and indignation of the cabinet of
  41. Each prayer the sick person, if able, responds:" Amen. " It is permitted, in, accordance , with local culture and traditions and the condition of the sick person, too
  42. On the death of Edgar in 1107 he succeeded to the Scottish crown; but, in, accordance , with Edgar's instructions, their brother David was granted an appendage in
  43. Of the federal government. It serves the purpose to ensure a treatment in, accordance ,with the rule of law by the public authority. Furthermore, it contains the
  44. Gold-bearing province” ) in the northernmost part of the Terra Australia in, accordance ,with the faulty text of Marco Polo’s Travels. It remained in this location on
  45. People ascend to Heaven and are converted into angels. However, this is not in, accordance ,with the orthodox Christian theology. Christianity depicts a sharp distinction
  46. Important do I consider these changes in our fundamental law that I can not, in, accordance , with my sense of duty, omit to press them upon the consideration of a new
  47. His compass, claiming it was the only thing that kept him alive. Mauritius In, accordance ,with Visscher's directions, Tasman sailed first to Mauritius and arrived at 5
  48. His own worst counselor, as he is his own worst defender. " Johnson acted in, accordance ,with his nature. He had intellectual force, but it worked in a groove. Obstinate
  49. Been undertaken after lengthy scriptural and theological reflection, legally in, accordance ,with their own canons and constitutions and after extensive consultation with
  50. To be part of a system that enables them to attack targets invisible to them in, accordance ,with the combined arms plan. The main functions in the field artillery system

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