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  1. Cesium is present in the body at about 20 ppb. *Francium has no biological, role ,and would most likely be extremely toxic due to its extreme radioactivity. If
  2. For example, ants produce formic acid. Acid-base equilibrium plays a critical, role ,in regulating mammalian breathing. Oxygen gas (O2) drives cellular
  3. Activation). Free radicals, molecules with unpaired electrons, play a large, role ,in most reactions of alkanes, such as cracking and reformation where long-chain
  4. It marked the end of Rand's career as a novelist and the beginning of her, role ,as a popular philosopher. After completing the novel of more than one thousand
  5. Theme raised numerous times in the Iliad (frequently by Achilles). Achilles ', role ,as the hero of grief forms an ironic juxtaposition with the conventional view
  6. Well understood; several have been investigated, with the most evidence for the, role ,of serotonin and of genetic differences in its transport. Others have pointed
  7. Acid derivatives are another group of carboxylic acids that play a significant, role ,in biology. These contain long hydrocarbon chains and a carboxylic acid group
  8. Ecological relations One example, in which both plant and animal alkanes play a, role , is the ecological relationship between the sand bee (Andrea nigroaenea) and
  9. Been confused with σμίνθος," mouse ", in association with Apollo's, role ,as a god of disease. For this he was also known as Parodies (; Παρνόπιος
  10. Inquiries, such as ethics and metaphysics, in which logic plays a major, role , Today's philosophy tends to exclude empirical study of the natural world by
  11. Of therapy. As late as the mid-1970s there was little evidence of a genetic, role ,in autism; now it is thought to be one of the most heritable of all psychiatric
  12. Tillage of a field / of fields ". Overview Agriculture has played a key, role ,in the development of human civilization. Until the Industrial Revolution, the
  13. North America. Rail Built around 1915,the Alaska Railroad (ARR) played a key, role ,in the development of Alaska through the 20th century. It links north Pacific
  14. 1957,was Rand's magnum opus. Rand described the theme of the novel as" the, role ,of the mind in man's existence—and, as a corollary, the demonstration of a new
  15. In this way that Apollo had become recognized as the god of music. Apollo's, role ,as the slayer of the Python led to his association with battle and victory;
  16. And transport planes. There are also Brazilian-made EMB-312 Techno for training, role , Czech-made L-39 for training and bombing role , Czech Lin for training role
  17. Literature are to be interpreted in a spiritual sense, and it downplays the, role ,of the alchemy as a practical tradition or prescience. This interpretation
  18. Serotonin and of genetic differences in its transport. Others have pointed to a, role ,for group I metabolomic glutamate receptors (glue) in the pathogenesis of
  19. Directed Hamlet, his only stage play, at the Lennon Theatre in Moscow. The main, role ,was played by Anatomy Solzhenitsyn, who also acted in several of Tarkovsky's
  20. Two factions shortly afterwards. UNIT Agave up its armed wing and assumed the, role ,of major opposition party, although in the knowledge that in the present regime
  21. Romans as Culicarius (; from Latin culicārius," of midges" ). In Apollo's, role ,as a healer, his appellations included Celsius (; Ἀκέσιος, Akesios, from ἄκεσις
  22. Which they officially did in 1865 by ratifying the Thirteenth Amendment). His, role ,in leading the national army would be to save the union, using every tool
  23. Rubidium is present in the body at about 4.6 ppm. *Cesium has no biological, role , but can replace potassium to some extent in the body due to having similar
  24. Nearly believes that anything can get done with enough muscle power. He sees no, role ,for intelligence in human achievement. He relies on Deign and Ellis Wyatt to
  25. Dubbed themselves in the Castilian version. Synopsis In order to prepare the, role ,of an important old actress, a theater student interviews three actresses who
  26. Warrior Rising. The novel centers on his relationship with Pollen. Film The, role ,of Achilles has been played by: * Derek Jacobi voice in Achilles (Channel Four
  27. Crew On a lunar mission, the Command Module Pilot (CMP) was assigned the, role ,of navigator, while the Lunar Module Pilot (LMP) was assigned the role of
  28. Strides in the past century. The history of agriculture has played a major, role ,in human history, as agricultural progress has been a crucial factor in
  29. Which was very commonly used by both the Greeks and Romans in Apollo's, role ,as the god of light. As sun-god and god of light, Apollo was also known by the
  30. A picture whilst actually behind the camera, and it has been credited with a, role ,in inspiring the first Earth Day in 1970. It was selected as the first of Life
  31. EMB-312 Techno for training role , Czech-made L-39 for training and bombing, role , Czech Lin for training role and a variety of western made aircraft such as
  32. Eventually sent for his beloved who had waited for him many years. He is the, role ,model which Francisco d'Antonia looks to, as Deign Haggard looks to Nathaniel
  33. Lack of precision contained or available in the information. Context may play a, role ,in resolving ambiguity. For example the same piece of information may be
  34. Is present in the human body at about 0.2 %. *Rubidium has no biological, role ,but may help stimulate metabolism, and can accumulate ahead of potassium in
  35. The role of navigator, while the Lunar Module Pilot (LMP) was assigned the, role ,of flight engineer, responsible for monitoring all spacecraft systems, even if
  36. More heavily on the army, and reduced the sole legal party to a merely symbolic, role , Agriculture was collectivized, and a massive industrialization drive launched.
  37. Though famed for its summer tour passenger service, played a vital, role ,in Alaska's development, moving freight into Alaska while transporting natural
  38. Angola Press Japan As of 2007,economic relations played" a fundamental, role ,in the bilateral relations between the two governments ". Japan has donated
  39. Aristotle's concept of the efficient cause. Theophrastus also recognized the, role ,of sex in the reproduction of some higher plants, though this last discovery
  40. A posthumous compiler and publisher may sometimes have played a significant, role ,in arranging the text into the form we know. One major question in the history
  41. With Doctor John Dee (13 July 1527 – December 1608),better known for his, role ,as astrologer, cryptographer,and general" scientific consultant" to Queen
  42. In which they believed elemental mercury, or 'quicksilver ', played a crucial, role ,). These men were viewed as magicians and sorcerers by many, and were often
  43. Although reciprocally state repression, in the first place, may have played a, role ,in these isolated acts. The dismemberment of the French socialist movement
  44. Language of communication is by now of paramount importance, and that the, role ,of the African languages is steadily decreasing among the urban population—a
  45. To over in the south. Cultural significance Transatlantic travel played a major, role ,in the expansion of Western civilization into the Americas. It is the Atlantic
  46. Politics, attracting 1.58 million members at one point and playing a major, role ,in the Spanish Civil War. The CNT was affiliated with the International Workers
  47. And French are also commonly spoken. The Principality was formed in 1278. The, role ,of monarch is exercised jointly by the two co-princes, the President of the
  48. The screenplays for the Oscar-nominated Love Letters and You Came Along. This, role ,gave Rand time to work on other projects, including a planned nonfiction
  49. A traitor. A widespread tradition in antiquity suspected Aristotle of playing a, role ,in Alexander's death, but there is little evidence for this. Upon Alexander's
  50. Role, Czech-made L-39 for training and bombing role , Czech Lin for training, role ,and a variety of western made aircraft such as C-212\Vicar, Sud Aviation

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