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  1. And even buys Bryan a horse, even though the boy is still too young to, ride ,it alone. The day before his ninth birthday, the boy steals away to ride the
  2. In space). On March 14, 1995,Norman Hazard became the first American to, ride ,to space on board a Russian launch vehicle, arguably becoming the first "
  3. 1902 – Theodore Roosevelt becomes the first President of the United States to, ride ,in an automobile. *1910 – Korea is annexed by Japan with the signing of the
  4. Among the many English idioms of U. S. origin are got the hang of, take for a, ride , bark up the wrong tree, keep tabs, run scared, take a backseat, have an edge
  5. Wire-spoked wheels with solid rubber tires. These bicycles were difficult to, ride ,due to their very high seat and poor weight distribution. In 1868 a Mich aux
  6. Follow, then earthquakes and tidal waves. The sky will split open and out will, ride ,the sons of Nuspell intent on universal destruction. They will try to enter
  7. Together),or a function or process that an object performs, such as" sweet, ride ," to refer to a nice car. Metonymy miscommunication is considered a primary
  8. I Learned to Ride the Bicycle, in which she praised the bicycle she learned to, ride ,late in life, and which she named" Gladys ", for its" gladdening effect" on
  9. Ride to the ground. A BASE jump from 150 m (500 foot) will have a parachute, ride ,of only 10 to 15 seconds. One way to make a parachute open very quickly is to
  10. Exercise of his duties he enhanced his reputation for humility by refusing to, ride ,a horse—in accord with the dictates of the Dominican order—instead walking back
  11. Northern terminus of the line at University Heights. Passengers pay a fare to, ride ,this section of the rail. A new FTA project is underway, often called" Cars
  12. Cave It is narrated from al-Jarrah' in 'AAIB, he said, Once Abu Bakr bought a, ride ,from 'AAIB for 10 Durham, then Abu Bakr said to 'AAIB," Tell your son the
  13. Transport Board system cannot, but do give receipts. Children in school uniform, ride ,for free on the Government buses and for $1.50 on the minibuses and Mrs. Most
  14. To ride it alone. The day before his ninth birthday, the boy steals away to, ride ,the horse alone. He is thrown to the ground and dies a few days later. The
  15. All colors and creeds to live in harmony, before they hand in their horses and, ride ,off (in a limousine) into the sunset. Cast * Madeline Khan as Lily von Setup
  16. Move, Lee allowed Jeb Stuart to take a portion of the army's cavalry and, ride ,around the east flank of the Union army. Lee's orders gave Stuart much
  17. An opportunity to experience the use of smear holds while only a short bike, ride ,away, Boulder Canyon provides Schawangunk-like edging on gray rock with its own
  18. 55). Handball will blow his mighty horn Goal and the Æsir and Interwar will, ride ,out to battle. Most of the Æsir will die and Asgard be destroyed. Sorry quotes
  19. The dead live again in the Fields of Yalu and accompany the Sun on its daily, ride , Due to the dangers the afterlife posed, the Book of the Dead was placed in the
  20. Took possession of both Delhi and Agra. That very day Ba bur ordered Humayun to, ride ,to Agra (Ibrahim's former capital) and secure its national treasures and
  21. City’s Fuentes del North bus station in Santa Elena, a five-minute auto-rickshaw, ride ,across the causeway from Flores island. From Guatemala City (travel time: 8 to
  22. Was the Midland Railway in 1874. Bogies serve a number of purposes: * Ensuring, ride ,comfort by absorbing vibration and minimizing centrifugal forces when the train
  23. The afternoonand occasionally Mary Lincoln would force him to take a carriage, ride ,because she was concerned he was working too hard. Lincoln had learned from
  24. Dipper also may refer to: * Big Dipper, alternative name for a roller coaster, ride , especially in the United Kingdom. Several roller coasters are specifically
  25. The castle, while the dead rise from graves all around. During Ash's panicked, ride ,back,Ash's evil copy rises from his grave and unites the Deadlines into the
  26. Language means 'with horse '. So the word 'Bay at' may mean those who, ride ,horses. Africa Islam (born Charles Glenn,1967,New York City) also known as
  27. Subsidized 'Collective' cab system. These cabs cost 10 pesos per person to, ride , but they are not private. The driver will pick up more passengers as long as
  28. Wife with owning the world's the most powerful horse. Since she cannot comfortably, ride ,a horse that goes too fast, she must bridle it down to her level, even if that
  29. This precision is not built-in, but learned by trial and error. Learning how to, ride ,a bicycle is an example of a type of neural plasticity that may take place
  30. There's Mrs, the yellow minibuses and the blue Transport Board buses. A, ride ,on any of them costs BBD$2.00. The smaller buses from the two privately owned
  31. Height and better weight distribution. (Although without pneumatic tires the, ride ,of the smaller wheeled bicycle would be much rougher than that of the larger
  32. The split will ride forth the" sons of Nuspell ". When the" sons of Nuspell ", ride ,over Frost it will break," as was said above. " In the Prose Edda book
  33. Or" Wobbly Elvis" ) – appeared in the commercials to demonstrate the smooth, ride ,in an Audi equipped with the multiethnic transmission. The dashboard figure was
  34. Of Dagny's cross-country trips. Instead of throwing him out, she allows him to, ride ,as her guest. It is from Allen that she learns the full story behind the
  35. Intensively). By modern standards his claim to have a proof had a very easy, ride , but wartime conditions were one factor, and the fact that the German experts
  36. Their bicycle free of charge, and previously it would allow bicycle ride rs to, ride ,on buses for free. In cities where the bicycle is not an integral part of the
  37. Skydiver, after parachute deployment, may have a three minute or more parachute, ride ,to the ground. A BASE jump from 150 m (500 foot) will have a parachute ride of
  38. Brakes. Brakes are not required for riding on a track because all ride rs, ride ,in the same direction around a track which does not necessitate sharp
  39. Are to accept him as the rightful ruler of Scotland. Just as he is about to, ride ,to accept the English endorsement, the Bruce turns back to his troops. Invoking
  40. Of acting as advertising, and of improving sales by providing more places to, ride ,), all first practiced by Pope. (later de ride d as planned obsolescence, and
  41. Of freedom and self-reliance. I stand and rejoice every time I see a woman, ride ,by on a wheel ... the picture of free, untrammeled womanhood. " In 1895 Frances
  42. Running vertically rather than horizontally. The advanced design gave a better, ride ,quality than the BR1,being rated for. The side frame of the bogie was usually
  43. To Congress. Seaman's later wrote that Webb roundly chastised him in the cab, ride ,leaving the hearing, for volunteering information which led to the disclosure
  44. Has two or more road wheels and some type of sprung suspension to smooth the, ride ,across rough terrain. Bogie suspensions keep much of their components on the
  45. Had ever faced ", at ranges down to. In what became known as the" death, ride ,", all the battlecruisers except were hit and further damaged, as 18 of the
  46. Must is modern and is located at the Mundelein. Path Arena is located a metro, ride ,from the center and includes an IMAX auditorium. Path City is scheduled to
  47. The city. It is also possible to experience the Bosporus by taking a regular, ride ,in one of the public ferries that travel between the European and the Asian
  48. Says that, during Ragnarök, the sky will split open, and from the split will, ride ,forth the" sons of Nuspell ". When the" sons of Nuspell" ride over Frost
  49. Along the coasts of the Bosporus. The prices vary according to the type of the, ride , and some feature loud popular music for the duration of the trip. Gallery
  50. Army occupying the pass between Mount Olympus and Mount SSA, he had the men, ride ,over Mount SSA. When the Thessalian awoke the next day, they found Alexander

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