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  1. Is too high up, the elephant will wrap its trunk around the tree or branch and, shake ,its food loose or sometimes simply knock the tree down altogether. The trunk is
  2. Horizontal location. If there is disagreement on the selection, the pitcher may, shake ,off the sign and the catcher will call for a different pitch. With a runner on
  3. Arms and slightly less commonly in the neck (causing the patient's head to, shake ,), tongue,and legs. A resting tremor of the hands is sometimes present. ET
  4. Those writes: Germany's Jews ...? What else is required for Hindus to, shake ,off the stupor and consider protecting our civilization and culture? If telling
  5. To take over the world. Now, however,the Jewish conspiracy is intended to ", shake ,down" ( his favorite phrase) such innocent entities as Swiss banks, German
  6. Or" Butler" bow is typically broader and shorter, and is held in a" hand, shake ," position. These two bows provide different ways of moving the arm and
  7. Goebbels whipped the crowd into a frenzy. Despite this unease, Speer could not, shake ,the impression Hitler had made on him. On March 1,1931,he applied to join the
  8. Vitamins supplements, milk drinks, pharmaceutical drugs and supplements, shake ,mixes, tabletop sweeteners, teas,instant coffees, topping mixes, wine coolers
  9. To rhythm and nervousness at playing before a large crowd led Presley to, shake ,his legs as he performed: his wide-cut pants emphasized his movements, causing
  10. Team feels it is impossible or near impossible to win a game, they will usually, shake ,hands with the opposing team to concede defeat. This may occur at any point
  11. By Bernadette Barrett, the wife of George Went. Cliff Calvin seemed unable to, shake ,the constant presence of his mother, Esther Calvin (Frances Sternhagen). He
  12. However, but in the words of Napoleon's orders," to astonish the enemy and, shake ,his morale ". Napoleon's reaction was to have Marshal Soul send a message to
  13. Woman who wrote 'Incommunicado '! ": :He turned me around and wanted me to, shake ,my sticky hand with all of them. I wiped it on my jacket and stepped back. My
  14. Tea) with syrup/sugar and ice cubes into a cocktail shake r. Then they would, shake ,the shake r either by hand or by machine before it is served. The resulting tea
  15. Bellows used for volume control/fade # Repeated change of direction (" bellows, shake ,") # Constant bellows motion while applying pressure at intervals # Constant
  16. In 1994,Thompson famously described him in Rolling Stone as a man who" could, shake ,your hand and stab you in the back at the same time" and said" his casket
  17. Also form a circle while performing Drama. They also hold their arms high, shake ,their shoulders and heads, and yell and scream. Drama is a true folk dance
  18. Was necessary to avoid the specter of revolution that would otherwise, shake ,society. His dictum," Architecture or Revolution," developed in his articles
  19. Exemplified by the Pusher on Isaiah 4Q161 found at Qumran:“ ( 25) He will, shake ,his fist at the mount of the daughters of Zion, the hill of Jerusalem … (27)
  20. Heller said," It was no secret that in the aftermath of the Sure Knight, shake ,down incident where Easy was forced to sign over Dr. Dre, Michel'LE and The D.
  21. Yet Hazelwood said he felt Alaskans always gave him a fair, shake , Alaska regulations In the aftermath of the spill, Alaska governor Steve Cowper
  22. For Earnhardt, in which every crew member of every team lined pit road to, shake ,his hand as he made his way to victory lane. Earnhardt then drove his #3 into
  23. Scheme, a way to get people involved and thinking. The general scheme was to, shake ,up people's preconceived notions and make them think about what is happening
  24. Untamed, whose mighty power can make the strongest walls from their foundations, shake ,: mortal-destroying king, defiled with gore, pleased with war’s dreadful and
  25. Littranwale the HOL" which indicates whenever it's played,it's for sure to, shake ,the ground as he is; Mr. Ground shake r. Other important percussionists include
  26. Wins but kills Joe in knocking him out. Scene 16: Drinking. In an effort to, shake ,off the gloom of Joe’s death, Jimmy invites everyone to have a drink on him.
  27. That of the wise man as drawn by the Stoics. Hence, he counsels his readers to, shake ,off the chains of the flesh as far as possible, to live already as if out of
  28. Social democracy and a free-market economy was adopted. This was not enough to, shake ,off the stigma of four decades of autocratic rule, however,and the 1990
  29. Like Gulliver on his return from the Houyhnhnm's, he finds himself unable to, shake ,off the perceptions of his fellow humans as barely civilized beasts, slowly
  30. Irritating at worst and humorous at best, Brin declares that the" rebels did, shake ,things up. We owe them a debt. " Cyberpunk further inspired many professionals
  31. Instance, it is conventional in many societies that strangers being introduced, shake ,hands. Some conventions are explicitly legislated; for example, it is
  32. And brutal fight, Gigan and Megaton both retreat and Godzilla and Jet Jaguar, shake ,hands on a job well done. Godzilla returns to Monster Island, and Jet Jaguar
  33. Has swallowed the moon, the stars will disappear from the sky. The earth will, shake ,violently, trees will be uprooted, mountains will fall, and all binds will snap
  34. Shall drive to Jötunheimr. At that, Freyja is furious—the halls of the gods, shake , she snorts in anger, and from the goddess the necklace Brísingamen falls.
  35. I am satisfied that there is no other city in the world that is so anxious to, shake ,off the memories of its early origins. " He married Ella Manson, and the couple
  36. The background vocals" Please, please don't go-oh-oh ". Brown would then, shake ,off the cape and stagger back to the microphone to perform an encore. Brown's
  37. The Russian peasantry became one of the last groups of peasants in Europe to, shake ,off serfdom. The architects of the emancipation manifesto were Alexander's
  38. How to be manly. Other such rules are as follows: *strangers being introduced, shake ,hands, as in Western societies, but **in the US, eye contact, a nod of the head
  39. Never removed, that often brought up blood and sometimes made his whole body, shake , After retiring to Nashville, he enjoyed eight years of retirement and died at
  40. It is used in Arabic editions of the New Testament, Luke Chapter 9,verse 5,", shake ,off the very dust from your feet for a testimony against them ". It is often
  41. Along the way. The alpine invasion of Italy was a military operation that would, shake ,the Mediterranean World of 218 BC with repercussions for more than two decades.
  42. In Earned, Sweden,Freya could also arrive at Christmas night, and she used to, shake ,the apple trees for the sake of a good harvest and consequently people left
  43. Was forced to withdraw from England. Over the following centuries, London would, shake ,off the heavy French cultural and linguistic influence which had been there
  44. That is at the desired annealing temperature for a few seconds, then quickly, shake ,off the lead and quench the case. One solution that is applicable to revolvers
  45. Popular Taipei mayor and KMT Party Chairman Ma Ying-jeou. The results led to a, shake ,up of the party leadership. SU Tseng-chang resigned as DPP chairman soon after
  46. Expeditionary Force (SH AEF) commander and whether to give the Nazi salute or, shake ,hands with him. Eisenhower refused to have anything to do with Himmler, who was
  47. Head coach, Todd Haley, was distraught enough after the game that he refused to, shake ,the hand of then-Broncos coach, Josh McDaniel. Tim Te bow threw his first NFL
  48. Today—although Edward III, the Black Prince and Henry V would threaten later to, shake ,these foundations. Massacre The crusader army came under the command, both
  49. Maximus during the Melanesian Games, the narrator invites his addressee to, shake ,off his cares and come to a simple dinner. Satire XII: True Friendship
  50. Or plastic cups. Some Boris lovers (as seen at football matches) like to, shake ,white pepper and a little cayenne into the drink. Burton Albion have named

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