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  1. And III+ is, eliminated the inventory exposure and when product ran out they, shut ,it down on the day the Apple IIC was introduced. Wall Street hardly noticed.
  2. Smaller incident: during the second-stage boost, the center (inboard) engine, shut ,down two minutes early. The four outboard engines burned longer to compensate
  3. 10,the Ravens visited the Cleveland Browns on ESPN Monday Night Football and, shut ,out their divisional rivals 16-0 despite a slow offensive start. Ravens kicker
  4. Merge to form Tanzania. *1965 – A Rolling Stones concert in London, Ontario is, shut ,down by police after 15 minutes due to rioting. *1966 – An earthquake of
  5. Down the streets are activated when the crossing signals turn on and are, shut ,off after the train crosses the crossing. This system cancels out the need for
  6. Corresponds to maximum carrier amplitude, and vice versa. The carrier is never, shut ,off altogether; this is to ensure that intercarrier sound demodulation can
  7. To accommodate a gun, and six 20 mm cannons. The positions were then sealed, shut , leaving just a small firing slit to assault the beaches. Similar positions
  8. Dust cloud and restart all four of its engines, although one later had to be, shut ,down again. The aircraft made an emergency landing at Hakim Perdanakusuma
  9. To London Heathrow with sixteen crew and 351 passengers on board. The crew, shut ,the engine down and continued the climb and continued the flight, in line with
  10. Nine years prior,Dell's CEO Michael Dell said that if he ran Apple he would ", shut ,it down and give the money back to the shareholders. " Although Apple's market
  11. Violated the Prize Chits and Money Circulation Schemes (banning) Act. They, shut ,down all offices of firm Amway, and Armpit Saga writes that" with it the fate
  12. Is officially declared. Part two The town is sealed off. The town gates are, shut , rail travel is prohibited, and all mail service is suspended. The use of
  13. That the Cinema Rex was burned down by the radical Islamists. The newspaper was, shut ,down immediately after. In September 1980,Ibadan was almost overrun during a
  14. Drone to be tuned to two or more distinct pitches. The tuning screw may also, shut ,off the drone altogether. In most type of pipes, where there is one drone it is
  15. Operating between Georgian and other Black Sea ports. It was controversially, shut ,down by the Russian authorities in June 2006,at the height of a
  16. Although Atari was out of cash and its employees feared that Trammel would, shut ,the company down, the 520ST shipped during spring 1985 to the press and
  17. As a shower facility, complete with dummy shower heads. After the doors were, shut , SS men would dump in the cyanide pellets via holes in the roof or windows on
  18. Pass over as utterly contemptible the oft-repeated accusation that skeptics, shut ,out evidence because they will not be governed by the morality of Christianity
  19. Colorado. Since 2001,many of the former locations have been scaled down, or, shut , down entirely. Discoveries and developments At its peak, Bell Laboratories was
  20. Has dismantled their AMPS (along with IS-136) network; the networks were, shut ,down May 31, 2007. Bell Mobility and Telus Mobility, who operated AMPS networks
  21. With Bebop. * On April 6,2010,AOL announced that they were planning to, shut ,down or sell Bebop. This has been successfully concluded but with a huge loss on
  22. Fast recognized Russia as the USSR's successor. However, financial reasons have, shut ,the embassies between the two nations. In 1992,the embassy of the Russian
  23. To pay the baseball player any royalties. Ironically, Curtiss successfully, shut ,down a rival bar that was approved by, and named for, Ruth,on the grounds that
  24. The northeast angle of the town and occupying the promontory of Loggias, which, shut , in the Great Harbor on the east. Loggias (the modern Carillon) has almost
  25. The Reconnect feature or a dedicated SIP device. The AIM Call Out service was, shut ,down on March 25, 2009. AIM Real-Time I'm Since AIM 6.8,AOL has included a
  26. Flaubert injected chemicals into women's uteri in an effort to glue them, shut , Bayer, then a subsidiary of IG Carbon, bought prisoners to use as guinea pigs
  27. At Kansas City International Airport. The narrow-body repair hangar will be, shut , The city's aviation department offered to upgrade repair facilities on
  28. The Band Ha shim. Muhammad along with his supporters from Band Ha shim, were, shut , up in a pass away from Mecca. All social relations with the Band Ha shim were
  29. It is hanged, not hung. " I said," Oh, Noel,I know it, I know it! You know, shut ,up! " So, and there's another," Than to ever let a woman in my life. " It
  30. AMPS network existed, and the D-AMPS network on the 1900 MHz frequency was, shut ,down in mid-2007. Service on the remaining 850 MHz AMPS markets was
  31. Usually long, and is sometimes, as at Anthony and Christchurch (Wyndham), shut , off from the aisles, or,as at Bolton, Kirkham, etc., is destitute of aisles
  32. A leader was present, to the point where entire sections of a city might be, shut ,down. As the 20th century dawned, the prevalence and capability of assassins
  33. Its doorsand,during October 2007,the last call center in Canada was also, shut ,down. All customer service calls became handled by outsourced representatives
  34. Games were released during this time, including Battle zone 2000. In 1996,Atari, shut ,down its internal game development. Delegates released a number of games in the
  35. Boston, Massachusetts After starting out strong in Game 1,the Pirates simply, shut ,down offensively, managing to get a meager three hits, all of which were
  36. Television in Australia,Adelaide's analogue TV service is slated to be, shut ,down in the second half of 2013. Radio There are twenty radio stations that
  37. Could determine subtle differences in the signal of one phone from another and, shut ,down some cloned phones. Some legitimate customers had problems with this
  38. The intended alkaline),they simply glued the lid of the battery compartment, shut , and soon discontinued the machine.; ST BOOK: a later portable ST, more
  39. At Columbia University in New York City take over administration buildings and, shut ,down the university. *1985 – Coca-Cola changes its formula and releases New
  40. Moniker ought to be replaced with" YUCK," and that LGBT activists ought to ", shut ,up," and that they are" ruining his life. " The GLAND organization also
  41. Reform accelerated in 2001 as all the Communist-era payments bureaus were, shut ,down; foreign banks, primarily from Western Europe, now control most of the
  42. Water reactors, boric acid is added to the reactor coolant when the plant is, shut ,down for refueling. It is then slowly filtered out over many months as fissile
  43. Was provided by Dobson Communications. The Dobson AMPS and TDA networks were, shut ,down on March 1,2008. * Telecom New Zealand — Operated an AMPS/TDA network in
  44. An" agent provocateur ". This happened to Class War. In 1995,Welling Council, shut ,down the BNP headquarters. The same year, relations were built up with William
  45. J-2 engine. The engine would burn for approximately two and a half minutes and, shut ,down when a low-Earth parking orbit was achieved. After approximately two
  46. 18, 2008. After that point, however,most cellular companies were eager to, shut ,down AMPS and use the remaining channels for digital services. OnStar
  47. The genus Odontomachus are equipped with mandibles called trap-jaws, which snap, shut ,faster than any other predatory appendages within the animal kingdom. One study
  48. The 1950s,has seen its population decline by almost 50 percent as industries, shut ,down and people left for the suburbs or other cities. Like other rust belt
  49. Alternative medicine research. In 2009 a group of scientists made a proposal to, shut ,down the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. They
  50. Birth time, but very premature babies are sometimes born with their eyes fused, shut , and opening later. Other animals such as the blind mole rat are truly blind

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