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  1. S council claimed that Teach's presence was a crisis and that under a, statute ,of William III the governor was entitled to try Howard without a jury present.
  2. Had been prevented by the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War from adopting a, statute ,of autonomy during the period of the Second Spanish Republic. Article 1 of the
  3. Used as a test for the disaffected. In England, it was first imposed by, statute ,in the reign of Elizabeth I of England (1558) and its form has more than once
  4. In most but not all modern states the constitution has supremacy over ordinary, statute ,law (see Uncodified constitution below); in such states when an official act
  5. United States, the basic law of contracts, torts and property do not exist in, statute , but only in common law (though there may be isolated modifications enacted by
  6. An answer to the wide autonomy claim of the residents. Navarre has a separate, statute ,of autonomy, also based on the historical medieval charters. Until recently
  7. Allow a lawsuit for the wrongful death of a loved one. Where a wrongful death, statute ,exists, the compensation or other remedy available is limited to the remedy
  8. Of marriages did not abolish pre-existing common-law marriage, because the, statute ,did not affirmatively require statutory solemnization and was silent as to
  9. Over ordinary statute law. That is, if there is any conflict between a legal, statute ,and the codified constitution, all or part of the statute can be declared ultra
  10. Other Commonwealth realms, whether by willing deference to the act as a British, statute ,or as a repatriated part of the particular realm's constitution. Since the
  11. Tort in English common law; thus, any jurisdiction that lacks a wrongful death, statute ,will not allow a lawsuit for the wrongful death of a loved one. Where a
  12. Of pre-existing common law. (Codification is the process of enacting a, statute ,that collects and restates pre-existing law in a single document—when that
  13. Its implications),the Act of Settlement is probably the most significant, statute ,in English history ". Kingdom of Great Britain The Act of Settlement was, in
  14. Penalties for the following activities, unless authorized by regulation or, statute ,: *the introduction into Antarctica of non-indigenous plants and animals *the
  15. Law dates back 800 years: In 1275,in England, as part of the rape law,a, statute , Westminster 1,made it a misdemeanor to" ravish" a" maiden within age,"
  16. Rock the Boat ". The case was dismissed because of New York's wrongful death, statute ,only permitting certain people to recover damages for wrongful death. Aftermath
  17. Unreasonable physical punishment may be charged as assault or under a separate, statute ,for child abuse. Many countries, including some US states, also permit the use
  18. The powers to review administrative decisions are usually established by, statute , but were originally developed from the royal prerogative writs of English law
  19. To the procedures for adopting legislation. Sometimes the problem is not that a, statute ,is unconstitutional, but the application of it is, on a particular occasion
  20. The bank's administration and compliance with the law, regulations and the, statute , Appointment The Directorate's term of office lasts six years and is renewable
  21. A circuit court ruling has determined that McCarran-Ferguson requires a state, statute ,rather than administrative interpretations. Timeliness and the Non-Existence of
  22. New common law crimes, and that there must always be a (constitutional), statute , defining the offense and the penalty for it. Still, many states retain selected
  23. Example, the Supreme Court of the United States in 1877,held that a Michigan, statute ,that established rules for solemnization of marriages did not abolish
  24. Especial) when a judgement of a court of second instance offends a federal, statute ,disposition or when two or more second instance courts make different rulings
  25. Dissolute and gamesters. The word" bowls" occurs for the first time in the, statute ,of 1511 in which Henry VIII confirmed previous enactments against unlawful
  26. Refused to permit the jury to determine the constitutionality of a federal, statute , Cal lender was convicted, and Chase fined him $200 and sentenced him to nine
  27. Or other remedy available is limited to the remedy specified in the, statute ,(typically, an upper limit on the amount of damages). Courts generally
  28. Liable in some civil rights cases. Fee awards under this civil rights, statute ,are considered" equitable relief" rather than damages, and government
  29. Between a legal statute and the codified constitution, all or part of the, statute ,can be declared ultra vires by a court, and struck down as unconstitutional. In
  30. Consumer, or franchise dispute; or (2) a dispute arising under any, statute ,intended to protect civil rights or to regulate contracts or transactions
  31. These may have been multiples of the customary acre, rather than the, statute ,acre. Other acres * Scottish acre, one of a number of obsolete Scottish units
  32. Constitutes the crime of robbery exists only in the common law, and the robbery, statute ,only sets the punishment. Virginia Code section 1-200 establishes the continued
  33. Codified constitutions normally give the constitution supremacy over ordinary, statute ,law. That is, if there is any conflict between a legal statute and the codified
  34. The date of the finding. It was never" law ", even though, if it had been a, statute ,or statutory provision, it might have been adopted according to the procedures
  35. Two or more second instance courts make different rulings on the same federal, statute , There are parallel courts for labor law, electoral law and military law. The
  36. Authority of courts to define what the law is, even in absence of an underlying, statute , e.g., most criminal law and procedural law before the 20th century, and even
  37. The Board of Directors is elected by the shareholders according to the bank, statute , The word British is an adjective referring in various ways to the United
  38. Consists of 15 elected members, including the mayor and deputy mayor. A special, statute ,requires that the mayor and a majority of the municipal council be Christian
  39. Of Common Prayer. The rights fall outside the scope of copyright as defined in, statute ,law. Instead, they fall under the purview of the royal prerogative and as such
  40. Of bankruptcies throughout the United States. " The Congress has enacted, statute ,law governing bankruptcy, primarily in the form of the Bankruptcy Code, located
  41. Affirmed. Ability to appeal An appeal as of right is one that is guaranteed by, statute ,or some underlying constitutional or legal principle. The appellate court
  42. Day. Hunting on Sunday is prohibited. Massachusetts also has a" Day of Rest ", statute ,that provides that all employees are entitled to one day off from work in seven
  43. Government and autonomous legislature within its own political-administrative, statute ,and organic law. Its governmental organs include: the Legislative Assembly, a
  44. For you, if you only knew. " The Statute of Bankrupts of 1542 was the first, statute ,under English law dealing with bankruptcy or for anyone who became bankrupt
  45. In the 1980s,the ACLU filed suit to challenge the Arkansas 1981 creationism, statute , which required the teaching in public schools of the biblical account of
  46. But only in common law (though there may be isolated modifications enacted by, statute ,). As another example, the Supreme Court of the United States in 1877,held
  47. Often leave a number of terms and fine distinctions unstated—for example,a, statute ,might be very brief, leaving the precise definition of terms unstated, under
  48. Dissolution are contested in the Indian legal system. There is no regulation or, statute ,legislated upon bankruptcy which denotes a condition of inability to meet a
  49. S contributions to the law, the University of Houston Law Center displays a, statute ,of Albert us Magnus. It is located on the campus of the University of Houston.
  50. Presiding at trial, denied Lyon's defense of unconstitutionality of the, statute , fined Lyon $1,000 and sentenced him to four months in prison. While in prison

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