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  1. A wide hole in a metal sheet. A perpendicular throw would break the slate and, pass ,through, whereas an oblique one with equal force and from an equal distance
  2. The behavior of computer programs * Semantic analysis (computer science) – a, pass ,by a compiler that adds semantic information to the parse tree and performs
  3. Level. It uses the quantum tunneling phenomenon, which allows particles to, pass ,through a barrier that would normally be insurmountable. Electrons tunnel
  4. Congress printed paper money which was so depreciated that it ceased to, pass ,as currency, spawning the expression" not worth a continental ". Congress
  5. On October 1,2008. Events * 986 – A Byzantine army is destroyed in the, pass ,of Trajan's Gate by the Bulgarians under the Comitopuli Samuel and Aron. The
  6. Not a policeman. I have dealt with policemen all my life and I know. He could, pass ,as a detective to an outsider but not to a man who was a policeman himself. " —
  7. Agent supply Nazi official Rudolf Hess with faked horoscopes. They could then, pass ,along false information about an alleged pro-German circle in Britain. The
  8. Ahmad Abdul. Remember Ahmad Khan Abdul, that after me the Kingship will, pass ,on to you. Nader Shah's rule abruptly ended in June 1747 when he was
  9. From the Original Type ", with the request that Darwin would review it and, pass ,it on to Charles Lyell if he thought it worthwhile. On 18 June 1858,Darwin
  10. S neighbor to the south. When he found the Thessalian army occupying the, pass ,between Mount Olympus and Mount SSA, he had the men ride over Mount SSA. When
  11. Must be able to determine the size of each instruction on the first or only, pass ,in order to calculate the addresses of symbols. This means that if the size of
  12. Against him and his year of consular power nearing its end, Antony attempted to, pass ,laws which would lend him control over Cis alpine Gaul, which had been assigned
  13. Itself a council with power to legislate for the church; but it agreed to, pass ,only advisory resolutions. These Lambert Conferences have been held roughly
  14. The Dial. Emerson wrote to Margaret Fuller, then editor, that they might ", pass ,muster & even pass for just & great ". In the first issue, for example, he
  15. And Showed Maura to Juno Tami, Takeshi Piano and Takashi Mike—were able to, pass ,through the door that Kurosawa was the very first to open. His career boosted
  16. Trained him in this way. When in control of a point, Agassi would often, pass ,up an opportunity to attempt a winner and hit a conservative shot to minimize
  17. Any other pretense whatever. " # Establishes freedom of movement – anyone could, pass ,freely between the states, excluding " paupers, vagabonds,and fugitives from
  18. Prior to Learning (UK) refers to a reduction in the amount of study required to, pass ,a degree, due to previous experience or study. An architect is a person trained
  19. Experiencing a panic attack will often feel as if he or she is about to die or, pass ,out. Emotional effects may include" feelings of apprehension or dread, trouble
  20. Resigned their seats in the Senate and the House, Republicans were able to, pass ,bills for projects that had been blocked by Southern Senators before the war
  21. With a powerful army he advanced to the banks of the Oxus. Before he could, pass ,the river with safety, however,it was necessary to subdue certain fortresses
  22. Its great natural strength and situation, not far from the mouth of the Sis, pass , and near the great road which debouched from the Civilian Gates, made
  23. Wrote to Margaret Fuller, then editor, that they might" pass muster & even, pass ,for just & great ". In the first issue, for example, he wrote: On July 26, 1840
  24. General. The Synod of Port (1618–19) was called by the states general to, pass ,upon the Remonstrance. The five points of the Remonstrance asserted that: #
  25. Constant rotation about the C-C bond. The time taken for an ethane molecule to, pass ,from one staggered conformation to the next, equivalent to the rotation of one
  26. Of indefiniteness. In accordance with this, anything definite has to eventually, pass ,back into indefiniteness. In other words, Anaximander viewed" ... all
  27. Oceanic mass. Such a model allowed the concept that celestial bodies could, pass ,under it. It goes further than Thales’ claim of a world floating on water, for
  28. Necessary pad it with one or more" no-operation" instructions in the second, pass ,or the errata. The original reason for the use of one- pass assemblers was speed
  29. Of the goddess Ma'at. If the heart was lighter than the feather, they could, pass ,on, but if it were heavier they would be devoured by the demon Admit. Egyptians
  30. That the ghosts of those who are doomed to die within the year will be seen to, pass ,into the church, falls on the twenty-fourth. In China the symbolic sloughing of
  31. Would allow her to enter and return still living, as well as telling her how to, pass ,the three-headed dog Cerberus, Charon and the other dangers of the route. She
  32. St Mark),and states when it will happen:" This generation shall not, pass , till all these things be fulfilled" ( St Matthew,24:34) (or," ... have
  33. Is to say that the United States is not a nation. " Jackson asked Congress to, pass ,a" Force Bill" explicitly authorizing the use of military force to enforce
  34. Sums \text style\sum x_i and \text style\sum y_i should be zero, but the second, pass ,compensates for any small error. A stable one- pass algorithm exists, similar to
  35. And Astana rivers form the chief routes into Armenia from the north as they, pass ,through the mountains. Lake Seven, across at its widest point and long, is by
  36. Much strength. Before thee, did not other kings possess it for a while, then, pass , away? After thee, will not other kings assume control, and eat the fruits of
  37. Disbeliever in almost all that you consider the most sacred truths. I will, pass ,over as utterly contemptible the oft-repeated accusation that skeptics shut out
  38. The spirit survives physical death. In some systems, the spirit is believed to, pass ,to an easier world of abundant game or ever-ripe crops, while in other systems
  39. Boxer's death, it is revealed that the pigs have purchased more whiskey. Years, pass , and the pigs learn to walk upright, carry whips, and wear clothes. The Seven
  40. Steps westward and then marched southward through Thessaly and the unguarded, pass ,of Thermopylae into Greece. The armies of the eastern empire were occupied with
  41. Locally rather than from England and eventually national synods began to, pass ,ecclesiastical legislation independent of England. A crucial step in the
  42. It will connect Birmingham with Memphis, Tennessee. Several U. S. Highways also, pass ,through the state, such as US 11,US 29,US 31,US 43,US 72,US 78,US 80,US
  43. Algorithm It is often useful to be able to compute the variance in a single, pass , inspecting each value x_i only once; for example, when the data are being
  44. Manifesting the episcopate, to discuss matters of mutual concern, and to, pass ,resolutions intended to act as guideposts. It is held roughly every ten years
  45. From the Greek roots ἀ- (" not" ), διὰ- (" through" ), and βαῖνειν (" to, pass ,"); this etymology corresponds here to an absence of heat transfer. Conversely
  46. The power of pass ing navigation laws to Congress, or that the States themselves, pass ,retaliatory acts against Great Britain. Congress had already requested and
  47. Assemblers create a table with all symbols and their values in the first, pass , then use the table in a second pass to generate code. * In both cases, the
  48. All symbols and their values in the first pass , then use the table in a second, pass ,to generate code. * In both cases, the assembler must be able to determine the
  49. Located in the city center. Most city bus lines go through the inner city and, pass ,through either Park All or Banegårdspladsen (lit. English:" Central Station
  50. Brought to Congress for pass age. This first attempt at an amendment failed to, pass , falling short of the required two-thirds majority on June 15, 1864,in the

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