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  1. They demanded to record his DNA in their CODES system. According to his, attorney , Adrian Lamp has a religious objection to giving blood, but is willing to give
  2. Actor (b. 1874) *1950 – Charles Hamilton Houston, American civil rights, attorney ,(b. 1895) *1951 – Horace Donisthorpe, British entomologist (b. 1870) *1968
  3. Mike Krushelnyski, Montreal ice hockey player *1961 – Andy Scholarly, American, attorney , political activist and founder of Conservapedia * 1962 – I'm Kangaroo, South
  4. Of the American University of Antigua College of Medicine by investor and, attorney ,Neil Simon in 2003,a new source of revenue was established. The university
  5. While going to George Washington University Law School before becoming a patent, attorney ,in 1960. In 1964,when Bill was six years old, the family moved to Chagrin
  6. Liberties, saying it is overly broad and ambiguous. Court-awarded damages and, attorney ,'s fees In 2004,court-awarded damages and attorney fees comprised 3 % (net)
  7. De Boisbaudran, French scientist (d. 1912) *1857 – Clarence Darrow, American, attorney , ( d. 1938) *1857 – Alexander Shirvanzade, Armenian playwright and novelist (
  8. Poorer, not richer. Controversial American political activist and disbarred, attorney ,Jack Thompson's A Modest Video Game Proposal draws its title from A Modest
  9. Process, is guilty of a misdemeanor; and in case the person offending is an, attorney , he or she may, in addition thereto be disbarred from practicing law within
  10. This sense is pejoratively known as ambulance chasing from the stereotype of an, attorney ,who stops at the scene of a car accident or follows an ambulance to an
  11. Submitted either an Alford plea or a no contest plea, regardless of the type of, attorney , This difference reflects the relative readiness of State courts, compared to
  12. Articles of Association, its objectives are: -“ To act as Nominee or agent or, attorney ,either solely or jointly with others, for any person or persons, partnership
  13. Tune, Japanese diplomat (d. 1949) *1878 – Emil Fuchs, German-born American, attorney ,and baseball owner (d. 1961) *1882 – Artur Schnabel, Polish pianist (d. 1951
  14. Order against her former manager Sam Mufti, ex-boyfriend Adnan Goalie and, attorney ,Jon Yardley—all of whom, court documents claim, had been conspiring to gain
  15. Barker, sells tickets to the trials. He serves as prosecutor, Fatty as defense, attorney , Berwick as judge. First comes the case of Toby Higgins, accused of
  16. End-zone areas. The U. S. Department of Justice assisted in the suit filed by, attorney ,Richard Bernstein of The Law Offices of Sam Bernstein in Farmington Hills
  17. Early 90s” and claimed Hark at ran a guest house in Pakistan. Mohamed Hark at’s, attorney ,sought access to Abu Zubaydah for testimony relating to Hark at’s trial, but the
  18. Albert Bustamante, American politician * 1935 – Oscar Zeta Acosta, American, attorney , politician, and Chicano Movement activist (d. 1974? ) *1938 – KOF Anna
  19. Eli Jacobs forced to divest himself of the franchise, Baltimore-based, attorney , Peter Angelo's was awarded the Orioles in bankruptcy court, returning the team
  20. English musician and songwriter *1952 – Mike Moore, American politician and, attorney ,*1952 – K. Krishnam, Indian politician and physician *1953 – Sandra Boston
  21. Public document, a serious crime in California. Schwarzenegger has consulted an, attorney , Bob Kaufman. Kaufman has earlier handled divorce cases for celebrities such as
  22. Coroner, emergency management, highway superintendent, public welfare, state’s, attorney , and a few others. The state senators from Brown County include Al Nostrum and
  23. However, Spotswood had no legal authority to have pirates tried, and Howard's, attorney , John Holloway, brought charges against Captain Brand of HMS Lyme (where
  24. Chávez, American labor activist (b. 1927) *1995 – Howard Cowell, American, attorney , and sportscaster (b. 1918) * 1995 – John C. Tennis, American politician (b.
  25. Bell's experiments. Patent matters would be handled by Hubbard's patent, attorney , Anthony Pollock. In March 1875,Bell and Pollock visited the famous scientist
  26. Which waxed in output while the workers waned in starvation. " Speer's, attorney , Dr. Hans Flasher, presented Speer as an artist thrust into political life
  27. Early pioneer in Agent Orange litigation, working with renowned environmental, attorney ,Victor Annabon in 1980 on the first class-action suits against wartime
  28. Of Le Mans finishes Albert Pike (December 29, 1809–April 2,1891) was an, attorney , Confederate officer, writer,and Freemason. Pike is the only Confederate
  29. Can lead to great injustice when the defendant has an unskilled or overworked, attorney , which is likely to be the case when the defendant is poor. In addition
  30. But forced to sell the Browns to a group of Baltimore-based investors led by, attorney ,Clarence Miles. With Week" out of the way ", the American League owners
  31. His father, although a kind man in private, was also an aggressive prosecuting, attorney ,who tried death penalty cases, arguing strongly for the death penalty to be
  32. On the law applicable to the case, permitting seriously improper argument by an, attorney , admitting or excluding evidence improperly, acting outside the court's
  33. Court placed her under temporary conservatorship of her father James Spears and, attorney ,Andrew Wallet, giving them complete control of her assets. The following month
  34. She did civil litigation for several years before becoming an assistant U. S., attorney , In 1994,she left to work for the United States House of Representatives
  35. USD payment. This payment was then divided by one third, the first of which was, attorney ,and legal fees. Five Million was then divided among the included members of the
  36. Frisson (Jack Balance). Despite the best efforts of newly-elected district, attorney ,Harvey Dent (Billy Dee Williams) and police commissioner James Gordon (Pat
  37. Money from such fees, although the national headquarters does not. Recovery of, attorney ,'s' fees by non-profit legal advocacy organizations is common practice. The
  38. Caught corrupting the judicial process by making a deal with the plaintiff's, attorney ,to throw the case, in part by not disclosing damaging evidence to the jury. The
  39. Court-awarded damages and attorney 's fees In 2004,court-awarded damages and, attorney ,fees comprised 3 % (net) of ACLU Foundation funding; state affiliates also
  40. From Rapids and Vernon parishes since 2008 * Jock Scott - State legislator, attorney , professor * William Tecumseh Sherman — First superintendent; Louisiana State
  41. Soviet mathematician (d. 1997) * 1920 – James R. Mann, American, attorney , and politician (d. 2010) *1921 – John Stott, British theologian and clergyman
  42. Could already be felt. Later convicted in absentia for various crimes by, attorney ,Juan del Granada, including murder, García Mesa was extradited from Brazil and
  43. Contributions,19 % came from membership dues,18 % came from court awarded, attorney ,fees,12 % came from grants,4 % came from investment income and the remainder
  44. The city (now site of the Arboretum DES Minnelli). The father of the family, attorney ,Charles-Marie Bonaparte, was secretary to Pasquale Pauli during the golden
  45. Law Center, for example, generally seeks, and is successful in, recovery of, attorney ,'s fees in the same manner as the ACLU. In 2005,the Thomas More law center
  46. The motion. In such a case, a court will accept an affidavit from the filing, attorney ,in support of the motion, as certain assumptions are made, to wit: The
  47. 1891 – Albert Pike, American Confederate Brigadier General, envoy,author, attorney , and Freemason (b. 1809) *1902 – Esther Morris, suffragist and first female
  48. GIs who may have been exposed is unknown. But C. David Ben bow, a North Carolina, attorney ,who served as a sergeant with Co. C,3rd Battalion,23rd Infantry Regiment,2nd
  49. The initial petition did not include spousal support and a reimbursement of, attorney ,'s fees. In the aftermath of Schwarzenegger's infidelity scandal, actress
  50. Trial wound its way through nine years of legal battles, the U. S. prosecuting, attorney ,had died and the two Bell patents (No. 174,465 and dated March 7,1876, and No.

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