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  1. Celebrated detective novelist John Dickson Carr to be among the ten greatest, mystery ,novels of all time. The 1942 novel Five Little Pigs (aka Murder in Retrospect
  2. With its similarity to some religious symbols gave it a flair of decadence and, mystery ,... ". The Australian punk band Radio Bird man named their debut album Radios
  3. In favor of books, TV specials, and other media that support the Triangle, mystery , and against well-researched material if it espouses a skeptical viewpoint.
  4. Culture The Archduke plays a significant role both in Elizabeth George's, mystery ,A Traitor to Memory (2001); and in Kabuki Murakami's novel Kafka on the
  5. Sudden German) industrialist (d. 1974) *1910 – Sam Merlin, Jr., American, mystery , fiction writer (d. 1996) *1911 – Lee Fall, American comic strip writer (d.
  6. Under two hours. Interpretation Despite Blue Velvets initial appearance as a, mystery , the film operates on a number of thematic levels. The film owes a large debt
  7. Of Schleswig-Holstein (d. 1956) *1876 – Mary Roberts Reinhart, American, mystery , writer (d. 1958) *1877 – Albert Martha, Hungarian military officer and
  8. Bible, Norman Gasser and William Nix wrote:" The process of inspiration is a, mystery ,of the providence of God, but the result of this process is a verbal, plenary
  9. Of the sacred as 'mysterious tremendous et fascias ', the awe-inspiring, mystery ,which fascinates humans. Metonymy involves the use of the name of a
  10. London. The series was greatly admired by such notable writers and critics of, mystery ,and detective fiction as Every Queen (Frederic Danny),Anthony Boucher
  11. Went on to star in the TV series Murder, She Wrote as Jessica Fletcher,a, mystery ,novelist who also solves crimes. The character of Jessica Fletcher is thought
  12. To be assessed on their own merits as a unique contribution in the annals of, mystery ,fiction, rather than suffering comparison as one of the endless imitators of
  13. It is easily fractured. For many years, the source of amazonite's color was a, mystery , Naturally, many people assumed the color was due to copper because copper
  14. The Hobgoblin in #238-239 (March–April 1983). Fans engaged with the, mystery ,of the Hobgoblin's secret identity, which continued throughout #244-245 and
  15. Secretary for the publisher of Paradigm Press. Angel's true identity is a, mystery , her motives questionable and her allegiance to no one but herself. Angel is
  16. However, the exact nature of his ailment has never been confirmed and remains a, mystery , Playing just 98 games, Ruth had what would be his worst season as a Yankee as
  17. Clue, so readers can analyze it and be allowed a fair chance of solving the, mystery ,themselves. Then, about halfway through, or sometimes even during the final act
  18. Von Ruin, Prime Minister of Prussia (d. 1879) *1812 – Caspar Mauser, German, mystery , boy (d. 1833) *1829 – Ferdinand von Hochstetter, Austrian geologist (d. 1884
  19. The notion of bilinear transformation above. Blue Velvet is a 1986 American, mystery ,film written and directed by David Lynch. The movie exhibits elements of both
  20. Condition. Camus included a dim-witted character misreading The Trial as a, mystery ,novel as an oblique homage. The novel has been read as a metaphorical treatment
  21. To institute a most searching inquisition in order to get at the bottom of the, mystery ,of the flight. On 18 February a" confession" was extorted from Alexei which
  22. Jesus’ immortal spirit did after His death and before His Resurrection is a, mystery ,to all but the Latter-day Saints ---" ( Elder Spencer J. Connie, Liahona
  23. The reign of Canute the Great. The owner of the codex before Powell remains a, mystery , The Beowulf manuscript itself is mentioned in name for the first time in a
  24. Story, feeling that flashbacks would be more suitable and that" unlocking the, mystery ," would become part of the storyline. He reasoned," You totally destroy your
  25. Every type of sexual act, as also the process of birth, lest falsehood fog, and, mystery , stupefy,their minds ... Politeness has forbidden any direct reference to the
  26. Efforts to support the paper industry. The result of this policy was an aura of, mystery , even a decade after the cabal mailing list disbanded in late 1988 following an
  27. Neither literally given by God nor any longer binding on Jews. Can there be any, mystery ,as to why one of history's boldest and most radical thinkers was sanctioned by
  28. Batman fans. In 2003,Lobe teamed with artist Jim Lee to work on another, mystery ,arc:" is subsequent run as writer on Batman, with another multi-issue epic,"
  29. Creative community. Blue Velvet was acknowledged as the eighth-best film in the, mystery ,genre. Premiere magazine listed Frank Booth, played by Dennis Hopper, as #54 on
  30. During this period he published 18 plays and 3 novels, including the murder, mystery ,The Red House Mystery (1922). His son was born in August 1920 and in 1924
  31. Hound is represented in books as well, including being featured in a series of, mystery ,novels by Nina Wright (Aura),and a talking Afghan Hound in David Rothman's
  32. Of light in even the largest telescopes and their shapes and terrain remained a, mystery , The best modern ground-based telescopes and the Earth-orbiting Hubble Space
  33. Would be changed into a stag — for the unlucky profanation of her virginity's, mystery , Upon hearing the call of his hunting party, he cried out to them and
  34. The islands are prominently featured in Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes, mystery , The Sign of the Four, as well as in M. M. Kaye's" Death in the Andaman's. "
  35. Jewel thief. The history of the Countess is, like Poirot's, steeped in, mystery , She claims to have been a member of the Russian aristocracy before the Russian
  36. The author introduces a different detective (or occasionally, a villain) from, mystery ,literature, television,or other media. April is the fourth month of the year
  37. It is unfortunate that many of the details of his life remain shrouded in, mystery , perhaps forever; even the only known picture of him, shown above, is heavily
  38. Ends with the (once again human) hero, Lucius,eager to be initiated into the, mystery ,cult of Isis; he abstains from forbidden foods, bathes and purifies himself. He
  39. A part of the Sac Prairie Saga, as well as an extension of Derleth's body of, mystery ,fiction. Robert Hood, writing in the New York Times said:" Steve and Sim, the
  40. Antimatter. The exact mechanism of this violation during baryogenesis remains a, mystery , Positrons can also be produced by radioactive decay, but this mechanism can
  41. S suicide were used as the basis for a lurid, highly fictionalized murder, mystery , Strip for Murder by Max Allan Collins. Another" feud" seemed to be looming
  42. Andrews),1920,starring Charlie Juggles (filmed in 1928); the famous, mystery ,play The Bat (with Mary Roberts Reinhart),1920 (filmed in 1926,1930 and
  43. Studied and wrote about the land, which Romans came to view as a place of, mystery , During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, Egyptian pagan culture was in
  44. Would collapse and society would fall apart. The novel includes elements of, mystery ,and science fiction, and it contains Rand's the most extensive statement of
  45. S Wisconsin Saga, which comprises several historical novels. Detective and, mystery ,fiction Detective fiction represented another substantial body of Derleth's
  46. Various accounts of the tragedy, is a Rashomon-like performance that critic and, mystery ,novelist Robert Barnard called the best of the Christie novels. Portrayals
  47. Cases of the past and reading detective novels. He even writes a book about, mystery ,fiction in which he deals sternly with Edgar Allan Poe and Wilkie Collins. In
  48. Nickname of New York Although the history of the Big Apple was once thought a, mystery , research over the past two decades, primarily by amateur etymologist Barry
  49. But a recognition of her role as enforcer of rules of sexual modesty and ritual, mystery , Even beyond recognition, the Athenians allotted the goddess value based on
  50. Series, but the efforts were unsuccessful and eventually withdrawn. Derleth's, mystery ,and detective fiction also included a series of works set in Sac Prairie and

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