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  1. Emo, a Venetian admiral, and a small model of a cenotaph for Horatio Nelson, besides ,a great variety of monumental reliefs such as the Style Tahini in the Chapel
  2. Atlanta between 1991 and 1993,154 (68 %) had an additional disability, besides ,visual impairment. Tested the effect of using gene therapy to help restore the
  3. In which many of the unintelligible names of the Abrasax-stones reappear, besides ,directions for making and using gems with similar figures and formulas for
  4. Many dear ones, to not a few Brooklyn Nets, New Yorkers, and promiscuous crowds, besides , For it was here you started to go down the island, in summer. For years, it
  5. Atropine, nicotine,and morphine. This group also includes some alkaloids that, besides ,nitrogen hetero cycle contain terpene (e.g., evonine) or peptide fragments (
  6. S use of Suetonius, and exhibits a true poetic gift. Of the shorter poems, besides ,the greeting to Pippin on his return from the campaign against the Avers (796
  7. Time to build up appreciable levels of metallicity (levels of elements, besides ,hydrogen and helium) especially carbon, by nucleosynthesis. Small rocky
  8. Language Sing spiel troupe. For Joseph and his supports of Imperial reform, besides ,encouraging any first buddings of pan-national pride that would unite his
  9. Augustus appealed to virtues of Roman patriotism by banning all other attire, besides ,the classic toga while entering the Forum. There was no precedent within the
  10. Pathogens. Like the other members of the family, Orbiviruses which encompass, besides ,BTV, the agents causing African horse sickness (AHS) and epizootic
  11. Two variants of the metal's name are in current use, aluminium and aluminum (, besides ,the obsolete aluminum). The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (
  12. And winter books). They are among the only few specialty beers that existed, besides ,lager for a long time. Microbreweries may prefer to seasonally brew a bomber
  13. And research center, Arc en Eve, still the most prestigious in France, besides ,Paris IFA. Bordeaux offers many cinemas, theatres and is the home
  14. Family, the Albanerpetontidae, is now considered part of the Lissamphibia, besides ,the super order Salient. Furthermore, Salientia includes all three recent
  15. The Archaeological Survey of India. His main interests were Sancho and Sarah, besides ,Harappa and Mohenjo-daro. Sir Alexander Cunningham, a British archaeologist and
  16. In the United States, Ásatrú Alliance, Ásatrú Folk Assembly and The Troth, besides ,numerous smaller or regional associations. Historically, the main dispute
  17. This position became the highest political achievement for any equestrian, besides ,becoming Prefect of the Praetorian Guard. The highly productive agricultural
  18. Be entirely corrected. This, and related general questions, have been treated —, besides ,the above-mentioned authors — by M. These (Berlin. Aka. Sitter.,1890
  19. Richest grave of all was explored at Mafia in Laconic in 1889,and yielded, besides ,many gems and miscellaneous goldsmiths' work, two golden goblets chased with
  20. Chile and Bolivia have with each other. However, Brazil is the only country, besides ,China and Russia that has land borders with 10 or more nations. Moreover
  21. 771 municipalities (municipals). Among the more important Andalusian cities, besides ,the provincial capitals are: * La Line de la Concepción, Algeciras, San Roque
  22. Sniper by its people. In Medieval Greek, the country's name is Albania (), besides ,variants Albania, Arbanitia. The name may be derived from the Syrian tribe
  23. And a currently unnamed French allosaur accepted as possible valid genera, besides ,Allosaurus in the most recent review. He later decided it deserved its own
  24. The" Herbs" are receiving major upgrades, receiving a full glass cockpit, besides ,many other modifications. The first upgraded C-130 entering operational service
  25. Albert Hall followed by a CD release of the New York recordings. Since 1983, besides , Chess and Kristina Fran Guatemala, Benny Andersson has continued writing songs
  26. Teaches all men everywhere against our people and our law and this place. And, besides , he has brought Greeks into the temple area and defiled this holy place' " ()
  27. Measures taken during his kingship include: representatives of the commons, besides ,the nobility and clergy, were involved in governance; the end of preventive
  28. Made a number of other contributions to the development of evolutionary theory, besides ,being co-discoverer of natural selection. These included the concept of warning
  29. It" probable that this method is the same that Archimedes followed, since, besides , being very accurate, it is based on demonstrations found by Archimedes himself.
  30. Drying. Taxonomy The term" bay leaf" is used to refer to several other plants, besides ,the leaves of L. nobility. These include: *California bay leaf - the leaf of the
  31. Nature a corresponding relation to one of the human psychic faculties, besides ,It's well determined chemical and physical potencies when coming in contact with
  32. Of 51 % of enterprises; under the Plan, most state owned enterprises (SOEs), besides , mines,were sold. This privatization of SOEs led to innovative neoliberal
  33. Solutions like Bismuth salicylate. * Opioids' classical use, besides ,pain relief is as an anti-diarrhoeal drug. Opioids have agonist actions on the
  34. The musicians had the highest suicide rate of anyone in the camps, besides ,Sonderkommandos. Name "/IN"> compositions"/> The group selected to die, about
  35. Are" full-blown" alcoholics. Along with Nancy Shut, Peele has advocated that, besides ,AA, other options should be available to problem drinkers who can manage their
  36. To get response, with Pierre-Alphonse Laurent being the first mathematician, besides ,Cauchy, making a substantial contribution (his Laurent series published in
  37. And stylizing of the text. These illuminations were applied to other works, besides ,the Quran, and it became a respected art form in and of itself. Indian
  38. Of Calabria (Calabrian Amphitryon, ca. 8th century BC),which included, besides ,Regina, Athens,the Minoan (Boeotian) Orchomenus, Troezen, Hermione,Natalia
  39. Of the Apostles John and Paul. Also, worth noting is the fact that others, besides ,the twelve Apostles and Saint Paul are called" Apostles" in the New Testament
  40. Who had been sent to him for virtuous education, had been brought up, besides ,others of a lesser rank, whom he fitted for the universities. His table
  41. The 2009 movie Amphetamine plays on the double meaning of the word in Chinese -, besides ,the name for the drug it also means 'isn't this his fate? ' Which figuratively
  42. And life, meaning and vanity—seemingly arriving at no definitive conclusions, besides ,humility, ignorance,and grace. Rolling these into one he develops Pascal's
  43. United States Constitution. Robert Morris (Pennsylvania) was the only person, besides ,Sherman to sign three of the great state papers of the United States: the
  44. Of Tiberius. Tiberius falsely accused Agrippina of planning to take sanctuary, besides ,the image of Augustus or with the Roman Army abroad. Agrippina and her sons
  45. To the nation. He would entertain as many as 500 persons of rank at one time, besides ,relieving the poor of the vicinity twice a week. He had his country houses and
  46. Apollo spacecraft, including the third critical piece of Apollo hardware, besides ,the Command/Service Module (CSM) and the Saturn V launch vehicle—the Lunar
  47. Of the upper torso as he had done, in anticipation of many other activities, besides ,speech. Alexander believed his work could be applied to improve individual
  48. The census, though some still might exist. The only Ainu speakers remaining (, besides ,perhaps a few partial speakers) live solely in Japan. There, they are
  49. In around 1027. In 1046, he was named to the Bishopric of Worcester. Alfred, besides ,his episcopal duties, served Edward the Confessor, the King of England, as a
  50. However, as he never left his region of Germany nor did he study any cultures, besides ,his own, and in fact, describes the need for anthropology as a corollary field

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