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  1. This is not however what the cited research shows – rather, when conveying, emotion , if body language, tone of voice, and words disagree, then body language and
  2. Those that are not. He also held that knowledge of true causes of passive, emotion ,can transform it to an active emotion , thus anticipating one of the key ideas
  3. Respect: he utterly rejected their contention that reason could defeat, emotion , On the contrary, he contended, an emotion can only be displaced or overcome by
  4. Core symptoms, recognizing episode triggers, reducing negative expressed, emotion ,in relationships, recognizing prodromal symptoms before full-blown recurrence
  5. Has given rise to a number of branches of philosophy and psychology concerning:, emotion ,(popularly: love, devotion etc.); disease; influence; state of being (
  6. Of form and his mastery of language, though Baudelaire thought he lacked deeper, emotion ,and spirituality. Both strove to express the artist's inner vision, which
  7. He contended, an emotion can only be displaced or overcome by a stronger, emotion , For him, the crucial distinction was between active and passive emotion s, the
  8. Amok" is used to refer to the behavior of someone who, in the grip of strong, emotion , obtains a weapon and begins attacking people indiscriminately, often with
  9. Toward and mindfully explored in order to gain insight into the nature of, emotion , and more profoundly, the nature of self. Positive psychology In Positive
  10. Symbolic language * In the English language, blue often represents the human, emotion ,of sadness, for example," He was feeling blue ". In German, on the other hand
  11. Similarly, art that tries to sell a product also influences mood and, emotion , In both cases, the purpose of art here is to subtly manipulate the viewer into
  12. A dynamic, inherently unstable interaction of the forces of violent, emotion , chance, and rational calculation. Keegan argued that Clausewitz assumed the
  13. Nonverbal elements known as paralanguage. These include voice lesson quality, emotion ,and speaking style as well as prosaic features such as rhythm, intonation and
  14. Field of color psychology attempts to identify the effects of color on human, emotion ,and activity. Chemotherapy is a form of alternative medicine attributed to
  15. Specific things. Craving, for example, is always dependent on, and caused by, emotion , Emotion is always dependent on contact with our surroundings. This chain of
  16. A leaf borne along in a stream of pre-reflective and largely unconscious, emotion , That stream is will, and through will, if not through logic, we can
  17. For the song. O'Higgins and Frame listened to it with respect and full of, emotion , for they had marched to victory to its tune more than once. The custom of
  18. Inside her artificial brain handles gesture expression, body coordination, and, emotion , expression. Her whole body is made of highly advanced synthetic jelly silicon
  19. Emotional reactions as resulting from cognitions, rather than understanding, emotion ,within the abstract psychoanalytic framework. Cognitive therapy rapidly became
  20. Country-rock and Bakersfield Sound. It has the tempo of country-rock and the, emotion ,of honky-tonk, Truck driving country songs often deal with trucks and love.
  21. Simultaneous influence of the other functions and other irrelevancies, such as, emotion , Abstraction requires selective use of this structural split of abilities in
  22. Golan, Baron-Cohen,and Myles explored the use of assistive technology to teach, emotion ,recognition to eight children with Autism and the results indicated that after
  23. Nature and operation of the mind or intelligence. Social and cultural factors, emotion , consciousness, animal cognition, comparative and evolutionary approaches are
  24. Standards and to indict men for encouraging women to indulge in excessive, emotion , Wollstonecraft wrote the Rights of Woman hurriedly in order to respond
  25. Steve Mitten # Art as entertainment. Art may seek to bring about a particular, emotion ,or mood, for the purpose of relaxing or entertaining the viewer. This is often
  26. When interviewed about his game,“ With crime you deal with every basic human, emotion ,and also have enough elements to combine action with melodrama. The player’s
  27. Forms of ASCII art are combinations of two or three characters for expressing, emotion ,in text. They are commonly referred to as 'emoticon ','smile ', or 'smiley
  28. Contention that reason could defeat emotion . On the contrary, he contended,an, emotion ,can only be displaced or overcome by a stronger emotion . For him, the crucial
  29. But elderly scientists and supports that idea with great fervor and, emotion ,– the distinguished but elderly scientists are then, after all, probably right
  30. Processed (in faculties such as perception, language,memory, reasoning,and, emotion ,), represented,and transformed in behavior, ( human or other animal) nervous
  31. Esoteric traditions, it is commonly associated with the qualities of, emotion ,and intuition. Greek and Roman tradition Water was one of many Archie proposed
  32. Details vividly and with rhetorical emphasis the grinding poverty" but feels, emotion ,solely for members of his own class. Swift’s use of gripping details of poverty
  33. Gelosi (" The School for Jealousy" ), a witty study of amorous intrigue and, emotion , would prove a popular and lasting international success. Middle Viennese
  34. Most hated thing on the show" – overly long and embarrassing displays of, emotion , The Academy has also had recent discussions about moving the ceremony even
  35. Emphasized the individual and the concreteness of flesh, and suggested, emotion ,through detailed, textured surfaces, and the interplay of light and shadow. To
  36. Action, preventing the audience from getting carried away by the onstage, emotion , For example, in act 2,scene 13,the hurricane has spared Mahagonny, and the
  37. To the emotion al content of a scene, rather than merely to reinforce the, emotion , as Hollywood traditionally did (and still does). The inspiration for this
  38. Phenomena have by experimentalists been reduced to sensation, so all, emotion ,has been and is regarded as reducible to simple mental affection, the element
  39. Serious girlfriend, has said he informed her of his father's death without, emotion ,and that he never spoke of his brother. Over time, he has given at least three
  40. A naturalist, less concerned with monumental expression than with character and, emotion , Departing with centuries of tradition, he turned away from the idealism of the
  41. ASD. Older children and adults with ASD perform worse on tests of face and, emotion ,recognition. Children with high-functioning autism suffer from more intense and
  42. S as though he turned back the pages of an old diary and told, with rekindled, emotion , of the pangs of pain and the sharp, clear sweetness of a boy's first love. "
  43. Overtones in politics and cultural self-identity, and explains the amount of, emotion ,over this issue. Most Chinese and Chinese linguists refer to Chinese as a
  44. Essay, Supernatural Horror in Literature) that" The oldest and strongest, emotion ,of mankind is fear, and the strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown. "
  45. Political change, to comment on an aspect of society, to convey a specific, emotion ,or mood, to address personal psychology, to illustrate another discipline, too (
  46. And logical approach to metaphysics, and therefore ethics, concluded that, emotion ,is formed from inadequate understanding. His concept of" coats" states that
  47. To a material threat (arranged fear),while Angst is usually a nondirectional, emotion , In other languages having the meaning of the Latin word favor, the derived
  48. That knowledge of true causes of passive emotion can transform it to an active, emotion , thus anticipating one of the key ideas of Sigmund Freud's psychoanalysis.
  49. Artists, it dared not stray from high themes or stray into high, emotion , Among his collaborators was Giovanni Maria Butter and his main pupil was
  50. Termed the zeitgeist. Art is often intended to appeal to and connect with human, emotion , It can arouse aesthetic or moral feelings, and can be understood as a way of

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