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  1. At many points in time (time series observations),and at multiple, forecast ,horizons (a third dimension). Econometric analysis may also be classified on
  2. The total. In late 2004,sabotage significantly reduced oil output, and experts, forecast ,that output, hence exports, would be below capacity in 2005 as well. In 2004
  3. Structures supporting larger aircraft and increased frequent usage. It is, forecast ,that by 2012–15 regular domestic passenger services using 40–50 seat commuter
  4. Analysis – the study of price action in securities markets in order to, forecast ,future prices * Business analysis – involves identifying the needs and
  5. Nations combined form a majority of the population, at 62 %. The population is, forecast ,to grow to over 47 million people to 2060,nearly tripling It is estimated that
  6. Safety reasons. Main International Airports: International passenger traffic is, forecast ,to exceed 250,000 passengers for the year 2007. Annual growth, mostly of
  7. Atlantic Tracks at lower altitudes whose co-ordinates alter daily according to, forecast ,weather patterns. Concorde would also be cleared in a block, allowing for a
  8. In the organization, the election proceeded as scheduled. A second round was, forecast ,on 20 March 2011,and was conducted 27 March 2011. The general elections is
  9. Initially failed to meet predictions. In 1996,London and Continental Railways, forecast ,numbers would reach 21.4 million annually by 2004,but only 7.3 million was
  10. To meet the BAC or the EAC, should be accounted for by management in their, forecast ,of the final cost. For the CPI based on BAC (describing the
  11. Project generated reanalyses from September 1957 to August 2002. Operational, forecast ,model The ECM WF is best known in the United States for its global operational
  12. The computer modelling technique of numerical weather prediction (NWP) to, forecast ,the weather from its present measured state. The calculations require a
  13. In his campaigns, Charles was renowned for never doing what his enemies, forecast ,he would do, and for moving far faster than his opponents believed he could. It
  14. As well as global cocoa, chocolate,and sugar confectionery manufacturing, forecast ,to grow by 5.7 % and 10.0 % respectively during 2008 in response to soaring
  15. Conjunctions to be true—for example, whenever one is wrong about the weather, forecast , ) In addition to Moore's own work on the paradox, the puzzle also inspired a
  16. Which builds the Cessna piston-engined aircraft and the Cessna Mustang, was not, forecast ,to see any lay-offs, but one third of the workforce at the former Columbia
  17. Up 18.4 % from $23.4 billion in 2009 corresponding to a 2010 unit shipment, forecast ,of 674.6 million compared to 549.5 million units in 2009. Icons HDD's are
  18. For RDX production. By 1942 the Royal Air Force's annual requirement was, forecast ,to be of RDX, much of which came from North America (Canada and the US). A UK
  19. Of online information and knowledge and social networking. Online population, forecast ,A study conducted by JupiterResearch anticipates that a 38 percent increase in
  20. Has greatly expanded access to foreign exchange. The medium-term macroeconomic, forecast ,assumes political stability, successful economic stabilization, and the
  21. Continuously exceeded its birth rate. The Federal Statistical Office of Germany, forecast ,that the population will shrink to between 65 and 70 million by 2060 (
  22. The first quarter from a year earlier and last month, the IMF revised its 2009, forecast , for the country to 3-4 percent from 2.5 percent. Indonesia enjoyed stronger
  23. Or to construct or operate the same with full cognizance of their design; or to, forecast ,their behavior under specific operating conditions; all as respects an intended
  24. Crisis. This resulted from the massive revision of the 2009 budget deficit, forecast ,by the new Socialist government elected in October 2009,from" 6–8 %" (
  25. Searching: * weather – The weather conditions, temperature,wind, humidity,and, forecast , * numeric ranges – A set of numbers can be matched by using a double-dot
  26. On host fitness is not necessarily negative and, thus,becomes difficult to, forecast , Biogeography The word biogeography is an amalgamation of biology and geography
  27. Then the rest of the county with 92 people/km². The population for 2021 is, forecast ,to be 708,000. Ethnicity Ethnic white groups accounted for 98 % (662,794) of
  28. Amount from 2001,during two left-wing government cycles. According to an MNB, forecast ,however, until 2011,the deficit will by a small margin fall short of the 3.0 %
  29. For the period 2007–2013,representing 1.10 % and 1.05 % of the EU-27's GNI, forecast ,for the respective periods. By comparison, the United Kingdom's expenditure
  30. In the development of constitutional monarchies in Europe and Japan. His, forecast ,of the form of government suitable to the modern world may be seen as prophetic
  31. Greater things would eventually be found. He obtained enough to enable him to, forecast ,the discovery of written characters, till then not suspected in Aegean
  32. The UK Department of Transport. Current expectations place 2025 as the earliest, forecast ,date for the existing fleet replacement; it is highly likely that the new
  33. To 592,411 in 1986 but has increased since then. According to the demographic, forecast ,of the City of Frankfurt the population will reach the 700,000-mark in 2012 and
  34. Political theory and the Protestant Christian view of natural law. Hegel's, forecast ,of a constitutional monarch with very limited powers whose function is to
  35. Of $35,200 – 2009 estimate). The contributors to the GDP by sector (2010, forecast , ) are: *Government (including health and education) – 14.0 % *Communications
  36. Overseas visitors value for their currencies. Visitor arrivals for 2009 were, forecast ,to drop 8 % (which would be higher than 2007 levels),due to the worldwide
  37. Initial estimates suggested growth of about 15 % in 2001,according to IMF 2001, forecast , Per capita income grew from about $1,000 in 1998 to about $2,000 in 2000. The
  38. On these methods. # Studies of experimental asset markets and use of models to, forecast ,experiments. A strand of behavioral finance has been dubbed Quantitative
  39. Model The ECM WF is best known in the United States for its global operational, forecast ,model, known officially as the" Integrated Forecast System" but usually known
  40. Global warming. Also, scientists and researchers around the world use ECM WF’s, forecast ,products to monitor the environment and analyze climate change. Forecasts of
  41. Is made by agents, due to a stochastic shock, they will be unable to correctly, forecast ,the price level again even if the price level experiences no further shocks
  42. Less optimistic than London and Continental Railways's original 1996, forecast , The company cited several factors to support this objective, such as improved
  43. On 23 October 2010,the combined population of all 27 member states was, forecast ,at 501,064,211 as of 1 January 2010. It contains 16 cities with populations of
  44. Forecast Index (EFI) was developed as a tool to identify where the EPS, forecast ,distribution differs substantially from that of the model climate. It is an
  45. With respect to these missions. The budget of the national government was, forecast ,to be 288.8 billion Euro in 2005. This includes neither Social Security, nor
  46. And Atmospheric Administration, and directed a program for using satellites to, forecast ,the weather. He stayed there until 1964. He told Time magazine in 1969 that he
  47. As the" ECM WF" or" Euro ". The model runs both in a" deterministic, forecast ," mode and as an ensemble. The ECM WF model runs every 12 hours and forecast s
  48. Price includes the days remaining until departure, the booked load factor,the, forecast ,of total demand by price point, competitive pricing in force, and variations by
  49. Which was one of the highest in the world relative to GDP and public debt was, forecast , according to some estimates, to hit 120 % of GDP during 2010,one of the
  50. To the June 2009 update of the Cisco Visual Networking Index IP traffic, forecast , by 2013,annual global IP traffic will reach two-thirds of a zettabyte or 667

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