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  1. What were called the" forty-two books of Hermes ", covering all fields of, knowledge , Many writings were lost when the emperor Diocletian ordered the burning of
  2. By man's senses. " She rejected all claims of non-perceptual or a priori, knowledge , including" 'instinct,' 'intuition,' 'revelation,' or any form of 'just
  3. Merit is possible, however,and many amateurs successfully contribute to the, knowledge ,base of professional astronomers. Astronomy is sometimes promoted as one of the
  4. During this shift, enduring questions about the nature and production of, knowledge ,came to occupy a central place in cultural and social anthropology. In contrast
  5. Anthropological conceptions of culture as" that complex whole, which includes, knowledge , belief, art,morals, law,custom, and any other capabilities and habits
  6. Asked Achilles to heal his wound. Achilles refused, claiming to have no medical, knowledge , Alternatively, Telephus held Orestes for ransom, the ransom being Achilles '
  7. Forms and serve many purposes. Although the application of scientific, knowledge ,to derive a new scientific theory involves skill and results in the" creation
  8. Provided by the applicant is truthful to the best of the applicant's, knowledge , If, after signing such a declaration, the information is found to be
  9. Philosophy of Objectives, Rand advocated reason as the only means of acquiring, knowledge ,and rejected all forms of faith and religion. She supported rational egoism and
  10. The adult human body. In line with modern teaching methods. A thorough working, knowledge ,of anatomy is required by physicians, especially surgeons and doctors working
  11. Pondered ethnographic authority, in particular how and why anthropological, knowledge ,was possible and authoritative. They were reflecting trends in research and
  12. The transmutation of common metals into gold, or claim to possess secret, knowledge ,that—with a" small" initial investment—would surely lead to that goal.
  13. Do anything by chance ". Metaphysics Aristotle defines metaphysics as" the, knowledge ,of immaterial being," or of" being in the highest degree of abstraction. " He
  14. Egypt. The Hellenistic city of Alexandria was a center of Greek alchemical, knowledge , and retained its preeminence through most of the Greek and Roman periods. Here
  15. Indian abacus First century sources, such as the Abhidharmakosa describe the, knowledge ,and use of abacus in India. Around the 5th century, Indian clerks were already
  16. As a career ... His uniqueness lay in his universalism. He was able to take all, knowledge ,for his province. Following his education at Billion, Huxley was financially
  17. And studied by Muslim polymaths, philosophers,scientists and scholars, whose, knowledge , of Aristotle thus stretched far beyond that of early Medieval Christian
  18. Is known through each of them. Kant wrote:" … There are two stems of human, knowledge ,... namely, sensibility and understanding, objects being given by the former
  19. Argument. On the question of eugenics, Schopenhauer wrote: With our, knowledge ,of the complete alterability both of character and of mental faculties, we
  20. Parthia and Sassanian Iranian empires, scholars concentrated on exchanging, knowledge ,and inventions by the surrounding countries – India, China,and the Roman
  21. Germ of a great invention ". When Bell said that he did not have the necessary, knowledge , Henry replied," Get it! " That declaration greatly encouraged Bell to keep
  22. Of Mendes (or Pseudo-Democritus) which aligned these recipes with theoretical, knowledge ,of astrology and the Classical elements. Between the time of Bolus and Cosmos
  23. The least bad of the government representatives, since he does have some real, knowledge ,on the running of trains. She notices, however,that he is the least
  24. The greatest gift of our century ", and predicted that the philosophy and, knowledge ,of the Upanishads would become the cherished faith of the West. Schopenhauer
  25. Archaic period (520-485 BC),in which the Greek sculpture attained a full, knowledge ,of human anatomy and used to create a harmonious, proportionate whole. Ranking
  26. The AEA's work progressed to heavier-than-air machines, applying their, knowledge ,of kites to gliders. Moving to Hammond sport, the group then designed and built
  27. That all of Aristotle's extant writings are of the esoteric kind. Current, knowledge ,of what exactly the exoteric writings were like is scant and dubious, though
  28. At the same time, the white and ‘’ mestizo’ ’ population, where some, knowledge ,of African languages could previously often been found, neglected this aspect
  29. A tool to compute mathematical problems that equals the speed and mathematical, knowledge ,required by their sighted peers using pencil and paper. Many blind people find
  30. Then reasoning:" Of the three ways in which men think that they acquire, knowledge ,of things: authority, reasoning,and experience; only the last is effective and
  31. Gaelic and even Sanskrit, accurately reciting written tracts without any prior, knowledge ,of their pronunciation. His school record was undistinguished, marked by
  32. Interpretations. In the case of Géricault's Raft of the Medusa, special, knowledge , concerning the shipwreck that the painting depicts is not a prerequisite to
  33. Introduced the concept of altruism for all living beings, from extending, knowledge ,and experience to others to donation, giving oneself up for others
  34. Advanced than themselves, whom they easily dominated with their superior, knowledge ,of metal-working, ceramics and agriculture. The establishment of the Bantu took
  35. That the city was actually far older, which accords with present archaeological, knowledge , Phrygia rule was succeeded first by Lydian and later by Persian rule, though
  36. Out the transmutations. Most of his work was aimed at gathering alchemical, knowledge ,that had existed before him, especially as regarded the philosopher's stone.
  37. To moral systems, cosmology,etc.). Fraser, a Scottish scholar with a broad, knowledge ,of Classics, also concerned himself with religion, myth,and magic. His
  38. Century, developed into Maltese language. * The Muslim Hui people in China had, knowledge ,of archaic forms of Arabic. The Hui of Yunnan (Burmese called them Pant hays)
  39. Of an extremely great suffering that leads to loss of the will to live *, knowledge ,of the essential nature of life in the world through observation of the
  40. Version in 1959 that has since sold over three million copies. Without Rand's, knowledge ,or permission, the novel was made into a pair of Italian films, Noi vivid and
  41. Of things that change and that studying such changes can provide useful, knowledge ,of underlying constants. Physics The five elements Aristotle proposed a fifth
  42. Crisis because the indigenous African population lacked the skills and, knowledge ,needed to run the country and maintain its well-developed infrastructure. The
  43. And Medieval European alchemists extensively absorbed Islamic alchemical, knowledge , Herbert of Cadillac, who was later to become Pope Sylvester II, ( d. 1003)
  44. Truth in the face. Let us try to assume our fundamental ambiguity. It is in the, knowledge ,of the genuine conditions of our life that we must draw our strength to live
  45. School after the middle of the third century, and for the absence of widespread, knowledge ,of the specialized treatises of Aristotle throughout the Hellenistic period, as
  46. Class of life (humans perform time binding by the transmission of, knowledge ,and abstractions through time which are accreted in cultures). General
  47. Would become increasingly irrelevant and powerless by the gradual spread of, knowledge , Godwin advocated individualism, proposing that all cooperation in labor be
  48. Of Greek alchemical texts in the 8th and 9th centuries. Much of the Greco-Roman, knowledge ,of alchemy is now lost. Alchemy in the Islamic world After the fall of the
  49. Its armed wing and assumed the role of major opposition party, although in the, knowledge ,that in the present regime a legitimate democratic election is impossible.
  50. Including all forms of religion. In epistemology, she considered all, knowledge ,to be based on sense perception, the validity of which she considered axiomatic

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