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  1. Lords or Conjuration can acquire virtually any object, players can choose to, spend ,character points to obtain objects with particular virtues - unreliability, or
  2. The wedding, that the local counsels imposed restrictions on how much he could, spend , In 1323–1324,he undertook the conquest of Sardinia. He became heir after his
  3. Amount of strategizing and prioritization by players. A willingness to, spend ,as many points as possible on an attribute may improve your chances of a high
  4. On the part of the wealthy upper classes in the late Roman period to, spend ,money on local gentrification projects (which he terms ‘ 'évergétisme’ '
  5. Such a quarrel that Zeus is forced to intercede. He decrees that Adonis will, spend ,a third of the year with Aphrodite, a third of the year with Persephone, and a
  6. Mesopotamia. A conflict with these Roman forces would have forced Khalid to, spend ,too much time while Muslim armies were being outflanked in Syria. Khalid
  7. Of Jung; brush up my Plato; visit Ave bury, Silbury and Coventry Cathedral;, spend ,a lot of time with demolition gangs on slum clearance sites; and listen to the
  8. Importance. Intentional application Philosophers (and other users of logic), spend , a lot of time and effort searching for and removing (or intentionally adding)
  9. Or astronomy and are employed by research institutions or universities. They, spend ,the majority of their time working on research, although they quite often have
  10. In the year of his coronation as King of Franks,768,Charlemagne came to, spend ,Christmas at Aachen for the first time. He went on to remain there in a mansion
  11. Eve of the 1969 Proudhon Bay lease sale, out of fear that the legislature would, spend ,the entire proceeds of the sale (which amounted to $900 million (US) ) at
  12. The rich helps the poor as the stomach of rich is so limited that they have to, spend ,their fortune on servants. After his visit to France, Smith considers in the
  13. Transport were made cheaper. It was no longer necessary to be a millionaire to, spend ,a holiday in Acapulco, the foreign and Mexican middle class could now afford to
  14. To the Truth; We shall indeed make smooth for him the path of Bliss. Those who, spend ,their wealth for increase in self-purification; And have in their minds no
  15. Later, a larger complex of buildings, including a new laboratory, Bell would, spend ,his final, and some of his most productive, years in residence in both
  16. To spend the first third of one's life getting all the education one can. *To, spend ,the next third making all the money one can. *To spend the last third giving it
  17. The 'Andrew Carnegie Dictum' illustrates Carnegie's generous nature: *To, spend ,the first third of one's life getting all the education one can. *To spend the
  18. Greenhouses, restaurants,a dairy farm and a brewery. It is a pleasant place to, spend ,a day with family, be it for having picnics, hiking,biking or simply enjoying
  19. Treatments" and refers to this as" opportunity cost ". Individuals who, spend ,large amounts of time and money on ineffective treatments may be left with
  20. Sultan Mahmoud, sometimes allows me to travel for my health, and I have come to, spend ,the Carnival at Venice" (
  21. Only a few days earlier on September 27, 1997. Schwarzenegger found ways to, spend ,time with this child: in one instance, in 1998,Shiver and Schwarzenegger's
  22. Episode Mark Mórrígan is desperate to be put on secondment to Aberdeen to, spend ,some time with his love interest, Sophie,whilst in another episode,Mark's
  23. It is maintained by telescope operators. Astronomers who serve as faculty, spend ,much of their time teaching undergraduate and graduate classes. Most
  24. In Undermine Abbey According to the Innermost Chronicle, Alexander did not, spend ,his decade as a widower alone:" he used never to forbear on account of season
  25. Outside a cinema in Manchester. After a lunch date, Turing invited Murray to, spend ,the weekend with him at his house, an invitation which Murray accepted although
  26. Violators of the numerous rules were punished. Some prisoners were made to, spend ,the nights in" standing cells ". These cells were about, and four men would be
  27. Photographic plates were a common method of observation. Modern astronomers, spend ,relatively little time at telescopes - most spend a few weeks per year
  28. Anaximander convinced the inhabitants of Lace daemon to abandon their city and, spend ,the night in the country with their weapons because an earthquake was near. The
  29. The Union of Soviet Film Makers expressed their sorrow that Tchaikovsky had to, spend ,the last years of his life in exile. Posthumously, he was awarded the Lenin
  30. Design began of the Command/Service Module (CSM),in which the crew would, spend ,the entire direct-ascent mission and lift off from the lunar surface for the
  31. He took the job. At that time,some East Coast moviemakers began to, spend ,winters in California where the climate allowed them to continue productions
  32. Call him when they need him. He also asked people to save money and not to, spend ,for immoral causes. Ashoka also believed in dharmacharana (dhammacharana) and
  33. Of Tarkovsky's films can be attributed to this collaboration. Tchaikovsky would, spend ,two days preparing for Yukon to film a single long take, and due to the
  34. Dying two years later from yellow fever),but Spruce, like Bates, would, spend , over ten years collecting in South America. Wallace continued charting the Rio
  35. Previous crews. In order to preserve their sleep rhythm, the crew elected to, spend ,the rest of the day inside the LM and wait until the next day to perform the
  36. Servant' will inherit eternal life, the unfaithful with the unbeliever will, spend ,eternity in hell. Their sins and their unbelief will torture them as fire. "
  37. Product sector, according to USB Advisory Services. Minorities in the U. S., spend ,a combined $142 billion on food and by 2010,America's ethnic population is
  38. Destroyed. Similarly, a character can find any possible universe, but they can, spend ,character points to know of or inhabit shadows which are (in some sense) "
  39. Are therophytes, because their seed-to-seed life cycle is only weeks and they, spend ,most of the year as seeds to survive dry conditions. Examples of true annuals
  40. To keep Adonis until Zeus intervenes. This time, he says that Adonis must, spend ,six months with Aphrodite and six months with Persephone, the way it should
  41. Have also complained that bracket racers will also go out of their way to, spend ,as little as possible while at the track by bringing their own food, beverages
  42. Her wrists and was soon taken to Grey stone, a mental hospital; she would, spend ,much of Ginsberg's youth in mental hospitals. His experiences with his mother
  43. Due to the positive exposure and prestige of the Academy Awards, studios, spend , millions of dollars and hire publicists specifically to promote their films
  44. Modern astronomers spend relatively little time at telescopes - most, spend ,a few weeks per year observing, and the rest of their time reducing the data (
  45. But too reckless a spend ing strategy could leave a player with few points to, spend ,on powers, and objects. In a hotly contested auction, such as for the important
  46. And Archie Christie left their house Styles in Sunning dale, Berkshire,to, spend ,the weekend with his mistress at Gaming, Surrey. That same evening Agatha
  47. And unarmed aspects. Others, such as the Drama style of Morphing Saith, usually, spend , substantial time with broken and Jo, practised under the names Aiken, and
  48. Writer Censorious reports: Anaximander put forward the idea that humans had to, spend ,part of this transition inside the mouths of big fish to protect themselves
  49. Naturally a hunter, she takes up the sport just so she can be with Adonis. They, spend ,every waking hour with one another, and Aphrodite is enraptured with him.
  50. Education one can. *To spend the next third making all the money one can. *To, spend ,the last third giving it all away for worthwhile causes. Andrew Carnegie was

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