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  1. He becomes the new staff cook, to prove his friendship he secures two pounds of, sugar ,for Bauer and half a pound of butter for Jaden. Detering is a farmer
  2. Was outlawed. Research * Topiramate, a derivative of the naturally occurring, sugar ,monosaccharide D-fructose, has been found effective in helping alcoholics quit
  3. RNR) enzymes on their corresponding ribonucleotides. These enzymes reduce the, sugar ,residue from ribose to deoxyribose by removing oxygen from the 2' hydroxyl
  4. 3rd edition 2009,ISBN 0-9779-5202-9. Reactions Ascorbic acid resembles the, sugar ,from which it is derived, being a ring containing much oxygen functional groups
  5. Of the $2 billion agricultural economy, is supplemented by canola, barley,rye, sugar ,beets, and other mixed farming. Agriculture has a significant position in the
  6. Where they accelerate host-cell metabolism by generating immediately available, sugar ,and oxygen through photosynthesis using incident light and the carbon dioxide
  7. Gingerbread (), which is sweetened with honey, Printen are sweetened with, sugar , Today, a soft version is sold under the same name which follows an entirely
  8. some now-more-available chemical to Walter Norman Hayworth, a British, sugar ,chemist. In 1933,working with the then-Assistant Director of Research (later
  9. Structure Antibodies are heavy (~150 DA) globular plasma proteins. They have, sugar ,chains added to some of their amino acid residues. In other words, antibodies
  10. Are usually stuffed or covered with dunce de Lethe, which is made of milk and, sugar , The latter can be usually eaten alone or on top of cakes, alfajores
  11. Is the Food and Drug Administration's minimum for approval. What's more,the, sugar ,pills, or placebos, cause profound changes in the same areas of the brain
  12. Of a purine base (adenine) attached to the 1' carbon atom of a Penrose, sugar ,(ribose). Three phosphate groups are attached at the 5' carbon atom of the
  13. The New World to the Old, and several varieties of wheat, spices,coffee, and, sugar , cane going from the Old World to the New. The most important animal exportation
  14. When heated and loses much of its sweetness. Aspartame is also one of the main, sugar ,substitutes used by people with diabetes. NutraSweet Company In 1984,Monsanto
  15. Solutions. Ants classified as pests include the pavement ant, yellow crazy ant, sugar ,ants, the Pharaoh ant, carpenter ants, Argentine ant, odorous house ants, red
  16. interconvert ATP, ADP and AMP. When ATP is used in DNA synthesis, the ribose, sugar ,is first converted to deoxyribose by ribonucleotide reductase. ATP was
  17. In neighboring churches on festival days (resulting in the loss of his beloved, sugar ,), and he also recounted being chastised by his father after failing to greet a
  18. Crops include barley, corn,cotton, various fruits, grapes,opium poppies, sugar ,beets, roses,and tobacco. There also is extensive grazing throughout the
  19. That in the majority of trials conducted by drug companies in recent decades, sugar ,pills have done as well as—or better than—antidepressants. Companies have had
  20. Which rather than brewed is boiled and served, as coffee or tea, with milk or, sugar ,to taste. Other typical drinks include wine (occasionally mixed with
  21. Sea. Aspartame (APM; or) is an artificial, non-saccharide sweetener used as a, sugar ,substitute in some foods and beverages. In the European Union, it is codified
  22. Other widely consumed spirits are aguardiente (firewater) made from, sugar ,cane, known as can Nevada (" burnt cane" ) or, simply,can (" cane" ). (
  23. Millilux created the technique for converting sugar cane juice into white, sugar ,crystals. Moreover, Rillieux left Louisiana in 1854 and went to France, where
  24. Bitumen can now be made from non-petroleum based renewable resources such as, sugar , molasses and rice, corn and potato starches. Bitumen can also be made from
  25. Are produced in several ways: * By fermentation using glucose produced from, sugar ,from the hydrolysis of starch, in the presence of yeast and temperature of less
  26. Artificial sweetener, is approximately 200 times sweeter than sucrose, or table, sugar , Due to this property, even though aspartame produces four kilocalories of
  27. Often find colonists consuming whiskey, as they did not have similar access to, sugar ,cane. They did have ready access to corn and rye, which they used to produce
  28. Airport),held by Mikey Limited # Various basic foodstuffs such as rice, sugar , wheat, cooking oil and (a. k. a. " LFI Same" ) a figure close to the
  29. Bread),which originally came from Paraguay. As regards products made with, sugar , the Mason fruit (Masonville) jam is typical of the province of Oriented.
  30. Properties ATP consists of adenosine — composed of an adenine ring and a ribose, sugar ,— and three phosphate groups (triphosphate). The phosphorus groups, starting
  31. Aspartame" or" with sugar and sweetener (s) " on" foods that contain both, sugar ,and sweetener ". In Canada, foods that contain aspartame are legally required
  32. Academic terms (like Uyghur mental" logic" ), economic items (like English, sugar ,) to placeholders (like Spanish Fulani" so-and-so" ) and everyday
  33. Which matches a regular expression against a string. As handy syntactic, sugar , /regexp/ without using the tilde operator matches against the current record.
  34. Product name' on foods that contain" sweeteners such as aspartame" or" with, sugar ,and sweetener (s) " on" foods that contain both sugar and sweetener ". In
  35. With subsequent addition of alcohol (usually vodka or grain alcohol), sugar , coloring and flavoring. Such drinks are legally classified as beers in
  36. Spicy sauce, made from soy sauce, corn starch, vinegar,chicken broth, and, sugar , * Chinese chicken salad — it usually contains sliced and/or shredded chicken
  37. Added in an attempt to make them 'healthy '. Sweeteners, such as corn syrup or, sugar ,is added to bread making it often unpleasant for foreigners to eat. Regional
  38. Paper and fabrics. Chemically, agar is a polymer made up of subunits of the, sugar ,galactose. Agar polysaccharides serve as the primary structural support for the
  39. Cotton, hazard,jar, jasmine,lemon, loofah,magazine, mattress,sherbet, sofa, sugar , sumac, tariff and many other words. Other languages such as Maltese and King
  40. Algae, many vertebrates and by a few bacteria starting from certain sugar s and, sugar ,alcohols, such as D-fructose via Legalese or L-galactose (e.g. plants)
  41. Would recall little from his childhood in later years except a passion for, sugar , reading and music. He twice ran away from home without permission to hear his
  42. With barley syrup (orgeat syrup) or in a syrup of orange flower water and, sugar , The Grocer's Encyclopedia (1911) notes that" Ten parts of sweet almonds
  43. Name) * Ada (food),an Indian food made with rice, coconut powder mix, and, sugar , * Ada or Ardor: A Family Chronicle, a 1969 novel by Vladimir Nabokov * ADA
  44. Scarce. Many citizens traveled to the countryside to forage. Dogs, cats,raw, sugar ,beets, and Tulip bulbs—cooked to a pulp—were consumed to stay alive. Most of
  45. Three phosphate groups are attached at the 5' carbon atom of the Penrose, sugar , It is the addition and removal of these phosphate groups that interconvert
  46. Counted 136 million m³. In some lands it is profitable to grow grain, potatoes, sugar , beets,cotton and tobacco. Livestock, dairy products, and wine and spirits are
  47. Especially Spanish and Italian. Among them are commonly used words like ", sugar ," (Sukkur)," cotton" () and" magazine" (). English words more
  48. International innovation. Norbert Millilux created the technique for converting, sugar ,cane juice into white sugar crystals. Moreover, Rillieux left Louisiana in 1854
  49. May have undergone some selective cultivation, including wild rice and maple, sugar , The most common varieties of strawberry were domesticated from Eastern North
  50. Through a metal or cane straw called a Bonilla. Mate can be sweetened with, sugar , or flavored with aromatic herbs or dried orange peel to hide its bitter

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