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  1. Addresses whether life exists beyond Earth, and how humans can, detect ,it if it does. (The term exobiology is similar but more specific — it covers
  2. Votes so they explicitly know all their choices. The Yes/No format can help to, detect ,an" under vote" when a candidate is left unmarked and allow the voter a second
  3. Without the implementation to check for consistency - this makes it possible to, detect ,problems early during the design phase, before implementation starts. A large
  4. With similar characteristics. To that end, a number of instruments designed to, detect ,Earth-like exoplanets are under development, most notably NASA's Terrestrial
  5. Detected by photomultiplier tubes. Two-phase detect ors also use argon gas to, detect ,the ionized electrons produced during the WIMP-nucleus scattering. As with most
  6. For David Hume, delicacy of taste is not merely" the ability to, detect ,all the ingredients in a composition ", but also our sensitivity" to pains as
  7. MIG). It is part of the B cell receptor (BCR),which allows a B cell to, detect ,when a specific antigen is present in the body and triggers B cell activation.
  8. Is limited in its comprehension and scope. Only a sovereign God could properly, detect ,infringements of the moral law and apply sanctions. In his Letter concerning
  9. These missions are not only to detect Earth-sized planets, but also to directly, detect ,light from the planet so that it may be studied spectroscopically. By examining
  10. Efforts underway. (See exoplanet). The goal of these missions is not only to, detect ,Earth-sized planets, but also to directly detect light from the planet so that
  11. Disappeared on modern warships. It has been replaced by systems designed to, detect ,and evade, or in the case of the cruise missiles, to destroy threats, including
  12. In right ascension, but a transit telescope calibrated with a plumb line can, detect ,very small changes in declination. Figure 5 shows how aberration affects the
  13. Air and is considered highly dangerous in closed areas. It is also difficult to, detect ,because it is colorless, odorless,and tasteless. In confined spaces, it is
  14. SIM PlanetQuest) (now cancelled) was to utilize asymmetric techniques to, detect ,terrestrial planets orbiting 200 or so of the nearest solar-type stars, and the
  15. Pictures at various determined intervals. By studying these images, they can, detect ,solar system objects by their movements relative to the background stars, which
  16. Drives can transfer data at up to 308 MB/s. Only the Ultra DMA modes use CRC to, detect ,errors in data transfer between the controller and drive. This is a 16-bit CRC
  17. Beta particles (46 key) and low intensity of alpha radiation, is difficult to, detect ,directly by its emission, and it is therefore traced via its decay products.
  18. Optical smoke detect or, the ionization smoke detect or is cheaper and can, detect ,particles which are too small to produce significant light scattering; however
  19. The main functions in the field artillery system are: *Target acquisition:, detect , identify and deduce the location of targets; *Control: authority to decide
  20. At concentrations of less than 50 ppm, but desensitized individuals may not, detect ,it even at concentrations of 100 ppm. Anhydrous ammonia corrodes copper-and
  21. Such as a VO GAD, to ensure this. However, AM demodulators can be designed to, detect ,the inversion (or 180 degree phase reversal) that occurs when modulation
  22. Up localized deviations in earth's magnetic field that is normally used to, detect ,submerged submarines. The Black Crow system on the AC-130A/E/H could detect the
  23. The defense production business of Texas Instruments. Operation The AGM-88 can, detect , attack and destroy a radar antenna or transmitter with minimal aircrew input.
  24. Frames. END and PPD work with AAL5 connections as they use the frame end bit to, detect ,the end of packets. Types of virtual circuits and paths ATM can build virtual
  25. Various third parties. Prevention and detect ion Programs have been developed to, detect , quarantine, and remove spyware, including Ad-Aware, Malwarebytes '
  26. Separation techniques refer to a combination of two (or more) techniques to, detect ,and separate chemicals from solutions. Most often the other technique is some
  27. They also have three small Bocelli (simple eyes) on the top of the head that, detect ,light levels and polarization. Compared to vertebrates, most ants have
  28. And measurements of the diffusion constant. In stricter terms, these methods, detect ,only the characteristic prelate (long cigar-like) hydrodynamic shape of a
  29. And they should agree on historical questions. Since some modern scholars do, detect ,subtle theological and historical differences between the texts, such scholars
  30. Obvious signs of it. This is the purpose of projects like SET, which tries to, detect ,signs of radio transmissions from intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations.
  31. Bandwidth than its analog counterpart. In analog systems, it is difficult to, detect ,when such degradation occurs. However, in digital systems, degradation can not
  32. Is part of the language specification, the compiler can in some cases, detect ,potential deadlocks. Compilers also commonly check for misspelled identifiers
  33. Progresses quickly and its products are quickly removed, making it difficult to, detect ,or visualize. During karyorrhexis, endonuclease activation leaves short DNA
  34. The proportion of all asteroids that are of that type; some types are easier to, detect ,than others, biasing the totals. Problems Originally, spectral designations
  35. Station has a range of up to 6,000 kilometers (3,728 mi),and was designed to, detect ,intercontinental ballistic missile launches as far as from the Indian Ocean.
  36. Its manifestationsand always have done so since I grew old and wary enough to, detect ,its presence. " Where some requirements of" realism ", in its flexible
  37. Signals from the target aircraft. Software on board the missile allows it to, detect ,if it is being jammed, and guide on its target using the proper guidance system
  38. Process. These embody a miniature, low powered radar transmitter in the fuse to, detect ,the ground and explode them at a predetermined height above it. The return of
  39. Hindgut, pygidium,rectum, sternum and hind tibia. This allows other ants to, detect ,what task group (e.g., foraging or nest maintenance) other colony members
  40. Ones use a TCAS (Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System),which can, detect ,the location of nearby aircraft, and provide instructions for avoiding a midair
  41. Of the least trace of ammonia or ammonium salts. Sulfur sticks are burnt to, detect ,small leaks in industrial ammonia refrigeration systems. Larger quantities can
  42. Vision. Two antennae (" feelers" ) are attached to the head; these organs, detect ,chemicals, air currents and vibrations; they are also used to transmit and
  43. Beck Anxiety Inventory, and HAM-A (Hamilton Anxiety Scale) can be used to, detect ,anxiety symptoms and suggest the need for a formal diagnostic assessment of
  44. In humans. Inductive coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) is used to, detect ,precise levels of intracellular arsenic and its other bases involved in
  45. Magnetic field for navigation. Ants' compound eyes have specialized cells that, detect ,polarized light from the Sun, which is used to determine direction. These
  46. This may be done by radio or by some other signal, but the enemy must not, detect ,the signal. If radio silence is necessary, the pre-electronic expedient of a
  47. Service along with AIM-120D). This assumes of course that all aircraft will, detect ,each other, however American fighters currently enjoy advantages in stealth
  48. Protection. The 8-bit CRC is used to correct single-bit header errors and, detect ,multi-bit header errors. When multi-bit header errors are detect ed, the current
  49. Destroy. In addition, almost all commercial antivirus software currently, detect ,adware and spyware, or offer a separate spyware detect ion package. The
  50. Interests and included a metal jacket to assist in breathing, the audiometer to, detect ,minor hearing problems, a device to locate icebergs, investigations on how to

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