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  1. To the Pennsylvania Assembly. On August 10, 1753,Franklin was appointed joint, deputy ,postmaster-general of North America. His most notable service in domestic
  2. Temporarily incapable of discharging his powers. " As a result,Sharon's, deputy , HUD Older, the Deputy Prime Minister, was officially confirmed as the Acting
  3. As the first commandant, SS-Obersturmführer Josef Kramer was appointed Höss's, deputy , Name" Gutman 1994,pp. 10,/JJ"> 16"/> Local residents were evicted, including
  4. Police officers are illiterate and are accused of demanding bribes. Jack KEM, deputy ,to the commander of NATO Training Mission Afghanistan and Combined Security
  5. Have determined the members of the city council, the council elects a mayor,2, deputy , mayors and 5 councilmen. The current Mayor of Aarhus is Jacob Bundsgaard of the
  6. One of them holding the official title" Mayor" ( Bürgermeister) as, deputy ,to the Governing Mayor. The Social Democratic Party (SPD) and The Left (Die
  7. Of Auschwitz File: Josef Kramer. JPG|Josef Kramer (1906–1945),Höss's first, deputy ,File: Auschwitz - Book Search and The Execution Wall Sk06 C P. jpg|Block 11
  8. Spoke at a Robbie party rally in August 2008. In April 2009,Simon Darby, deputy ,chairman of the BNP, was welcomed with fascist salutes by members of the
  9. Zingier and LEV Khamenei argued for participating in the Dump while Lenin's, deputy ,philosopher Alexander Bogdan, Anatoly Lunacharsky, Mikhail Bokanovsky and
  10. As the military homologous); * The General Chief of the Armed Forces and his, deputy ,; * The Police General Commander, and the 2nd in command; * The chiefs and
  11. Expedite news services through his printing presses. Atlantic Ocean currents As, deputy ,postmaster, Franklin became interested in the North Atlantic Ocean circulation
  12. Veteran, having fought in the Battle of Tow ton in 1461 and served as Hastings ', deputy ,at Calais in 1471. Ross speculates that he may have borne a grudge against
  13. Leadership of each Fraction consists of a parliamentary party leader, several, deputy , leaders,and an executive committee. The leadership's major responsibilities
  14. Khmelnytskyi from considering himself a noble and his father's status as a, deputy ,Statista (elder) of Cathryn helped him to be considered as such by others.
  15. By Rachel At well in her capacity as Deputy Head of television news. Her, deputy ,Mark Popes cu became responsible for editorial content in 2004,a role he
  16. James ". His father, Horace Cockburn, was an orchestral violinist, at one time, deputy ,leader of the London Symphony Orchestra. His parents, who separated shortly
  17. Was Tsar Ferdinand, while the actual command was in the hands of his, deputy , General Mikhail Savoy. The Bulgarians also possessed a small navy of six
  18. Home, Schloss-Wolfsbrunnenweg, in Heidelberg. According to Henry T. King, deputy ,prosecutor at Nuremberg who later wrote a book about Speer," Love and warmth
  19. In 303,Ankara was one of the towns where the co-Emperors Diocletian and his, deputy ,Galleries launched their anti-Christian persecution. In Ankara, their first
  20. Older than 55—anyone older being susceptible to" routine and arrogance"—and no, deputy ,older than 40. Over these departments was a central planning committee headed
  21. Of other countries. To this end, the United States now stations special, deputy ,U. S. Marshals in Antarctica to provide a law enforcement presence. Some U. S.
  22. 2 January 1854 and is on the Welsh Marches Line. Later history Adolf Hitler's, deputy ,Rudolf Hess was kept under escort at Main diff Court during the Second World War
  23. Daimler's vehicles Dudley Docker had joined the board in 1906 and was appointed, deputy ,chairman of BSA in 1909. He had made a spectacular financial success of a
  24. Months before the arrival of Cheryl Kernel, elected to replace the retiring, deputy ,leader Michael Jacklin. The ambitious Kernel immediately contested the Senate
  25. Campaign, Lord King stepped down as chairman in 1993 and was replaced by former, deputy , Colin Marshall, while Robert Ailing took over as CEO. However, one year on, in
  26. Victorian Janet Powell was elected as leader and John Coulter was chosen as, deputy ,leader. Despite the loss of Haines and the WA Senate seat (through an
  27. Of the Bethlehem municipal elections of 2005 Mayors The mayor and the, deputy ,mayor of Bethlehem are required by municipal law to be Christian. Education
  28. On racism and xenophobia as an" openly Nazi party ..." In 1993,the party's, deputy ,leader Richard Edmonds said," We are 100 per cent racist ". Scholars of
  29. Mehmandarov became the minister, and then Lt-Gen. Alfalfa Shikhlinski his, deputy , Chiefs of Staff of ADR Army were Lt-Gen. Medley Malkovich (March 1919 - 10
  30. Dasht-i-Leili massacre. Political career Afghan Government Dos tum served as a, deputy ,defense minister for Karma in the national government in Kabul. In March 2003
  31. Who invented the name" Beachcomber ". After Arbuthnot was promoted to, deputy ,editor, it was taken over by Wyndham-Lewis some time in 1919 who reinvented it
  32. The 2010 election following the replacement of Rudd as leader of the Party by, deputy ,leader Julia Gillard. The Gillard Government was commissioned to govern in a
  33. Pressed for the expulsion of three senior officials—treasurer John Walker, his, deputy , Dave Hanna and director of publicity Mark Collect—who they accused of bringing
  34. Parliamentary leaders, six were women. Aboriginal senator Aden Ridgeway was, deputy ,leader under Natasha Stott Despot. Federal parliamentary leaders of the
  35. Turn, elect among themselves the 12 members of the Board of Directors and their, deputy , Eight of the 12 members come from regional (Asia-Pacific) members while the
  36. 4th century AD Hellenized Egyptian mathematician) *Rudolf Hess (German, deputy ,führer of the Nazi Party) International relations Twin towns — Sister cities
  37. Also honored the five victims whose remains were never found. Dick Bridges, deputy ,manager for Arlington County, Virginia,said the voice recorder was damaged on
  38. Blessing, the party room pre-empted the ballot by replacing the leader with, deputy ,John Coulter. In the process, severe internal divisions were generated. One
  39. Includes a Council of Ministers, headed by the prime minister and five, deputy ,prime ministers. The members of this council need not be members of the
  40. Dislocating their shoulder joints. On September 3,1941, deputy , camp commandant SS-Hauptsturmführer Fritz sch experimented on 600 Russian POWs
  41. A Basic Law was established so that if the victor for mayor was a Catholic, his, deputy , should be of the Greek Orthodox community. Today, the Bethlehem Municipal
  42. Altercation between his son and police, was accused of assaulting a sheriff's, deputy ,in what was described as a drunken brawl. In addition to suffering a broken
  43. And the convictions of former Cabinet member Jonathan Aiken and former party, deputy ,chairman Jeffrey Archer for perjury in two separate cases leading to custodial
  44. Municipal Council consists of 15 elected members, including the mayor and, deputy ,mayor. A special statute requires that the mayor and a majority of the
  45. Three ships sailing east to find them, led by trusted António de Abreu with the, deputy ,commander Francisco Serra. Malay pilots were recruited to guide them through
  46. 1741–1799),financial trader, consul general of the Holy Roman Empire, deputy , mayor and cofounder of the first Jacobin Club of Brittany. * Jacques Lafitte
  47. Valery Saratov, Russian ballet dancer * 1958 – Brian Paddock, British former, deputy ,assistant commissioner and most senior openly gay police officer * 1959 – Dave
  48. Leadership ballot installed Lynn Allison as leader and Andrew Bartlett as her, deputy , From 1 July 2005 the Australian Democrats lost official parliamentary party
  49. Is appointed for a six-year term by the monarch, and the prime minister and, deputy ,prime minister are elected by the Staten (or" Parliament" ) for four-year
  50. Two children; Ancestors Events *357 – Battle of Strasbourg: Julian, Caesar (, deputy ,emperor) and supreme commander of the Roman army in Gaul, wins an important

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