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  1. DTV) were systems utilizing analog signals. Analog television may be, wireless ,or can require copper wire used by cable converters. Development The earliest
  2. Embedded in the objects tracked, and “ Readers” that receive and process the, wireless ,signals from these tags to determine their locations *Personal security
  3. Application Protocol (WAS/WAP): WAS specifies an application framework for, wireless ,devices and WAP is an open standard to provide mobile users access to telephony
  4. This can result either in some variations becoming extinct (for instance,the, wireless , superseded by the radio) or in the acceptance of wide variations as "
  5. Program, a certification process required for any product using Bluetooth, wireless ,technology and a pre-condition of the intellectual property license for
  6. Secret Intelligence Service. Due to the long radio aerials stretching from the, wireless ,room, the radio station was moved from Bletchley Park to nearby Haddon Hall to
  7. Access on personal computers or Pas using a data-capable mobile phone as a, wireless ,modem. *Short range transmission of health sensor data from medical devices to
  8. Not have to be in visual line of sight of each other, however a quasi optical, wireless ,path must be viable. While the Bluetooth Core Specification does mandate
  9. Through the user's computer. AT&T was initially the sole US provider of 3G, wireless , access for the iPad. On March 2,2011,Apple introduced an updated iPad model
  10. Created by telecoms' vendor Ericsson in 1994,it was originally conceived as a, wireless ,alternative to RS-232 data cables. It can connect several devices, overcoming
  11. For breaking the current naval Enigma key. Listening stations Initially,a, wireless ,room was established at Bletchley Park. It was set up in the mansion's water
  12. Move with the boards or on pickup slips taken to the director. More recently, wireless ,electronic scoring is becoming more common. For this, each table has a
  13. Membership in the SIG is free and entitles members to use published Bluetooth, wireless ,specifications and Bluetooth trademarks. Adopter members do not have early
  14. Equipment and its applications. The category of applications is outlined as the, wireless ,personal area network (SPAN). Bluetooth is a replacement for cabling in a
  15. Inexpensive web and email services using cooperative computer networks that run, wireless ,ad hoc networks. Network service is provided by a cooperative of neighbors
  16. Communication system that later became the basis for modern technologies in, wireless ,telephones and Wi-Fi. *1947 – Muhammad Ali Jinnah, founding father of Pakistan
  17. Transfers for services such as WAP, Multimedia Messaging System (MMS),and, wireless ,Internet access. There are some phones capable of supporting AMPS, D-AMPS and
  18. German A7Vs. *1922 – The first segment of the Imperial Wireless Chain providing, wireless ,telegraphy between Le afield in Oxfordshire, England,and Cairo, Egypt,comes
  19. By the local phone company, and the A (non-wireline) license was given to, wireless ,telephone providers. At the inception of cellular in 1983,the FCC had granted
  20. Some of the most important signalling was carried out solely by flag instead of, wireless ,or using redundant methods to ensure communications — a questionable procedure
  21. Fields of applications and establishing Bluetooth low energy technology as the, wireless ,data transfer standard for low energy applications is ordinary business in the
  22. First commercial product to include sister company Fulton Innovations coupled, wireless ,power induction technology. Fulton Innovation introduced the technology in
  23. Even Ethernet connectivity; Newton users have also written drivers for 802.11b, wireless , networking cards and ATA-type flash memory cards (including the popular
  24. Sells a variety of computer accessories for Mac computers including the Airport, wireless ,networking products, Time Capsule, Thunderbolt Display, Magic Mouse, Magic
  25. Because, when the system was developed, AMPS offered the most comprehensive, wireless ,coverage in the US. In 2006,ADT asked the FCC to extend the AMPS deadline due
  26. Students, has today come to be known as Electric Town. Called" Muse" or ", wireless ," shops, they were the first to begin selling radios. With the advent of
  27. S Wii and Sony's PlayStation 3 and PSP Go, use Bluetooth for their respective, wireless ,controllers. *Dial-up internet access on personal computers or Pas using a
  28. 2600 family with two other compatible consoles. They designed the Atari 2700,a, wireless ,version of the console that was never released because of a design flaw. The
  29. S Guide to Scandinavia 3CD set (2011) Bluetooth is a proprietary open, wireless ,technology standard for exchanging data over short distances (using short
  30. Welcome components from other vendors such as VIA, SiS, and Nvidia, as well as, wireless ,product vendors. Updates to the platform includes the implementation of IOM MU
  31. Specifications, protect the Bluetooth trademarks and evangelize Bluetooth, wireless ,technology. At its inception in 1998,the Bluetooth SIG was primarily run by a
  32. Standard for low energy applications is ordinary business in the competition of, wireless ,standards. The initiative will go on for three years, having started June 1
  33. As other strategic functions. Membership Any company incorporating Bluetooth, wireless ,technology into products, using the technology to offer goods and services or
  34. Network access in work areas. This category of applications is sometimes called, wireless ,local area networks (WLAN). Bluetooth was intended for portable equipment and
  35. Leg of a zigzag being used by British ships to avoid submarines. Taken with a, wireless ,intercept of more ships leaving Scala Flow earlier in the night, the impression
  36. Bluetooth's technology provides a way to exchange information between, wireless ,devices such as personal digital assistants (Pas),mobile phones, laptops
  37. Of opportunities for product development with the new Bluetooth low energy, wireless ,technology. The Bluetooth Innovation World Cup 2009 was Nokia, Freescale
  38. A picture or a message from one user to an unsuspecting user through Bluetooth, wireless ,technology. Common applications include short messages (e.g.," You’ve just
  39. As smart energy functionality in the home (thermostats, etc.). Wi-Fi is a, wireless ,version of a common wired Ethernet network, and requires configuration to set
  40. More immediately marketable areas including networking, high-speed electronics, wireless ,networks, nanotechnology and software. Jane Stroustrup (); born December 30
  41. Needed to support individual use cases. Bluetooth profiles To use Bluetooth, wireless ,technology, a device has to be able to interpret certain Bluetooth profiles
  42. New innovations and ideas for applications leveraging the Bluetooth low energy, wireless ,technology in sports, fitness and health care products. The Bluetooth
  43. Shops, they were the first to begin selling radios. With the advent of, wireless ,and radio goods, people came to be much more connected. * 1960s: Thanks to
  44. Though cloning is still possible even with digital technologies, the cost of, wireless ,service is so low that the problem has virtually disappeared. Frequency bands
  45. The first fiber optic transatlantic cable. 1990s In 1990,Wave LAN, the first, wireless ,local area network (WLAN) was developed at Bell Laboratories. Wireless
  46. William McMaster Murdoch, First Officer (b. 1873) ** Jack Phillips, British, wireless , telegraphist. (b. 1887) ** Thomas Andrews, Irish-born businessman and
  47. 1966,Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (AFDM),a key technology in, wireless ,services, was developed and patented by R. W. Chang. In 1968,Molecular beam
  48. Are licensed out for use to companies that are incorporating Bluetooth, wireless ,technology into their products. To become a licensee, a company must become a
  49. However these are significantly more expensive than wire-based or terrestrial, wireless ,systems. WIMAX and forms of packet radio can also be used. Depending on the
  50. Bell Canada, a Canadian telecommunications company * Bell Mobility,a, wireless ,network selling services in Canada * Bell Valiant, a communications company

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