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  1. Has a total of 35 consonant phonemes (see table below). According to the, criterion ,of sonority, the Bulgarian consonants may be divided into 12 pairs (voiced <>
  2. Of approval voting. On the one hand, approval voting fails the later-no-harm, criterion , so voting for a candidate can cause that candidate to win instead of a more
  3. We want good algorithms in some loosely defined aesthetic sense. One, criterion ,... is the length of time taken to perform the algorithm.... Other criteria are
  4. Compared to others such as the Solovay-Strassen primarily test. Korselt's, criterion ,An alternative and equivalent definition of Carmichael numbers is given by
  5. States, # 74 % of the voting weights, # 62 % of the EU population (this, criterion ,is only checked upon request by a Council member). The following table is
  6. In the 1930s. * Harry Nyquist (1889–1976),developed the Nyquist stability, criterion ,for feedback systems in the 1930s. * Richard Bellman (1920–1984),developed
  7. Is usually called, for certain technical reasons, the Gibbs energy change. This, criterion ,is both necessary and sufficient. If a mixture is not at equilibrium, the
  8. The film did not play for one week in Los Angeles, and thus did not meet the, criterion ,for nomination until it was re-released in 1972. Chaplin's American business
  9. To be skeptical of the speaker's claims. (Hume 1974:390) There is one final, criterion ,that Hume thinks gives us warrant to doubt any given testimony, and that is f)
  10. Of the Niger–Congo languages. There are about 250 Bantu languages by the, criterion ,of mutual intelligibility, though the distinction between language and dialect
  11. Based on preimages are often difficult to use directly. The following, criterion ,expresses continuity in terms of neighborhoods: f is continuous at some point x
  12. Starvation and the health risks involved, with a BMI <17.5 being an informal, criterion ,for the diagnosis of anorexia nervosa. BMI-for-age BMI is used differently for
  13. Absolute doggerel – but in the tradition of rock'n'roll .... The only, criterion ,is excitement, and Black Sabbath's got it ", yet the very same magazine would
  14. Period from the critical path. *Wind loading is another major design, criterion ,in Hong Kong as it is situated in an area influenced by typhoons. Not only must
  15. Consent, rather than accepted safe practices. Consent is the most important, criterion ,here. The consent and compliance for a sadomasochistic situation can be granted
  16. To do this have not been widely adopted. Another issue with verbal report as a, criterion ,is that it restricts the field of study to humans who have language: this
  17. Thor the first time in 1968. It's said that Buffett uses a form of the Kelly, criterion ,in deciding how much money to put into various holdings. Also, Selwyn Berlekamp
  18. Referred to" a comprehensive encyclopedia" for their reference needs. This, criterion ,was invoked in the 2007 and 2011 editions with the decision to drop the entries
  19. As phobic. Spiders, for instance, being relatively small, don’t fit the usual, criterion ,for a threat in the animal kingdom where size is a factor, but nearly all
  20. Has freedom for experimentation on all the utterances of a language, but no, criterion ,to compare his analysis with other linguists. Late in his career, he was known
  21. Test is commonly cited in discussions of artificial intelligence as a proposed, criterion ,for machine consciousness; it has provoked a great deal of philosophical debate
  22. Is an invariant of A. These theorems were later subsumed in the Julio, criterion , In a different direction, Helmut Ulm found an extension of the second Prüfer
  23. S flagship Medallion Fund. But as Kelly's original paper demonstrates,the, criterion ,is only valid when the investment or" game" is played many times over, with
  24. Identified genes differs between studies due to the computational methods and, criterion ,used to identify them, each study indicates that a large portion of yeast genes
  25. Space (one where all such sequences are known to converge to a limit),the, criterion ,for convergence depends only on the terms of the sequence itself. This is often
  26. That are specifically about consciousness, the subjects are human, and the, criterion ,that is used is verbal report: in other words, subjects are asked to describe
  27. Comparison, does that candidate always win? (This implies the majority, criterion , above) * Condorcet loser criterion —If a candidate loses to every other
  28. Importance and / or a Royal connection. In England and Wales, prior to 1907 the, criterion ,was simply the establishment of an Anglican Cathedral. For example the small
  29. Bayesian-probability propositions can be falsified, and so meet an empirical, criterion ,of Charles S. Pace, whose work inspired Ramsey. (This
  30. That we do not fully understand. In the Sahel, color is not a selection, criterion , The alpha male dog from the local population is usually the sire. Unless it is
  31. And lists their population figures ( criterion three) and voting weights (, criterion ,two) along with their ruling parties and affiliations to European parties.
  32. Called the" Scramble for Africa" by defining" effective occupation" as the, criterion ,for international recognition of territorial claims. The scramble continued
  33. Member states exert on Council decisions, and lists their population figures (, criterion ,three) and voting weights ( criterion two) along with their ruling parties
  34. Wins. Optimal strategic approval voting fails to satisfy the Condorcet, criterion ,and can elect a Condorcet loser. Strategic approval voting can guarantee
  35. Candidate. On the other hand, approval voting satisfies the monotonic, criterion , so not voting for a candidate can never help that candidate win, but can cause
  36. Groups, and conversely, every injective Abelian group is divisible (Baer's, criterion ,). An Abelian group without non-zero divisible subgroups is called reduced. Two
  37. Measures. On the other hand, if the overprediction of the minority group's, criterion ,performance is not too extreme, it may seem reasonable to many to leave it
  38. And formulate the party's position on it. Parties which do not fulfill the, criterion ,for being a Fraction but have at least three seats by direct elections (i.e.
  39. In establishing this first truth is to demonstrate the capacity of his, criterion ,— the immediate clarity and distinctiveness of self-evident propositions — to
  40. Argument principle is quite frequently used to derive the Nyquist stability, criterion , which can be used to predict the stability of negative feedback amplifier and
  41. The" gold standard" for ascribing consciousness, it is not the only possible, criterion , In medicine, consciousness is assessed as a combination of verbal behavior
  42. of the other fundamental state functions, but nonetheless is a general, criterion ,for (AT times) the entropy production from that spontaneous process; or at
  43. Variables) are going to be held constant over time. It is a purely local, criterion ,and must hold regardless of any such constraints. Of course, it could have been
  44. Divisions based on their pigmentation. This is the first use of a biochemical, criterion ,in plant systematic. Harvey's four divisions are: Red Algae (Rhodophyta)
  45. And equivalent definition of Carmichael numbers is given by Korselt's, criterion ,.: Theorem (Dorset 1899): A positive composite integer n is a Carmichael
  46. To distinguish Central Europe from Western, Eastern and Southeast Europe: * one, criterion ,for defining Central Europe is the frontiers of medieval empires and kingdoms
  47. Questions and commands, and in scientific studies of consciousness, the usual, criterion ,for awareness is verbal report (that is, subjects are deemed to be aware if
  48. The expense of the smaller voting groups. * Approval voting fails the majority, criterion , because it is possible that the candidate most preferred by the majority of
  49. Sequential analysis – evaluation of sampled data as it is collected, until the, criterion ,of a stopping rule is met * Spatial analysis – the study of entities using
  50. By priests' offspring ". It remains a matter of Canon Law (and oftentimes a, criterion ,for certain religious orders, especially Franciscans) that priests do not own

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