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  1. By the Palestinians. In July 2009,Khaled Mescal,Hamas's political, bureau ,chief, stated Hamas's willingness to cooperate with a resolution to the
  2. Telegrams through a Western Union telegram. Brian Mars den, who had run the, bureau ,since 1968,laughed," Nobody sends telegrams anymore. I mean, by the time that
  3. Attack helicopter with the distinctive coaxial rotor system of the Amos design, bureau , It was designed in the 1980s and adopted for service in the Russian army in
  4. On 22 May 2008. The posts were newly created, ostensibly to work closely with, bureau ,secretaries and top civil servants in implementing the Chief Executive's
  5. Because Joan Paddock,CND's chair, was employed part-time at his local, bureau , Bruce Kent, the general secretary of CND and a Roman Catholic priest, was
  6. Under the rule of Mammal al-Gadaffi Libya's missions used the name people's, bureau ,and the head of the mission was a secretary. Missions between Commonwealth
  7. These women would be split into specific skill sets or" bureau " such as the, bureau ,of special foods (Saenggwa-bang, 생과방 ) or the bureau of cooking foods (
  8. Bureau" ( партийное бюро, партбюро ). A part bureau was headed by the elected ", bureau ,secretary" ( секретарь партбюро). At smaller party cells, secretaries were
  9. A series of prototypes, the La-120,La-126 and La-130,the Lavochkin design, bureau ,sought to replace the La-7's wooden airframe with a metal one, as well as fit
  10. Of Arms of the German city of Stuttgart, home of Mercedes-Benz and the design, bureau ,of Porsche, both being main competitors of Alpha and Ferrari in the 1930s. The
  11. Been excluded from an interview with administration official Ken Feinberg, with, bureau , chiefs from the White House Pool (ABC, CBS,NBC, and CNN) coming to the
  12. The political makeup of the whole Parliament) including a Chairman,a, bureau ,and secretariat. They meet twice a month in public to draw up, amend to adopt
  13. Of the DFLP. The Central Committee also elected a 13-member political, bureau ,: Support base The DFLP is primarily active among Palestinians in Syria and
  14. Or low-born families. These women would be split into specific skill sets or ", bureau ," such as the bureau of special foods (Saenggwa-bang, 생과방 ) or the bureau of
  15. To the official investigation conducted by the French accident investigation, bureau ,(BEA),the crash was caused by a titanium strip that fell from a Continental
  16. Place codes, renamed " Census Code," will continue to be used, with the Census, bureau ,assigning new codes as needed for their internal use during the transition.
  17. Motorcycles found violating the ban will be confiscated. The Guangzhou traffic, bureau ,claimed to have reported reduced traffic problems and accidents in the downtown
  18. At Fox News Channel was more favorable toward Bush. Scott Novel, the London, bureau ,chief for Fox News, stated in a May 20, 2005 interview with the Wall Street
  19. Tower in New Jersey. Philadelphia's ABC affiliate, WPVI-TV,maintains a news, bureau ,in downtown Wilmington. The northern part of the state is served by network
  20. All levels, from the federal police to diplomacy, from the transportation, bureau ,to the armed forces; * Communications – the telephony used to be a state
  21. Or parties (партком). A partook was headed by the elected" partook, bureau ,secretary" (" partook secretary ", секретарь парткома). At enterprises
  22. To infiltrate the Civil Rights Movement, but when no such evidence emerged,the, bureau ,used the incidental details caught on tape over the next five years in attempts
  23. Brotherhood. In July 2009,Khaled Mescal,Hamas's Damascus-based political, bureau ,chief, said the organization was willing to cooperate with" a resolution to
  24. Biro Edukacji Publicized) *Lust ration Bureau (Biro Lustracyjne) (new, bureau , since October 2006) Activities Research The research conducted by IPN from
  25. Are discussed by several authors. Outsourced bureau contact centers Outsourced, bureau ,contact centers are a model of contact center that provide services on a" pay
  26. Of a suit jacket. In French, a boutonniere is the buttonhole itself.;, bureau ,de change (pl. bureau de change): a currency exchange. In French, it means
  27. In considerable problems for the Pakistani government, particularly its customs, bureau ,who realized that many of the items being resold on the black market in
  28. Investigation alone. Just as Matthew is going to board the plane back to the, bureau , he works out that Hart's suspicions were correct. Hart surprises everyone
  29. Of her actions one of her squad gets shot. She is put on a desk job. The, bureau ,receives a threat against the 75th annual Miss United States beauty pageant in
  30. In Tunis. Since Arafat's death, he is formally head of Fatah's political, bureau ,and chairman, but his actual political following within Fatah appears limited.
  31. The University Of Lincoln's growing student population. BBC Looks North have a, bureau ,in Lincoln as an integral part of their coverage of Lincolnshire and East
  32. Or" bureau " such as the bureau of special foods (Saenggwa-bang, 생과방 ) or the, bureau ,of cooking foods (Soju-bang, 소주방 ). These female cooks may have been assisted
  33. Syria, he met Jamal, a young Palestinian woman, who worked there in the planning, bureau , Volker Hath, who was traveling with Alta, described Jamal as" attractive and
  34. In 1997,Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) in cooperation with the Amos, bureau ,entered the Ka-50-2 Erdoğan (Turkish for" Born Warrior" ) in a Turkish
  35. Of the treasury. Callisto became secretary of justice. There was a fourth, bureau ,for miscellaneous issues, which was put under Polybius until his execution for
  36. Löffler a position on a union-backed newspaper, a transfer to its Washington, bureau , then three years as a correspondent covering Congress and the White House for
  37. Pool (ABC, CBS,NBC, and CNN) coming to the defense of Fox. One of the major, bureau ,chiefs stated," If any member had been excluded it would have been the same
  38. Which consists of 15 members and operates in exile in Damascus, Syria. The, bureau ,is elected by members who select their representatives in local Consultative
  39. As well when Lois Lane says she is transferring" to the Planet's Gotham City, bureau , " Video games * The Daily Planet appears as a stage in Mortal Kombat vs. DC
  40. Encountered by call operators are discussed by several authors. Outsourced, bureau ,contact centers Outsourced bureau contact centers are a model of contact center
  41. Song Contest in Brighton with Waterloo. *1982 – Estonian Communist Party, bureau ,declares" fight against bourgeois TV" — meaning Finnish TV — a top priority
  42. Offices, car rental agencies, special tourist information, a juvenile court, bureau ,to facilitate travel of minors, a Civil Aviation Department (DAC) office
  43. Decades. In July 2007,U. S. District Judge Nancy Gartner in Boston found the, bureau ,helped convict the four men of the March 1965 gangland murder of Edward" Teddy
  44. Fifteen committees—such as the agricultural and state planning committees—one, bureau , and twenty departments under the supervision of the State Administration
  45. Worked in drug addiction programs, and Howard Kelly Fischer, who worked as a, bureau ,chief for Life under the name Jack Fischer. When Fischer was two years old, the
  46. I ", although this usage has no official approval by any international, bureau , The word liter is derived from an older French unit, the Litton, whose name
  47. The work was briefly continued by the Soviet Mikoyan-Gurevich (MiG) design, bureau ,as the Mikoyan-Gurevich I-270. Operational history Active combat operations
  48. Minutes/Washington Post investigation in November 2007,(two years later) the, bureau ,agreed to identify, review,and release all the pertinent cases, and notify
  49. 29, 1979. 1980s In May 1981,the U. S. government closed the Libyan" people's, bureau ," (embassy) in Washington’D. C. and expelled the Libyan staff in response
  50. Were at least three communists. The management of a cell was called" party, bureau ," (партийное бюро, партбюро ). A part bureau was headed by the elected" bureau

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