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  1. Would disagree with this hypothesis; in fact, many of the popular mouthwashes, contain ,sodium lauryl sulfate as an ingredient (e.g., Listerine Total Care). Active
  2. With different chemical structure is extremely large ". Most natural bitumen, contain ,sulfur and several heavy metals such as nickel, vanadium,lead, chromium
  3. The test of time better than his retelling of the reports of others, which, contain , error and superstition. He dissected animals but not humans; his ideas on how
  4. Are essential to the way computers process data. Many computer programs, contain ,algorithms that specify the specific instructions a computer should perform (
  5. Genera, totaling over two thousand species. The rest of the families together, contain ,only about five hundred species. Conquest (1981) placed the Alismatales in
  6. Hired two years earlier. The Apple board of directors instructed Sculley to ", contain ," Jobs and limit his ability to launch expensive forays into untested products.
  7. Law, the astronauts were placed in quarantine for fear that the Moon might, contain ,undiscovered pathogens and that the astronauts might have been exposed to them
  8. In Nostratic outside Eurasiatic. An even larger Korean group would, contain ,Nostratic as well as Done–Caucasian and Austria. * As of 2011,there is no
  9. Observations were confirmed to be accurate only in the 19th century. His works, contain ,the earliest known formal study of logic, which was incorporated in the late
  10. Relationships are shown in the figure in the upper right. Many of these groups, contain ,some members that are no longer photosynthetic. Some retain plastids, but not
  11. These writings lack the mystical, philosophical elements of alchemy, but do, contain ,the works of Bolus of Mendes (or Pseudo-Democritus) which aligned these
  12. Thickest near large river mouths or off desert coasts. *Pelagic deposits, which, contain , the remains of organisms that sink to the ocean floor, include red clays and
  13. Foods like unripened mangoes and tamarind. Natural fruits and vegetables also, contain ,acids. Citric acid is present in oranges, lemon and other citrus fruits. Italic
  14. Vascular plants). Many are photoautotrophic, although some groups, contain ,members that are mixotrophic, deriving energy both from photosynthesis and
  15. And Carl Theodor Dreyer. Except City Lights, the list does not, contain ,any films of the early silent era. The reason is that Tchaikovsky saw film as an
  16. 2008): The oldest Indian writings, the Vedas (Hindu sacred scriptures), contain , the same hints of alchemy that are found in evidence from ancient China, namely
  17. To the family of scripts called West Semitic. In popular usage, abjads often, contain ,the word" alphabet" in their names, such as" Arabic alphabet" and "
  18. To each contact in Names and each Dates calendar or to-do event) could, contain ,any mix of interleaved text, Ink Text, Shapes,and Sketches. Connectivity The
  19. Mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers. The broad, cultivated lowland valleys, contain ,about half of the country's the richest farmlands. The largest city in the Aegean
  20. Cabin or cargo hold. In single- and twin-engine aircraft, it will often also, contain ,the engine or engines. The fuselage also serves to position control and
  21. Computers (commercial names include Argo Davis, Sky Commander, and NGC Max), contain , databases of tens of thousands of celestial objects and projections of planet
  22. Languages which may not commonly use the term Allah to denote God may still, contain ,popular expressions which use the word. For example, because of the centuries
  23. With the location's name. For example, location L at the start might, contain ,the number l = 3009. An inelegant program for Euclid's algorithm The following
  24. An isomer, in part, similar to a chemical anagram but unlike an anagram, may, contain , varying number of atoms and components, for which in a chemical compound can be
  25. That he was sitting on the couch when he ate the cookies. Spoken language can, contain ,many more types of ambiguities, where there is more than one way to compose a
  26. Facing the Anatolian Plateau, are mostly unguided, but the northern slopes, contain ,dense growths of both deciduous and evergreen trees. The higher slopes facing
  27. Then" the production of the highest human wisdom ", and considered them to, contain ,superhuman conceptions. The Upanishads was a great source of inspiration to
  28. Not alkanes, but cycloalkanes. They are hydrocarbons just like alkanes, but, contain , one or more rings. Simple cycloalkanes have a prefix" cycle-" to distinguish
  29. Journal in 2008,focused on a possible connection between mouthwashes that, contain ,alcohol, and an increased risk of oral cancer. McCullough and Farah also state
  30. Can be considered an acid. Examples include alcohols and amines which, contain ,O-H or N-H fragments. In chemistry, the Lewis definition of acidity is
  31. Group of carboxylic acids that play a significant role in biology. These, contain ,long hydrocarbon chains and a carboxylic acid group on one end. The cell
  32. Poem utilizing the letter of the page for many of the words. The illustrations, contain ,many other objects beginning with that letter that the reader can try to
  33. For an example, see Proto-Uralic language. ) Mythology and legend often, contain ,important clues to the earlier history of peoples. *Glottochronology, which
  34. Within membrane-bound organelles called chloroplasts. Chloroplasts, contain ,circular DNA and are similar in structure to Cyanobacteria, presumably
  35. A proton to a Brønsted-Lowry base. Carboxylic acids are organic acids that, contain ,an acidic hydroxyl group and a carbonyl (C=O bond). Carboxylic acids can be
  36. Between phosphate and phosphoric acid. However, arsenite and arsenals acid, contain ,arsenic bonded to three oxygen and not hydrogen atoms, in contrast to phosphate
  37. Is to date no scientific consensus on the issue. Commercial mouthwashes usually, contain ,a preservative such as sodium benzoate to preserve freshness once the contain er
  38. And its counterpart, the National Football Conference (NFC),currently, contain ,16 teams each, making up the 32 teams of the NFL. The American Football
  39. Unknown arsenic levels, and in some areas of the US, over 20 % of wells may, contain ,levels that exceed established limits. Low-level exposure to arsenic at
  40. Independent is probably Georgian, with 41 letters. Syllabifies typically, contain ,50 to 400 glyphs (though the Múra-Pirahã language of Brazil would require only
  41. Arabic, Hebrew,Aramaic and Avesta, are " impure" beads, that is, they also, contain ,symbols for some vowel phonemes. An example of a pure ahead is ancient
  42. Such as History of Animals, Generation of Animals, and Parts of Animals, contain ,some observations and interpretations, along with sundry myths and mistakes.
  43. Acids it is contain s one or more carbon atoms bonded to hydrogens, and may, contain ,other elements such as sulfur, oxygen or nitrogen. Except
  44. Which assist with pointing telescopes to positions in the sky that are known to, contain ,objects of interest, and GOT telescopes, which are fully automated telescopes
  45. Fatty acid esters with polar, hydrophilic phosphate" head" groups. Membranes, contain ,additional components, some of which can participate in acid-base reactions. In
  46. Models may suggest. Spectroscopic properties Virtually all organic compounds, contain ,carbon – carbon and carbon – hydrogen bonds, and so show some features
  47. Improvement have been criticized. Languages composed of many diverse sources, contain ,much ambiguity and inconsistency. The many exceptions to syntax and semantic
  48. Once the contain er has been opened. Many newer brands are alcohol-free and, contain ,odor-elimination agents such as oxidizers, as well as odor-preventing agents
  49. Is assumed in the opposite case. Expressions like ~f (\omega t)~ or ~f (y)~, contain ,symbols ~t~ and ~\omega~ in equal amounts; they are ambiguous and should be
  50. Symbols, diagrams,and textual imagery of late alchemical works typically, contain ,multiple layers of meanings, allegories,and references to other equally

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