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  1. Told Larry Katz of the Boston Herald. " We were strangers who didn't even, speak ,the same language. But we were bowled over by this communication that took
  2. Five speak only English at home. About 3.5 % speak Spanish at home. About 2.2 %, speak ,another Indo-European language at home and about 4.3 % speak an Asian language
  3. And study. The elder Bell took great efforts to have his young pupil learn to, speak ,clearly and with conviction, the attributes that his pupil would need to become
  4. Spoken forms. For political reasons, Arabs mostly assert that they all, speak ,a single language, despite significant issues of mutual incomprehensibility
  5. Are under the age of 15. Linguistically, approximately 83 percent of Algerians, speak ,Algerian Arabic, while approximately 15 percent speak Berber dialects – mainly
  6. Some have suggested that his frequent refusal to comment on his work, to, speak , about himself (confining himself in interviews to responses like" Um, no "
  7. In the case of Arabic, educated Arabs of any nationality can be assumed to, speak ,both their local dialect and their school-taught Standard Arabic. When educated
  8. Have to learn everything, including how to use her mechanical vocal cords to, speak , Her systems were made to be similar to a human's. Iran Serena (Persian:
  9. Professional writers in U. K. universities. Religious views Milne did not, speak ,out much on the subject of religion, although he used religious terms to
  10. Language. In addition to this standard variety, in everyday life most Austrians, speak ,one of a number of High German dialects. Standard German in Austria With German
  11. And also believed that with resources and effort they could teach the deaf to, speak ,and avoid the use of sign language, thus enabling their integration within the
  12. At home and about 4.3 % speak an Asian language at home. And about 5.3 %, speak ,other languages at home. A total of 5.2 % of Alaskans speak one of the state's
  13. And about 5.3 % speak other languages at home. A total of 5.2 % of Alaskans, speak ,one of the state's 22 indigenous languages, known locally as" native
  14. Of an apple. Moreover, we can place an apple next to a book, so that we can, speak ,of both the book and apple as being next to each other. Plato argued that there
  15. Early Church: 2nd and 3rd centuries The non-canonical Acts of Paul and Sheila, speak ,of the efficacy of prayer for the dead, so that they might be" translated to a
  16. The Belgian police when introducing him to a colleague::" You've heard me, speak ,of Mr Poirot? It was in 1904 he and I worked together – the Abercrombie forgery
  17. Asset. It leads people to despise you. They say – a foreigner – he can't even, speak ,English properly. … Also, I boast! An Englishman he says often," A fellow who
  18. That 'on the subject of reasoning' he 'had nothing else on an earlier date to, speak ,of' ". However, Plato reports that syntax was devised before him, by Products
  19. Iraqi Jews and Iraqi Mandalas. Most of the world's Muslims do not, speak ,Arabic as their native language, but many can read the Quranic script and recite
  20. The typical inhabitant of Austria. The people of Graz, the capital of Styria, speak ,yet another dialect which is not very Styrian and more easily understood by
  21. Ideas and methodological approaches from one another that some began to, speak ,of them collectively as 'sociocultural' anthropology. In the 1950s and
  22. 84.7 % of people over the age of five speak only English at home. About 3.5 %, speak ,Spanish at home. About 2.2 % speak another Indo-European language at home and
  23. Rosicrucian's, in the same way of those who have had near-death experiences, speak ,of a life review period occurring immediately after death and before entering
  24. BC) in the Greek city states. Because of this, they didn't hesitate to, speak ,for a 'Greek miracle '. But if we follow carefully the course of Anaximander's
  25. Consistencia. (Plato teaches that the Ideas exist in nature, so to, speak , as patterns or prototypes, and that the remainder of things only resemble them
  26. To make people underestimate him. He admits as much::" It is true that I can, speak ,the exact, the idiomatic English. But, my friend, to speak the broken English
  27. Himself will rarely have the opportunity to speak . The right of victims to, speak ,at sentencing is also sometimes referred to as allocation. Specific
  28. Prophet Catches correctly determined the source of the troubles but would not, speak ,unless Achilles vowed to protect him. Achilles did so and Catches declared
  29. Both Arabic and Chinese, and could read Arabic as well. In Tianjin, Hui could, speak ,an old, archaic form of Arabic, when they met Arab Muslims in recent times, it
  30. Mitigate the sentence. " The Federal Public Defender recommends that defendants, speak ,in terms of how a lenient sentence will be sufficient, but not greater than
  31. Set removed) has a choice function. Authors who use this formulation often, speak ,of the choice function on A, but be advised that this is a slightly different
  32. Of information about him. It was conventional in Old Comedy for the Chorus to, speak ,on behalf of the author during an address called the 'para basis' and thus some
  33. Is true that I can speak the exact, the idiomatic English. But, my friend, to, speak , the broken English is an enormous asset. It leads people to despise you. They
  34. The forming of the Human Potential Movement. Death On his deathbed, unable to, speak , Huxley made a written request to his wife Laura for" LSD,100 kg
  35. Some biographical facts can be got 'straight from the horse's mouth ', so to, speak , However, these facts relate almost entirely to his career as a dramatist and
  36. client's behalf, and the defendant himself will rarely have the opportunity to, speak , The right of victims to speak at sentencing is also sometimes referred to as
  37. Was Emile Armand. He proposed the concept of la camaraderie amorous to, speak ,of free love as the possibility of voluntary sexual encounter between
  38. The 2005–2007 American Community Survey,84.7 % of people over the age of five, speak ,only English at home. About 3.5 % speak Spanish at home. About 2.2 % speak
  39. Rural areas as well. The exact numbers of those fluent in Portuguese or who, speak ,Portuguese as a first language are unknown, although a census is expected to be
  40. Was Helen Keller, who came to him as a young child unable to see, hear,or, speak , She was later to say that Bell dedicated his life to the penetration of that "
  41. Languages (e.g. Arabs, Ethiopians,or Assyrians) and that not all Jews, speak ,a Semitic language. The term anti-Semitic has been used on occasion to include
  42. Faith. Languages English is the official language, but many of the locals, speak ,Antigua Creole. The Barbuda accent is slightly different from the Antigua.
  43. To responses like" Um, no " and" Um, yes ", and often allowing others to, speak ,for him) – and even the evolution of his pop style – can be traced to the
  44. Must" address the defendant personally in order to permit the defendant to, speak ,or present any information to mitigate the sentence. " The Federal Public
  45. Culture was continually in decline. While the native population continued to, speak ,their language, the ability to read hieroglyphic writing slowly disappeared as
  46. Subsequent gay writers saw his frank talk about homosexuality as an opening to, speak ,more openly and honestly about something often before only hinted at or spoken
  47. 83 percent of Algerians speak Algerian Arabic, while approximately 15 percent, speak ,Berber dialects – mainly found in the Kabyle and Chaos regions. French is
  48. To life on Earth by potential impact. Generally, to allocate in law means" to, speak ,out formally. " In the field of apologetics, allocution is generally done in
  49. Which is useful here for judging the puppets and chatterboxes who pretend to, speak ,in the name of the people. " After liberation, Camus remarked," This country
  50. Home. About 2.2 % speak another Indo-European language at home and about 4.3 %, speak ,an Asian language at home. And about 5.3 % speak other languages at home. A

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