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  1. Pagan Balls. Another possible origin for the name is for the white, clothing ,that was worn by the local Slavic population. Yet another theory suggests that
  2. To focus on their personal relationship. Spears designed a limited edition, clothing ,line for Candie's, which was released in stores in July 2010. On September 28
  3. An interactive software environment for image processing *Animal (, clothing ,), a sportswear retailer and brand based in the United Kingdom *Animal (book)
  4. Building of bandannas (special hunting boats),weaving, figurine making, clothing , carving, and mask making. Ivory and woodcarving were and are prevalent crafts
  5. Of the nude woman, but because she is seated next to men fully dressed in the, clothing ,of the time, rather than in robes of the antique world. John Singer Sargent's
  6. Assent by the Governor-General to become law. In Barbados, camouflage, clothing , is reserved for military use and forbidden for civilians to wear. As of October
  7. Decisions are made with an eye to what the family needs for food, and to make, clothing , and not the world marketplace. Development of agricultural techniques has
  8. And spun into thread, which was used to weave sheets of linen and to make, clothing , Papyrus growing on the banks of the Nile River was used to make paper.
  9. Temple Orients, Page was still fascinated by Crowley, and owned some of his, clothing , manuscripts and ritual objects, and during the 1970s bought Boles kine House
  10. With him was a musket, gunpowder,carpenter's tools, a knife, a Bible, some, clothing , and rope. Life on the island Hearing strange sounds from the inland, which he
  11. Gave them shape, speech,hearing and sight. Further, the three gods gave them, clothing ,and names. Ask and Emblem go on to become the progenitors of all humanity and
  12. In a bowl, and other participants were entertained. The worn-out fabric of old, clothing ,was used for baby clothes because soft cloth was good for the skin of babies
  13. African Americans have contributed literature, art,agricultural skills, foods, clothing , styles,music, language,social and technological innovation to American
  14. Prepared new arrivals for gassing (ordering them to remove their, clothing ,and surrender their personal possessions) and transferred corpses from the gas
  15. For us to declare immediately. " Meanwhile, Grimaldi reassured Lee, stores of, clothing ,and powder were deposited at New Orleans and Havana for the Americans, and
  16. Fractious debate. Displays of power By including celestial motifs in, clothing ,it becomes possible for the wearer to make claims the power on Earth is drawn
  17. While the city burns in the background. Jenny and the whores carry Jim’s, clothing ,and accessories like sacred relics; Billy and several men carry his coffin. In
  18. To fold notes in different ways to assist recognition. *Labeling and tagging, clothing ,and other personal items *Placing different types of food at different
  19. Especially the down of geese and ducks),which are used as insulation in, clothing ,and bedding, and seabird feces (guano),which is a valuable source of
  20. The individual with the most piercings would hold the highest respect. Aleut, clothing ,The Aleut people live in one of the harshest parts of the world. The Aleutian
  21. And Adam, which contained large quantities of arms, ornaments,articles of, clothing , agricultural implements, etc., and in Adam even ships. By the help of these
  22. Group. For example, in modern Western cultures, there are alternative styles of, clothing ,that characterized older and younger generations. Some cultural differences may
  23. Of the upper classes wore wigs, jewelry,and cosmetics. Children went without, clothing ,until maturity, at about age 12,and at this age males were circumcised and had
  24. Clarifies that a hit by pitch is also called when a pitch touches a batter's, clothing , In the case where a batter swings and the pitch hits him anyway, the ball is
  25. To reveal her sexual organs, surrounded by two tormentors dressed in every day, clothing , Andres Serrano's Piss Christ (1989) is a photograph of a crucifix, sacred
  26. Sunday Closing laws, in the United States that covers selling electronics, clothing ,and furniture is found in Bergen County, New Jersey. Bergen County, part of the
  27. Included residency in segregated quarters, obligation to wear distinctive, clothing , public subservience to Muslims, prohibitions against proselytizing and against
  28. Fit Companion, is a small, unobtrusive sensor that when clipped-on to a user’s, clothing ,or integrated in to a shoe, provides feedback about their physical activity.
  29. Involve high-energy dance moves and sequences with young dancers in colorful, clothing ,and the folk music played with the HOL. Both music/dance varieties, though
  30. Area around Backbencher Market is home to the fashionable culture, with countless, clothing ,outlets, clubs,bars, and galleries. This includes the Backache Home, a
  31. Compounds. Markets for these flame-retardant applications include children's, clothing , toys, aircraft and automobile seat covers. It is also used in the fiberglass
  32. To protect the inside of the bow arm from being hit by the string and prevent, clothing ,from catching the bow string. The bracer does not brace the arm, the word comes
  33. Of fabric with various uses and are usually sold wherever fabric for men's, clothing ,is sold. Most of the malls and leading brands have there Authorized retail
  34. A mostly illiterate but moderately wealthy businessman, owned a women's, clothing ,store employing 400 people. The family, including his younger sister Joan
  35. To them from back home in England. In the same way, they farmed animals for, clothing ,and meat similarly. Through hardships and eventual establishment of
  36. Sumptuous attire of his famous fellow-poet, although by Agathon's time, such, clothing , especially the κεκρύφαλος (an elaborate covering for the hair) had long
  37. One of which is also quoted by Cicero: Greetings from Catharsis to Hanna: My, clothing ,is a Scythian cloak, my shoes are the hard soles of my feet, my bed is the
  38. Forestry, fishing,mining, and manufacturing goods such as textiles, clothing , refined metals, and refined petroleum. Bolivia is very wealthy in minerals
  39. Actor whom Gore Vidal suggested Laurent's seek out at the Beverly Hills men's, clothing ,store Hatcher was managing at the time. The couple remained together for 52
  40. Europe. Textile processing generally has declined since the mid-1990s,although, clothing ,exports have grown steadily since 2000. Only in recent years electronics and
  41. Published earlier," Our wine is water, — flesh, bread; — drugs, fruits. " For, clothing , they prohibited leather because animals were killed for it, as well as cotton
  42. To differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack ". She often wore black, clothing , starting a trend for similar fashion among women in the United States and Japan.
  43. Fallen on them. Through the snow, debris,and blood you could see fragments of, clothing , epaulets, sabers,and bloody chunks of human flesh. " Later it was learned
  44. Was US$ 5 billion. Recently Bangladesh has been ranked as the 4th largest, clothing ,exporter by the WTO (The World Trade Organization). Whereas, according to The
  45. President of Portugal (d. 1965) * 1883 – Gabrielle" Coco" Chanel, French, clothing , designer (d. 1971) * 1883 – Elsie Ferguson, American film actress (d. 1961)
  46. To cutting dogwood during the 18th century. The wood yielded a fixing agent for, clothing ,dyes that was vital to the European woolen industry. The Spanish granted the
  47. From the inner bark of the elm tree, called attest or at tush. Various styles of, clothing ,were made, and consisted generally of a simple short robe with straight sleeves
  48. Amounts of precious ambergris that comprised the vomit and had clung to his, clothing , In" Lead 'Em and Weep ", an episode of The Marvelous Misadventures of
  49. Right, and the most entitled to complete our good fortune, and to put on the, clothing ,granted by the nobility of God, because of the favor which He has shown us
  50. KIR'pan: Sword for protection #Ka'Ra: Iron bangle #Kashe'Ra: Garments under, clothing ,Notes Alternative history may refer to a number of subjects relating to history

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