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  1. He had observed how efficiently Carnegie produced profit. He envisioned an, integrated ,steel industry that would cut costs, lower prices to consumers, produce in
  2. There are also a few parts of both medieval city walls left, most of them, integrated ,into more recent buildings, but some others still visible. There are even five
  3. The Sturmgeschütz III used a new casemate-style superstructure with an, integrated ,design similar to the later Jagdpanzer. It became the single most-produced
  4. The solution to technological problems lies in better technology, such as, integrated ,pest management, waste treatment technologies, landscape architecture, genomics
  5. That may be shamanistic or, more often (as with Santa Dame and the UV), integrated , with Christianity. Both Santa Dame and UNIDO do Vegetal now have members and
  6. In the OS. Soon after this change, most production models became TFS, with an, integrated ,single- (520STF/512 KB RAM) or double-sided (1040STF/1024 KB RAM) double
  7. Monitoring and management. Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) are, integrated ,with aircraft management computers to give maintainers early warnings of parts
  8. One of the major educational pillars in the region, to the level that it has, integrated ,itself into culture. Some notable poets include Rum, Rabi'a Balk hi, Sanai
  9. India has an active ABM development effort using locally developed and, integrated ,radars, and local missiles. In November 2006,India successfully conducted the
  10. Moonwalkers kicked up gray dust which soiled the outer part of their suits,the, integrated ,thermal meteoroid garment. They deployed the EASE, which included a passive
  11. Urban planning. The newer suburban areas as a whole, however,are not as, integrated ,into the urban layout as much as older areas, and therefore place more stress
  12. Standard availability. In April 2007,AMD announced the release of the M690T, integrated , graphics chipset for embedded designs. This enabled AMD to offer complete
  13. We discuss the conscience of this nation. " Others, however,see al-Qaeda as an, integrated ,network that is strongly led from the Pakistani tribal areas and has a powerful
  14. That will need replacement. The Integrated Modular Avionics concept proposes an, integrated ,architecture with application software portable across an assembly of common
  15. Later designs feature the Motorola 68040 and Motorola 68060. Both CPUs feature, integrated ,Opus and Imus. Many CPU accelerator cards also had integrated SCSI controllers.
  16. Closing of the acquisition, NYSE Euronext announced that the Exchange would be, integrated ,with the Alter next European small-cap exchange and renamed the NYSE Alter next
  17. The book A Programming Language) is an interactive array-oriented language and, integrated ,development environment which is available from a number of commercial and
  18. With the Minuteman Missile System, the driving force behind early research into, integrated ,circuits. The fuel cell developed for this program was the first practical fuel
  19. Went out of business in 2001. American purchased Reno Air in February 1999 and, integrated ,its operations on August 31, 1999,but did not resume hub operations in San
  20. Of organic farming has renewed research in alternative technologies such as, integrated ,pest management and selective breeding. Recent mainstream technological
  21. In both button and piano forms became a favorite of folk musicians and has been, integrated ,into traditional music styles all over the world: see the list of traditional
  22. Both CPUs feature integrated Opus and Imus. Many CPU accelerator cards also had, integrated ,SCSI controllers. Phase5 designed the Power UP boards (Blizzard PPC and
  23. Tape drive that could be powered off the main unit's 5V voltage, the CPC664's, integrated ,floppy disk drive requires an additional 12V voltage. This voltage had to be
  24. 128 KB of memory. Their computer-in-a-keyboard design prominently features an, integrated ,storage device, either a compact cassette deck or 3" floppy disk drive. The
  25. People in Central Asia identify as Arabs. Most Arabs of Central Asia are fully, integrated ,into local populations, and sometimes call themselves the same as locals (for
  26. With a Braille or QWERTY keyboard and synthetic speech. Some models have an, integrated ,Braille display. * Braille embosser. Embosses Braille output from a computer by
  27. Byzantine) control until the Slavic migrations of the 7th century, and was, integrated ,into the Bulgarian Empire in the 9th century. The territorial nucleus of the
  28. Community supported agriculture, ecological or biological agriculture, integrated ,farming and holistic management, as well as an increased trend towards
  29. The basis for alternative remedies, may comprise primary healthcare or be, integrated ,into the healthcare system. In Africa, traditional medicine is used for 80 % of
  30. Unit, control flow in the form of conditional branching and loops, and, integrated , memory,making it the first Turing-complete design for a general-purpose
  31. Many were furloughed, and most remain on furlough. The senior TWA captains were, integrated ,at the same seniority level as AA captains hired years later. All TWA captains
  32. Algebra, and close analogues of the methods of algebraic topology, all in an, integrated ,way. He is also noted for his mastery of abstract approaches to mathematics and
  33. By posterity. The oldest undisputed evidence of the use of astrology as an, integrated ,system of knowledge is therefore attributed to the records of the first dynasty
  34. Leipzig 1827. Some fragments quoted by ancient scholars were able to be, integrated ,by scholars in the nineteenth century. Thus, for example two separate quotes by
  35. Some market popularity in Canada. The ST was also the first home computer with, integrated ,MIDI support. Thanks to its built-in MIDI, it enjoyed success for running
  36. School year. By the fall of 1959,the Little Rock high schools were completely, integrated , Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States, was born in Hope
  37. The peace agreement, troops from both armies were to be demilitarized and then, integrated , Integration was never completed as UNITS went back to war in 1992. Later
  38. Is difficult to know exactly what Alfred meant by this. He appended rather than, integrated ,the laws of INE into his code, and although he included, as had Æthelbert, a
  39. American Revolution. Africans and Englishmen fought side by side and were fully, integrated , James Armistead, an African American, played a large part in making possible
  40. Carnegie made his fortune in the steel industry, controlling the most extensive, integrated ,iron and steel operations ever owned by an individual in the United States. One
  41. Educational environment. This academic initiative, named the Acadia Advantage, integrated ,the use of notebook computers into the undergraduate curriculum and featured
  42. AGP interface standard used by Sis for the north bridge controllers with, integrated ,graphics. The original version supports same bandwidth as AGP 8x,while
  43. In India. It is also home to Ramon Film City which is the world’s largest, integrated ,film studio complex at over 2,000 acres (8.1 km2) of land. Prolific film
  44. Consonants, words,and word combinations; their gestures are less often, integrated ,with words. Autistic children are less likely to make requests or share
  45. Central four-storied circular building (with a café for 3,000 sitting people, integrated ,) surrounded by extensive landscape (with parking mainly underground and the
  46. Of their own in-flight systems. Modern displays allow weather information to be, integrated ,with moving maps, terrain,traffic, etc. onto a single screen, greatly
  47. Of arsenic. Gallium arsenide is an important semiconductor material, used in, integrated ,circuits. Circuits made from Gas are much faster (but also much more
  48. Nearly 20 % of Amsterdam's inhabitants in 1700. Being Calvinists, they soon, integrated ,into the Dutch Reformed Church, though often retaining their own congregations.
  49. Manufacturing facilities are located in Dresden, Germany. Additionally, highly, integrated , microprocessors are manufactured in Taiwan made by third-party manufacturers
  50. Medicine with an emphasis on prevention and lifestyle changes is known as, integrated ,medicine. History The use of plants as medicines predates written human history

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