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  1. a thousand cultural, educational and artistic events held annually. It promotes, disability ,rights, and is legally tolerant towards homosexuals. LGBT civil unions have
  2. Of Veterans Affairs had only compensated 486 victims, although it had received, disability ,claims from 39,419 soldiers who had been exposed to Agent Orange while serving
  3. In metropolitan Atlanta between 1991 and 1993,154 (68 %) had an additional, disability ,besides visual impairment. Tested the effect of using gene therapy to help
  4. Is a generic term for devices and modifications that help overcome or remove a, disability , The first recorded example of the use of a prosthesis dates to at least 1800
  5. In 50 to 75 % of cases, while up to 70 to 90 % recover with some minor residual, disability , The average time to recover is one to six months. ADAM produces multiple
  6. Rare disorder. Those affected have normal intelligence or mild developmental, disability , with poor expressive language skills. Most have a bleeding disorder called
  7. II - Public Entities (and public transportation): See. Title II prohibits, disability ,discrimination by all public entities at the local (i.e. school district
  8. Most people do in their daily lives, and placed too much emphasis on her job, disability , Since the evidence showed that Williams was performing normal daily tasks, it
  9. Did not mean an end to a happy and productive life. Making no secret of his own, disability , Camp openly joked about his prosthetic leg his whole life. In 1946 Camp
  10. And above. In children, the disorder can present with a skin rash, fever,pain, disability , and limitations in daily activities. No one knows why rheumatoid arthritis
  11. And cultural enrichment. " Therefore, under Title II no person with a, disability ,can be unjustly excluded from participation in or be denied the benefits of
  12. The determination of whether any particular condition is considered a, disability ,is made on a case by case basis. Certain specific conditions are excluded as
  13. Designs. In some countries vehicles are required to have these features by, disability ,discrimination laws. Configuration Buses were initially configured with an
  14. Only punishable when a" serious injury" ( damage to health or an employment, disability ,lasting more than 24 days) or the death of the" victim" results. A light
  15. Was, to some degree, a creatively channeled, compensatory response to his, disability , Capp's father, a failed businessman and reportedly an amateur cartoonist
  16. Therefore, the determination of whether an impairment rises to the level of a, disability ,is not limited to activities in the workplace solely, but rather to manual
  17. Which destroys the small joints in the hands and can lead to permanent, disability ,and loss of hand function. Treatment There is no cure for either rheumatoid or
  18. If it is intended to interfere. Major life activities The ADA defines a covered, disability ,as" a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits a major life
  19. Was then left to be raised by his mother, who never remarried. When Claudius ', disability ,became evident, the relationship with his family turned sour. Antonia referred
  20. Was on average poor, with depression being more persistently associated with, disability ,than mania. Functioning between episodes was on average good — more or less
  21. Functions. " Required doctor visits are not to be held against anyone with a, disability , Political pressure The ADA (1990) is unusual because more than a hundred
  22. And concerns. Aggressive challenging behavior in adults with intellectual, disability ,is often treated with antipsychotic drugs despite lack of an evidence base. A
  23. To help their employers make adjustments, or in some locations to claim, disability ,living allowances or other benefits. Under diagnosis and over diagnosis are
  24. A covered entity shall not discriminate against a qualified individual with a, disability , This applies to job application procedures, hiring,advancement and discharge
  25. Applicants, after making the job offer, only if all applicants (regardless of, disability ,) must take it, and it is treated as a confidential medical record. Qualified
  26. Develop slowly from a brain tumor, infection,or dementia, or can be a learning, disability ,such as dystonia. The area and extent of brain damage determine the type of
  27. A wooded setting. Para-Archery is an adaptation of archery for athletes with a, disability , It is governed by the International Archery Federation (FIFA),and is one of
  28. Of interacting with the technology needed to accomplish such tasks. Likewise, disability ,advocates point out that technology is often created without regard to people
  29. A trisomy of chromosome 18. Symptoms include motor retardation, developmental, disability , and numerous congenital anomalies causing serious health problems. Ninety
  30. Preferring the young or the old),gender/sexual harassment, race,religion, disability , weight and attractiveness. A common approach to remedying discrimination is
  31. Williams that qualified her inability to perform manual job-related tasks as a, disability , The Court held that the" major life activity" definition in evaluating the
  32. Refers to the accessibility of a computer system to all people, regardless of, disability ,or severity of impairment. Examples include Web accessibility a set of
  33. The ADA (1990) is unusual because more than a hundred groups dedicated to, disability ,rights, civil rights, and social justice worked together to ensure its passage.
  34. Claim to have documented a sharp drop in employment among individuals with a, disability ,after passage of the Act. Others believe that the law has been ineffectual. "
  35. Such as community involvement. Disability Arthritis is the most common cause of, disability ,in the USA. More than 20 million individuals with arthritis have severe
  36. Under Title III, no individual may be discriminated against on the basis of, disability ,in regard to the full and equal enjoyment of the goods, services,facilities
  37. Rights law that prohibits, under certain circumstances, discrimination based on, disability , It affords similar protections against discrimination to Americans with
  38. Announcement" I Am Autism" for Autism Speaks that was sharply criticized by, disability ,rights groups for its negative portrayal of autism. In 2010,Charon began to
  39. Treatments and through physical therapy and occupational therapy to reduce, disability , Some drug treatments that have been used to control ataxia include:
  40. Build, asymmetrical skull, slanting eyes and mild to moderate developmental, disability , * Edwards syndrome, which is the second-most-common trisomy; Down syndrome is
  41. His duties are carried out by the most senior Associate Justice until the, disability ,or the vacancy ends. The current Associate Justices are (in order of seniority
  42. Specific manual work tasks which was insufficient in proving the presence of a, disability , The Court of Appeals should have taken into account the evidence presented
  43. Many patients report being happy with their quality of life despite profound, disability , This may reflect the use of coping strategies such as reevaluating what is
  44. His or her own experience;" a medical diagnosis or physician's declaration of, disability ,is no longer enough. Even those who support the intent of the law worry that it
  45. Court decided under Title II of the ADA that mental illness is a form of, disability ,and therefore covered under the ADA, and that unjustified institutional
  46. Veterans began to file claims in 1977 to the Department of Veterans Affairs for, disability ,payments for health care for conditions they believed were associated with
  47. Under the ADA, and that unjustified institutional isolation of a person with a, disability ,is a form of discrimination because it" perpetuates unwarranted assumptions
  48. It found that the Court of Appeals had incorrectly determined the presence of a, disability ,because it relied solely on her inability to perform specific manual work tasks
  49. Repetitive physical demands. The Technique improves pain management for chronic, disability , It offers rehabilitation following surgery or injury where compensatory habits
  50. Of ten days in days-of-pain reported. Outcomes were also measured by Roland, disability ,scores, a measure of the number of activities impaired by pain, with a control

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