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  1. Been repainted. He recounts a tale of Boxer's death in the hands of the best, medical ,care. Shortly after Boxer's death, it is revealed that the pigs have purchased
  2. The necessary skills or in an environment that does not conform to minimal, medical ,standards, or both. " They may be performed by the woman herself, by another
  3. Sports injuries as well as ultrasound performed by non-expert operators in, medical ,and high school students. It is anticipated that remote guided ultrasound will
  4. Own materialistic metaphysics, alchemy was left deprived of its chemical and, medical ,connections — but still incurably burdened by them. Reduced to an arcane
  5. A new method of preventing strokes. He joined Galt's strike when the American, medical ,system was put under government control. *Tiny Holloway is one of the "
  6. Value in dollars, inflation-adjusted from 2003 estimate),with about 10 %, medical ,care,30 % extra education and other care, and 60 % lost economic productivity.
  7. Astatine isotopes have been used as alpha particle emitters in science, and, medical , applications for astatine-211 have been tested. Among non-transuranium elements
  8. Both. " They may be performed by the woman herself, by another person without, medical ,training, or by a healthcare professional operating in substandard conditions.
  9. Dilation and curettage, Dilation and evacuation),7.7 % by ", medical ," means (mifepristone),0.4 % by" intrauterine instillation" ( saline or
  10. Either for personal reasons (intermarriage) or as professionals (e.g., medical ,doctors). The largest religious denomination is Roman Catholicism, to which
  11. And radiology. Academic human anatomists are usually employed by universities, medical ,schools or teaching hospitals. They are often involved in teaching anatomy, and
  12. That use pharmaceutical drugs, categorically called abortifacients. In 2005, medical , abortions constituted 13 % of all abortions in the United States; in 2010 the
  13. And 17 private, undergraduate and graduate universities. In the state are three, medical ,schools (University of Alabama at Birmingham, University of Alabama and
  14. Has been commissioned. According to The Alzheimer's Society, the overwhelming, medical ,and scientific opinion is that studies have not convincingly demonstrated a
  15. Patients of the supposed health risks of the procedure, and that multiple, medical ,authorities certify that the abortion is either medical ly or socially necessary
  16. America, South America as well as the rest of Europe. Aruba is also home to two, medical ,schools: Aureus University School of Medicine and Xavier University School of
  17. Technologies, AAMI, ASTM,and DIN, created a single, centralized database for, medical ,device standards on September 9,2009. *In early 2009,ANSI launched a new
  18. When used within 49 days gestation, approximately 92 % of women undergoing, medical ,abortion with a combined regimen completed it without surgical intervention.
  19. Inadequate or inappropriate for a given child, and reimbursed out-of-pocket, medical ,or therapy expenses are associated with likelihood of family financial problems
  20. Of NPN alloy junction transistors with antimony. Medical Few biological or, medical ,applications exist for antimony. Treatments principally containing antimony are
  21. Algorithms, computational geometric algorithms, combinatorial algorithms, medical ,algorithms, machine learning, cryptography,data compression algorithms and
  22. Provide help for the poor in the form of crop seeds, farm animals, medical ,care and education. Health A 2007 survey concluded that low and deficient
  23. Sendivogius (Michał Sędziwój,1566–1636),a Polish alchemist, philosopher, medical , doctor and pioneer of chemistry. According to some accounts, he distilled
  24. Once again improving, which is due to the vaccination of children, training of, medical ,staff and establishment of new hospitals. Many hospitals and clinics have been
  25. A result, some abortion providers have begun using preventive antibiotics with, medical ,abortion. In contrast, unsafe abortion is a major cause of injury and death
  26. Surgical abortion). Overall, the risk of uterine infection is lower with, medical ,than with surgical abortion, As a result, some abortion providers have begun
  27. And asked Achilles to heal his wound. Achilles refused, claiming to have no, medical ,knowledge. Alternatively, Telephus held Orestes for ransom, the ransom being
  28. Volume loss, sleep disturbances, and radiation injury. A variety of large scale, medical ,studies are being conducted in space via the National Space and Bio medical
  29. These prizes are awarded for eminence in physical science, in chemistry and in, medical ,science or physiology; the fourth is for literary work" in an ideal direction
  30. ASD have deeply affected how we view ASD, and many primary care physicians and, medical ,specialists still express some beliefs consistent with outdated autism research
  31. But has a lower efficacy rate than combined regimens. In cases of failure of, medical ,abortion, surgical abortion must be used to complete the procedure. Surgical In
  32. Leaves immature cells that are more cancer-prone in the breasts. However, major, medical , bodies,including the World Health Organization, the U. S. National Cancer
  33. Seawater, and work on finding alternative fuels. Bell worked extensively in, medical ,research and invented techniques for teaching speech to the deaf. During his
  34. Example," Alvin" is derived from Aloe vera and Aloe Xerox and has important, medical ,uses (e.g. as a laxative and in the treatment of burns) as well as cosmetic
  35. 17, 2011,Jobs announced in an internal Apple memo that he would take another, medical ,leave of absence, for an indefinite period, to allow him to focus on his health
  36. Rays were also used to provide passive diagnosis of thyroid function. This, medical ,application is however obsolete. Health issues As a highly radioactive element
  37. Trainers, homebuilt, aerobatic types, racers,gliders, warbirds, firefighters, medical , transports,and cargo transports, to name a few. The vast majority of aircraft
  38. Under the Ptolemies that advances in biology can be again found. The first, medical ,teacher at Alexandria, Herophilus of Chalcedony, corrected Aristotle, placing
  39. White, and the glass could be made either transparent or opaque. Medicine The, medical ,problems of the ancient Egyptians stemmed directly from their environment.
  40. Include the translations, in 1050–1100,by Constantine the African of Arabic, medical ,treatises. Several authorities believe that ammonium is a scribal corruption
  41. After seeing the consequences of back-alley abortions, and his orphan, medical ,assistant Homer who is against abortion. Feminist novels such as Braided Lives
  42. Unsafe abortion, emphasizing the legalization of abortion, the training of, medical ,personnel, and ensuring access to reproductive-health services. Breast cancer
  43. Prograde (in the direction of travel). The Apollo 8 crew and Mission Control, medical ,personnel held a conference using an unoccupied second floor control room (
  44. The guidance of remote experts to diagnose and potentially treat hundreds of, medical ,conditions in space. This study's techniques are now being applied to cover
  45. Of Avalon, a feral child caught in 1798,showed several signs of autism; the, medical ,student Jean IARD treated him with a behavioral program designed to help him
  46. In organic chemistry, the new science easily displaced alchemy from its, medical ,roles, interpretive and prescriptive, while deflating its hopes of miraculous
  47. Condition called" post-abortion syndrome ", which is not recognized by any, medical ,or psychological organization. Incidence There are two commonly used methods of
  48. And more. The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Tirana is the main, medical ,school in the country. There are also nursing schools in other cities. Newsweek
  49. Is illegal or carries heavy social stigma, pregnant women may engage in, medical ,tourism and travel to countries where they can terminate their pregnancies.
  50. 64 % of those reported were by vacuum aspiration,6 % by D&E, and 30 % were, medical , Later abortions are more common in China, India,and other developing

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