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  1. Which stretched from modern Gabon in the north to the Kwanzaa River in the, south , In this context, they established a small trade post at the port of Mind, in
  2. European sailors and merchants gave the name Levant (Levant) to the west and, south ,coasts of Asia Minor, including Syria. Levant is derived from the French verb
  3. Valley and the Kenji Peninsula. Rural, mostly unpopulated areas, south ,of the Alaska Range and west of the Wrangell Mountains also fall within the
  4. Of western Canada's oil refinery capacity. Calgary is located approximately, south ,of Edmonton and north of Montana, surrounded by extensive ranching country.
  5. To the north, Georgia to the east, Florida and the Gulf of Mexico to the, south , and Mississippi to the west. Alabama ranks 30th in total land area and ranks
  6. Times: The McMillan in Corfu In the region of Missouri (Γαστούρι) to the, south ,of the city of Corfu Greece, Empress of Austria Elisabeth of Bavaria also known
  7. Cold conditions in winter. As the fronts between the air masses shift north and, south ,across Alberta, temperature can change rapidly. Arctic air masses in the winter
  8. The fourth-largest province after Quebec, Ontario,and British Columbia. To the, south , the province borders on the 49th parallel north, separating it from the U. S.
  9. The east, the Arctic Ocean to the north, and the Pacific Ocean to the west and, south , with Russia further west across the Bering Strait. Approximately half of
  10. Denmark Strait, and the northwestern Atlantic and have been spotted as far, south ,as Bermuda and Madeira. Ships are subject to superstructure icing in the
  11. Atlantic's width varies from between Brazil and Sierra Leone to over in the, south , Cultural significance Transatlantic travel played a major role in the
  12. For example, Clathromorphum is an arctic genus and is not mapped far, south ,of there. On the other hand, scientists regard the overall data as insufficient
  13. The Atlantic merges into the Indian Ocean. The 20° East meridian, running, south , from Cape Adults to Antarctica defines its border. Some authorities show it
  14. Europe – located to the east of the Suez Canal, east of the Ural Mountains and, south ,of the Caucasus Mountains (or the Kuma-Manych Depression) and the Caspian and
  15. But their predation was said to extend throughout the Mediterranean, south ,along West Africa's Atlantic seaboard, and into the North Atlantic as far
  16. Alabama are Tennessee to the north; Georgia to the east; Florida to the, south ,; and Mississippi to the west. Alabama has coastline at the Gulf of Mexico, in
  17. The south west, the Indian Ocean in the south east, and the Southern Ocean in the, south , (Other definitions describe the Atlantic as extending south ward to Antarctica
  18. Of that region into the Soviet Union tended to push views of the border to the, south , The Oceania-Asia boundary The border between Asia and Oceania is placed
  19. And Maryland, but did not prevail; Kentucky tried to be neutral. Troops headed, south ,towards Washington, to protect the capital in response to Lincoln's call. On
  20. Sometimes their clothes," Meade said. Namibia borders Angola to the, south , In 1999 Namibia signed a mutual defense pact with its northern neighbor Angola
  21. Adults to Antarctica defines its border. Some authorities show it extending, south ,to Antarctica, while others show it bounded at the 60° parallel by the Southern
  22. The Northwest Territories to the north, and the U. S. state of Montana to the, south , Alberta is one of three Canadian provinces and territories to border only a
  23. Throughout India and Bangladesh. The name comes from the Latin word for ", south ," and the Greek name of Asia, hence " South Asia ". Among these languages, only
  24. To the east, Mesopotamia to the south -east, the Mediterranean Sea to the, south , and the Aegean Sea to the west. From the neolithic age Asia Minor was the
  25. On the west its boundary with British Columbia follows the 120th meridian west, south ,from the Northwest Territories at 60°N until it reaches the Continental Divide
  26. The Congo Republic to the north and north-northeast and the DRC to the east and, south , The town of Cabinet is the chief population center. According to a 1995 census
  27. For Canada's oil sands and other northern resource industries. Approximately, south ,of the capital is Calgary,Alberta's largest city and a major distribution and
  28. All of Europe and most of Asia sit atop the Eurasian Plate, adjoined on the, south ,by the Arabian and Indian Plate and with the easternmost part of Siberia (east
  29. As a vehicle for improving ties with its largely Anglophone neighbors to the, south , Zimbabwe and Namibia joined Angola in its military intervention in the
  30. On rivers with access to the Gulf. Water Ports of Alabama, listed from north to, south ,In Greek mythology, Achilles (Ancient Greek:, Akhilleus, ) was a Greek hero of
  31. Caspian and Black Seas. It is bounded on the east by the Pacific Ocean, on the, south ,by the Indian Ocean and on the north by the Arctic Ocean. Given its size and
  32. 4° and 18°S,and longitudes 12° and 24°E. Angola is bordered by Namibia to the, south , Zambia to the east, the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the north-east
  33. Run for ten days, Booth was tracked down and found on a farm in Virginia, some, south , of Washington D. C. After a brief fight, Booth was killed by Union soldiers on
  34. Where large rivers enter. Maximum salinity values occur at about 25° north and, south , in subtropical regions with low rainfall and high evaporation. Surface water
  35. The British arrival in Canada, approximately half of the province of Alberta, south ,of the Athabasca River drainage, became part of Rupert's Land which consisted
  36. A highland region in central Sahara, south ern Algeria. They are located about, south ,of the capital, Algiers and just west of Tamanghasset. Algiers, Oran
  37. In the mountains to in south ern Alberta. Alberta extends for over from north to, south ,; its climate, therefore,varies considerably. Average temperatures in January
  38. In the United Kingdom and France. La SEU d'Urgell Airport, a small airfield, south ,of Andorra currently used only by private airplanes, is being studied by the
  39. Tell Atlas is a steppe landscape, which ends with the Saharan Atlas; further, south , there is the Sahara desert. The Hangar Mountains (), also known as the
  40. In Canada, to the east, the Gulf of Alaska and the Pacific Ocean to the, south , the Bering Sea, Bering Strait, and Chukchi Sea to the west and the Arctic
  41. Varies considerably. Average temperatures in January range from in the, south ,to in the north, and in July from in the south to in the north. The climate is
  42. In January range from in the south to in the north, and in July from in the, south ,to in the north. The climate is also influenced by the presence of the Rocky
  43. North and center, while ranching and irrigated agriculture predominate in the, south , The Alberta badlands are located in south eastern Alberta, where the Red Deer
  44. In the rebel states became a military objective, as Union armies advanced, south , more slaves were liberated until over three million of them in Confederate
  45. Bridge" rock, the longest natural bridge east of the Rockies, located just, south ,of Vacaville. A -wide meteorite impact crater is located in Elmore County
  46. Building. One of the world's the largest tides occurs in Turn again Arm, just, south , of Anchorage – tidal differences can be more than. (Many sources say Turn again
  47. Is above freezing during the winter months. The climate of Anchorage and, south ,central Alaska is mild by Alaskan standards due to the region's proximity to
  48. Of precipitation a year, with around of snow, although there are areas in the, south ,central which receive far more snow. It is a subarctic climate (Köppen DFC)
  49. Until it reaches the Montana border at 49°N. The province extends north to, south ,and east to west at its maximum width. Its highest point is at the summit of
  50. Direction, whereas South Atlantic water circulates counter-clockwise. The, south ,tides in the Atlantic Ocean are semi-diurnal; that is, two high tides occur

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