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  1. A cylindrical shape during the forming stage. On the bark portion, the reed, maker ,binds on three coils or loops of brass wire to aid in the final forming process
  2. Of Capitalism, but often turned against him when they saw him as a trouble, maker , For example, in 1965 Ginsberg was deported from Cuba for publicly protesting
  3. The next Blu-Tack advert" that will be used for their 2010 campaign film, maker ,competition. Similar products In South Africa Blu-Tack is commonly known as "
  4. Was founded in 1729 by the merchant Robert Gordon, grandson of the map, maker ,Robert Gordon of Stretch, and was further endowed in 1816 by Alexander Simpson
  5. Inserted in between the blades. Using a special pair of pliers, the reed, maker ,presses down the cane, making it conform to the shape of the mandrel. (The
  6. Soaked once again it is folded over in the middle. Prior to soaking, the reed, maker ,will have lightly scored the bark with parallel lines with a knife; this
  7. And was already marketing it as a" zither-banjo. ") In the late 1890s Banjo, maker ,F. C Wilkes developed a 6-string version of the banjo with the 6th string "
  8. Success cemented the firm's future as an upper tier performance car, maker , New Class four-doors with numbers ending in" 0" were replaced by the larger
  9. Later established paint manufacturer Alba (1925),chemical and fertilizer, maker ,Campania Quick, and textile maker Graph (1932),among others; by the late
  10. Of his statement is questioned. ) Geronimo Amati (Hieronymus II) The last, maker ,of the family was Nicolo's son, Girolamo Amati, known as Hieronymus II (
  11. Roy and Sebastian enter Tyrell's penthouse. Roy demands more life from his, maker , but Tyrell explains that a way to accomplish this was never found. Roy asks
  12. Rigel (1923-) German entrepreneur who has owned and operated confectionery, maker ,Harbor. Ballroom dance refers to a set of partner dances, which are enjoyed
  13. Alba (1925),chemical and fertilizer maker Campania Quick, and textile, maker ,Graph (1932),among others; by the late 1920s,the company's annual export
  14. Changes in ownership. In July 1996,Atari merged with JTS Inc., a short-lived, maker ,of hard disk drives, to form JTS Corp. Atari's role in the new company largely
  15. Was capable of producing 300,000 cwt of brass per year. In 1723 Bristol brass, maker ,Nehemiah Champion patented the use of granulated copper, produced by pouring
  16. Being prone to ink-leakage in the decreased atmospheric pressure. Ever sharp,a, maker ,of mechanical pencils, teamed up with Eberhard Faber in May 1945 to license the
  17. Performer turned director Dorothy (Lottie) Manner, and a half brother, violin, maker , William Morning. Manner has Pennsylvania Dutch ancestry; one of her
  18. A shorter statement of belief that, for instance, did not include the phrase ", maker ,of heaven and earth ", a phrase that may have been inserted only in the 7th
  19. Neurosurgery pioneer (d. 1946) *1888 – Hans Richter, Swiss painter, film, maker , graphic artist and avant-garde (d. 1976) * 1888 – Gerhard Ritter, German
  20. West Germany. This has now become the backbone of the city's energy grid. Car, maker ,Daimler AG and the electric utility, RWE AG, are going to begin a joint
  21. Boeing and Air New Zealand are collaborating with leading Brazilian biofuels, maker ,Techno and Aqua flow Economic of New Zealand and other jet biofuel developers
  22. In June 2011,Apple overtook Nokia to become the world's the biggest smartphone, maker ,by volume. Most recently, on the 4th of October, Apple unveiled the iPhone 4S
  23. Enjoyed assembling Heath kits, completing more than 100 and often visiting their, maker ,in Benton Harbor, Michigan to buy more, before the company exited the kit
  24. 1898–1985),a banker and artist, later known as" Ian Hugo" when he became a, maker ,of experimental films in the late 1940s. The couple moved to Paris the
  25. Model of computation used in theoretical computer science *Amateur telescope, maker , person engaged in the hobby of Amateur telescope making *Amateur Telescope
  26. African singer (Hawk wind) (b. 1945) * 1988 – Enzo Ferrari, Italian car, maker ,(b. 1898) *1989 – Ricky Berry, American basketball player (b. 1964) *1991 –
  27. Includes" he descended to the dead. ": I believe in God the Father Almighty, :, maker , of heaven and earth;: And in Jesus Christ his only Son our Lord:: who was
  28. S instruments, by and large they are inferior and no match for the greatest, maker ,of his day, Antonio Stradivari. Extant Amati instruments * Amati instruments at
  29. In the shareholders; if they elected and put up with an incompetent decision, maker , they should not have recourse to complain. However, a more modern approach has
  30. Andean developed a standardized balalaika made with the assistance of violin, maker ,V. Ivanov. A few years later St. Petersburg craftsman Passersby made a
  31. Kellogg Company *American Austin Car Company,short-lived American automobile, maker ,Vessels *USS Austin (1839),a sloop-of-war (originally in the Texas Navy)
  32. Eliminated PVC and Bars across its product range, becoming the first laptop, maker ,to remove PVC and Bars. In Greenpeace's Guide to Greener Electronics that
  33. Entertainment company based in New York City, USA * Atlas Model Railroad, maker ,of scale railroad models * Atlas Press (tool company) of Kalamazoo, Michigan
  34. And technologies Graphics products After acquiring the graphics processor, maker ,ATI Technologies in 2006,AMD restructured some of its combined product lines.
  35. Gay. In Popism, furthermore,the artist recalls a conversation with the film, maker ,Emile de Antonio about the difficulty Warhol had being accepted socially by the
  36. Since the 15th century. In fact, the predecessor company of the most famous, maker ,of billiard cloth, Iwan Simon is, was formed in 1453. Bar or tavern tables
  37. Color-coded connectors for easy identification by both installer and cable, maker , All three connectors are different from one another. The blue (host)
  38. In a much different light: Ben Franklin is revered as the continent's finest ", maker ,", George Washington was executed at the hands of an English army, and " Tom "
  39. a million Proposed Settlement. The lawsuit won the claim that pharmaceutical, maker ,GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) promoted Pail or Pail CR for prescription to children
  40. The Sacramental Rite of Baptism:: Do you believe in God, the Father almighty, maker ,of heaven and earth?: Do you believe in Jesus Christ, His only son, our Lord
  41. d. 1708) *1663 – Guillaume Amnions, French physicist and instrument, maker ,(d. 1705) *1721 – George Harvey,2nd Earl of Bristol, British statesman (d.
  42. The exact placement of these loops can vary somewhat depending on the reed, maker , The bound reed blank is then wrapped with thick cotton or linen thread to
  43. Softwood, generally spruce but sometimes pine. In former times the Alford, maker ,would find a tree bent at the base in the shape of an Alford, but modern
  44. French artist (d. 1806) *1752 – Sébastien Gerard, French musical instruments, maker ,(d. 1831) *1769 – Sir Thomas Hardy,1st Baronet Royal Navy Vice-Admiral and
  45. Steel Clydesdale Works in Mos send, Clyde Alloy in Nether ton and equipment, maker ,Anderson Strathclyde. Demolition of the site's landmark blue gasometer in 1996
  46. Members Andrea Amati (ca. 1505 – ca. 1578) was not the earliest, maker ,of violins whose instruments still survive today. Indeed, he seems more or less
  47. A bell-shape using templates, machine tools, handtools, and blueprints. The, maker ,cuts out the bell blank, using hand or power shears. He hammers the blank over
  48. Of small railroad locomotives ** Polar Atlas, historic Swedish diesel, maker , later part of Atlas Coco * Atlas Drop Forge Company, a parts subsidiary of
  49. Manufacturing airplane parts and was sold to Hispano-Suiza (another auto, maker ,turned aircraft supplier) in 1963. SNECMA took over in 1968,later acquiring
  50. Morgan was a banker and perhaps America's most important financial deal, maker , He had observed how efficiently Carnegie produced profit. He envisioned an

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