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  1. France and the Netherlands, loans from Americans, and issuance of an increasing, amount ,of paper money (which became" not worth a continental. ") The U. S. finally
  2. That calculated the fuel needed for the flight. The total was a tenth of the, amount ,that the Saturn V would burn every second. The next day, the Lindbergh's watched
  3. 5 times more alpha particles and relatively little of harmful radiation. The, amount ,of americium in a typical new smoke detector is 1 microcurie (37 BBQ) or 0.28
  4. Lose and be embarrassed, Brown and Mike Agassi agreed that they'd set the, amount ,after he and Andre played two sets. Brown lost those sets,3–6,3-6,declined
  5. By the overlap of two SP³-orbitals on different carbon atoms. The bond lengths, amount ,to 1.09×10−10 m for a C – H bond and 1.54×10−10 m for a C – C bond. The spatial
  6. Moderate considering how far north the area is. This region has a tremendous, amount ,of variety in precipitation. An area stretching from the northern side of the
  7. A typical new smoke detector is 1 microcurie (37 BBQ) or 0.28 microgram. This, amount ,declines slowly as the americium decays into neptunium-237,a different
  8. Information through a media channel. It assumes that one party has an unlimited, amount ,of information (usually through some kind of expertise) and can act as the ‘
  9. Is used to indicate situations that involve uncertainty. An increasing, amount ,of research is concentrating on how people react and respond to ambiguous
  10. Verbal domain, the world of words, but the nonverbal domain (the two, he said, amount ,to different orders of abstraction). This was expressed by Korzybski's most
  11. Land and the application of modern agricultural techniques that increased the, amount ,of arable land. Algeria's social fabric suffered during the occupation:
  12. Abundant along the coastal part of the Tell Atlas, ranging from annually,the, amount ,of precipitation increasing from west to east. Precipitation is heaviest in the
  13. Left behind his wife, his two daughters, his mother Sisygambis, and a fabulous, amount ,of treasure. He afterward offered a peace treaty to Alexander, the concession
  14. Complete in linear time relative to input size, some do so in an exponential, amount ,of time or even worse, and some never halt. Additionally, some problems may
  15. Way, amperes can be viewed as a" rate of flow" and coulombs viewed as an ", amount ,of flow. " Definition Ampère's force law states that there is an attractive
  16. Particularly when he started using multiple cameras, which resulted in a large, amount ,of film to assemble. “ I always edit in the evening if we have a fair amount of
  17. And Capitol (which doubles as a bacterial inhibitor). Sometimes a significant, amount ,of alcohol (up to 27 % vol) is added, as a carrier for the flavor, to provide
  18. Of total area: 3.19 % of the area is water, making Alabama twenty-third in the, amount ,of surface water, also giving it the second-largest inland waterway system in
  19. The variance explained in the population. As the sample size gets larger the, amount ,of bias gets smaller, : \eta ^2 = \franc. Partial η2 (Partial eta-squared):
  20. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime revealed that bribery consumes an, amount ,equal to 23 percent of the GDP of the nation. It should be noted that all
  21. Alabama levies a 2,4,or 5 percent personal income tax, depending upon the, amount ,earned and filing status. Taxpayers are not allowed to deduct their federal
  22. Of problems in many fields. By complexity Algorithms can be classified by the, amount ,of time they need to complete compared to their input size. There is a wide
  23. Name "/NP"> Tread"/> The disparity grew as the Union controlled an increasing, amount ,of southern territory with garrisons, and cut off the trans-Mississippi part of
  24. Those that do not belong to the transuranium elements series, with the total, amount ,in Earth's crust estimated to be less than 28 grams (1 oz) at any given time
  25. Of Helsinki. By shining ultraviolet light onto frozen argon containing a small, amount ,of hydrogen fluoride, argon borohydride (Half) was formed. It is stable up
  26. CGS system electromagnetic unit of current (now known as the abampere),the, amount ,of current that generates a force of two dunes per centimeter of length between
  27. Russia. Both wrote accounts of their experiences in Russia, criticizing the, amount ,of control the Bolsheviks exercised. For them,Bakunin's predictions about the
  28. Astatine is the least abundant element in Earth's crust, with an estimated, amount ,of less than 28 grams (1 oz) at any given time. Characteristics Astatine is a
  29. Is often shortened to amp. In practical terms, the ampere is a measure of the, amount ,of electric charge passing a point in an electric circuit per unit time with
  30. At the Astor Theatre in New York City, the studio received the largest, amount ,of feedback in its history to that point. Eskimo was critically acclaimed and
  31. With extremely long-distance harmony may allow a moderate, but not extreme, amount ,of spreading of the harmonic allophones in their MSA speech, while speakers of
  32. Of his or her right to retain counsel. The presiding judge also decides at what, amount , if any, to set bail. During the second arraignment, a post-indictment
  33. Regarding its structure). One writer states that although a" considerable, amount ,of work has been done on the composition of asphalt, it is exceedingly
  34. Was crucial in Ancient Egypt because taxes were assessed based on the, amount ,of land a person owned. Farming in Egypt was dependent on the cycle of the Nile
  35. In signal strength when the phone is held in specific ways. After a large, amount ,of media coverage including mainstream news organizations, Apple held a press
  36. Groups of Khoisan. In addition, mixed race (European and African) people, amount ,to about 2 %, with a small (1 %) population of whites, mainly ethnically
  37. Photography. Warhol was an accomplished photographer, and took an enormous, amount ,of photographs of Factory visitors, friends. * Computer: Warhol used Amiga
  38. 10,000 at an auction on November 17, 1971,at Sotheby's New York – a minimal, amount ,for the artist whose paintings sell for over $6 million more recently. He loved
  39. Is considered the driving force in the loss of biodiversity. Estimates of the, amount ,of land transformed by humans vary from 39 to 50 %. Land degradation, the
  40. Standard technology for mining in the Age of Engineering bringing Nobel a great, amount ,of financial success, though at a significant cost to his health. An off-shoot
  41. Of the global average, but water consumption is more than five times this, amount , As a result, supplies are declining and more than 400 cities in the country
  42. And centrifugation techniques with an appropriate reagent. A large, amount ,of work has been done on the solvent extraction of americium. For example, a
  43. Wound up, ceasing operations in 1917,having invested a substantial, amount ,of funds into the new venture, both at the outset, Asphalt was also used for
  44. Probabilistic algorithms that vary the solution of a problem by a random, amount , The name" simulated annealing" alludes to the metallurgic term meaning the
  45. Oxidation state for carbon (−4) is reached. Reaction with oxygen (if an, amount ,of the least is enough to meet the reaction stoichiometry) leads to combustion
  46. Amount of film to assemble. “ I always edit in the evening if we have a fair, amount ,of footage in the can. After watching the rushes, I usually go to the editing
  47. Fall under various disqualifying classifications or may subject the payment, amount ,to civil garnishment. Cost of living The cost of goods in Alaska has long been
  48. Included in this category. Data for arable land are not meant to indicate the, amount ,of land that is potentially cultivable. As such, it has to be distinguished
  49. Telescopes and the Earth-orbiting Hubble Space Telescope can resolve a small, amount ,of detail on the surfaces of the largest asteroids, but even these mostly
  50. System (base 20). For the Aztec the count by 20s was completely natural. The, amount ,of 4,5,13,20 and other cycles meant cycles. The Nepohualtzintzin was

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