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  1. Flat, high-risk ground strokes tended to produce frequent errors, and her, serve ,was sometimes unreliable in singles. Kournikova plays right-handed with a
  2. Interest, and pronounce what we deem expedient in resolutions which may, serve ,as safe guides to future action. " Chicago Lambert Quadrilateral One of the
  3. Of Congress were appointed by state legislatures. Also, individuals could not, serve ,more than three out of any six years. # Only the central government was allowed
  4. Clay was unlikely to win the presidency, Lincoln,who had pledged in 1846 to, serve ,only one term in the House, supported General Zachary Taylor for the Whig
  5. Bargain in exchange for a reduced sentence. In this instance, allocution can, serve ,to provide closure for victims or their families. In principle, it removes any
  6. In the Presidency. Governors of the 18 provinces are appointed by and, serve ,at the pleasure of the president. The Constitutional Law of 1992 establishes
  7. Represent a word, a sound, or a silent determinative; and the same symbol can, serve ,different purposes in different contexts. Hieroglyphs were a formal script
  8. A deep, hard shot, and then playing a winner at an extreme angle. His return of, serve , baseline game, and keen sense of anticipation were among the best in the game
  9. With Lampreys 6–7 (7),7–6 (7),7–6 (2),7–6 (5),with no breaks of, serve ,during the 48-game match. Despite the setback, Agassi finished 2001 ranked
  10. First serve would range between. His second serve usually was a heavy" kick ", serve ,in the mid-80s range. Personal and family life Agassi married actress Brooke
  11. Are known as an appellate division. Depending on the system, certain courts may, serve ,as both trial courts and appellate courts, hearing appeals of decisions made by
  12. Automated, although it is maintained by telescope operators. Astronomers who, serve ,as faculty spend much of their time teaching undergraduate and graduate classes
  13. Sanders, deaf from birth and 15-year-old Mabel Hubbard. Each pupil would, serve ,to play an important role in the next developments. George's father, Thomas
  14. Religion, and although Catholicism was not forbidden and priests allowed to, serve , the Catholic hierarchy was prohibited. This led to the establishment of
  15. It is also an expression of an idea, and it can take many forms and, serve ,many purposes. Although the application of scientific knowledge to
  16. Groups attached to the carbon containing the hydroxyl group will, serve ,to stabilize the oxide when formed, thus resulting in greater acidity. On
  17. There is many amateur astronomical societies around the world that, serve ,as a meeting point for those interested in amateur astronomy, whether they be
  18. Daughters of Ocean who are dispersed far and wide, and in every place alike, serve ,the earth and the deep waters. " The Iliad (attributed by the ancient Greeks
  19. Writing in those troubled times. Flame lived from 1330 to 1417 and would, serve ,as the archetype for the next phase of alchemy. He was not a religious scholar
  20. Work of the complex relationship between an older and a younger man, who, serve , each other as master and disciple, respectively. This theme was clearly an
  21. And vegetable essences such as vanilla. In organic synthesis, alcohols, serve , as versatile intermediates. Ethanol can be used as an antiseptic to disinfect
  22. To discuss policy issues. Governors of the 18 provinces were appointed by and, serve ,at the pleasure of the president. The Constitutional Law of 1992 established
  23. Both in Peru (in South America). Thermal properties An adobe wall can, serve ,as a significant heat reservoir due to the thermal properties inherent in the
  24. Hall is a concert hall located near the Amsterdam Arena. Its main purpose is to, serve ,as a podium for pop concerts for big audiences. Many famous internationals
  25. Terms. The Staten is made up of 21 members elected by direct, popular vote to, serve ,a four-year term. Together with the Netherlands, the countries of Aruba
  26. Acids are used as additives to drinks and foods, as they alter their taste and, serve ,as preservatives. Phosphoric acid, for example, is a component of cola drinks.
  27. Wrote screenplays for other directors. This outside scriptwriting would, serve ,Kurosawa as a lucrative sideline lasting well into the 1960s,long after he
  28. Of a 40-member House of Representatives and a 20-member Senate. Senators, serve ,four year terms and House members two. The Governor of Alaska serve s four-year
  29. Awards and accolades, and exhibiting as art the drawings he had made to, serve ,as storyboards for the film. The international success of Kagemusha allowed
  30. Is a person trained by a human spaceflight program to command, pilot,or, serve ,as a crew member of a spacecraft. While generally re serve d for professional
  31. Issue an abstract of a completed transaction or an updated record intended to, serve ,as a proof of compliance with some administrative requirement. This is often
  32. Shot to minimize his errors, and to make his opponent run more. Agassi's, serve ,was never the strength of his game, but it improved steadily over the course of
  33. War, to set weights and measures (including coins),and for Congress to, serve ,as a final court for disputes between states. # Defines a Committee of the
  34. Stewed, roasted,baked, or boiled; and I make no doubt that it will equally, serve ,in a fricassee, or a ragout. " Readers unacquainted with its reputation as a
  35. The final cause or tells is the purpose or end that something is supposed to, serve , or it is that from which and that to which the change is. This also covers
  36. The course of his career to being above average. He often used his hard slice, serve ,in the deuce service box to send his opponent off the court, followed by a shot
  37. Utilitarian (motivated) purpose, anthropologists know that they often, serve ,a purpose at the level of meaning within a particular culture. This meaning is
  38. Systems to make things appear more complex than they really are, potentially to, serve ,their own needs. Works Novels * The Stranger (L'Stranger, often translated as
  39. Subjects are called his liege subjects, because they are bound to obey and, serve ,him; and he is called their liege lord, because he should maintain and defend
  40. They would have two children: a son, Hisao, born December 20, 1945,who would, serve ,as producer on some of his father's last projects, and Kazakh, born April 29
  41. Offered to them and had been hitherto destroyed in useless sacrifices should, serve ,the poor and children. * Compare Altruism (ethics) – perception of altruism
  42. Shot to the opposite corner. Agassi's service speed when hitting a flat first, serve ,would range between. His second serve usually was a heavy" kick" serve in the
  43. Police training but do not carry firearms. In much of the state, the troopers, serve ,as the only police force available. In addition to enforcing traffic and
  44. Service speed when hitting a flat first serve would range between. His second, serve ,usually was a heavy" kick" serve in the mid-80s range. Personal and family
  45. Adjoins the membrane of the target cell, and special molecular structures, serve ,to transmit electrical or electrochemical signals across the gap. Some synaptic
  46. That is all important and of the greatest concern to her, it must in fact, serve ,these very aims, although only indirectly, as a means for preventing greater
  47. Pharaohs constructed pyramids. Art The ancient Egyptians produced art to, serve ,functional purposes. For over 3500 years, artists adhered to artistic forms and
  48. It is an additive in some glasses. In the latter application, antimony oxides, serve ,as fining agents, aiding in the removal of microscopic bubbles. This
  49. Found at the city of Bu hen on the way to Nubia. Forts also were constructed to, serve ,as military bases, such as the fortress at Side, which was a base of operations
  50. To families. In the US many health professionals may be certified by RENA to, serve ,assistive technology needs: occupational therapists, physical therapists

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