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  1. An era for its creator. The director himself recognized this at the time of its, release , telling critic Donald Richie that a cycle of some kind had just come to an end
  2. Play, it was the built-in game on the European Atari 7800 release . 1993 saw a, release ,for PCs with Windows 3.1 as part of the original Microsoft Arcade package. Also
  3. Was the last" on the road" adventure of their career. The same year saw the, release ,of ABBA's seventh album Super Trouper, which reflected a certain change in
  4. Large audience in Japan and recognition throughout the world. Distributors can, release ,anime via television broadcasts, directly to video, or theatrically, as well as
  5. John Cal ere-united for the first time since 1972 to write, perform,record and, release ,the concept album Songs for Della, a tribute to Warhol. Warhol designed many
  6. A hearing was unlawful. Taney issued the writ, thereby ordering Merryman's, release , but Lincoln ignored it. Throughout the war Lincoln came under heavy, often
  7. Filming began in February 1992 and wrapped by the end of September. Its, release ,on April 17, 1993,was greeted by an even more disappointed reaction than had
  8. Oxygen gas (O2) drives cellular respiration, the process by which animals, release ,the chemical potential energy stored in food, producing carbon dioxide (CO2)
  9. Have announced the names of those who have been invited to join. The 2007, release , also stated that it has just under 6,000 voting members. While the membership
  10. Of" Dancing Queen ", playing guitar and keyboards. September 1992 saw the, release ,of ABBA Gold: Greatest Hits, a new compilation album. The single" Dancing
  11. A number of requests from fans, Ulvaeus and Andersson are still refusing to, release ,ABBA's version of" Just Like That" in its entirety, even though the complete
  12. Ever received for a UK album after one million copies were ordered before, release , Anticipation for the album had been built up by" The Winner Takes It All "
  13. His film and Ran premiered at the Tokyo Film Festival on May 31,with a wide, release ,the next day. The film was a moderate financial success in Japan, but a larger
  14. Together during the summer. Forming the group (1970–1973) After the 1970, release , of Lycra, two more singles credited to 'Bjorn & Benny' were release d in Sweden
  15. Continued to sell. After the success of her later novels, Rand was able to, release ,a revised version in 1959 that has since sold over three million copies.
  16. Featured co-operative play, it was the built-in game on the European Atari 7800, release , 1993 saw a release for PCs with Windows 3.1 as part of the original Microsoft
  17. On radio 1 but managed to climb the charts, to number 38. Later in 1975,the, release ,of their self-titled third studio album ABBA and single" SOS" brought back
  18. More styles of headphones. The software capabilities changed as well, with the, release ,of the new iPhone came the release of Apple's App Store; the store provided
  19. To the development of their consumer-level GarageBand application. iPhoto's, release ,the same year completed the life suite. Mac OS X, based on NeXT's OPENS TEP
  20. Example, one of the objects of Sinister is to shoot asteroids to get them to, release ,resources which the player needs to collect. Ports and follow-ups Asteroids has
  21. Was the title track" Shine ". This album was Frida's final studio album, release ,for twelve years. It featured" Slowly ", the last known Andersson-Ulvaeus
  22. The 1997 Mac world Expo, Steve Jobs announced that Apple would join Microsoft to, release ,new versions of Microsoft Office for the Macintosh, and that Microsoft made a
  23. Mission planning, the names Snow cone and Haystack were used and put in the news, release , but the crew lately decided to change them. The command module was named
  24. To compete against German automakers Mercedes-Benz and BMW. This began with the, release ,of the Audi V8 in 1990. It was essentially a new engine fitted to the Audi
  25. To produce and sell the 160 GB Apple TV. On September 1,2010,alongside the, release ,of the new line of iPod devices for the year, Apple release d a completely
  26. Agent before filling to aid release . Diesel oil is sometimes used as a, release ,agent, although it can mix with and thereby reduce the quality of the asphalt.
  27. This is also often the stage at which arguments for or against pre-trial, release ,and bail are made, depending on the alleged crime and jurisdiction. United
  28. Hall, and in April 2010 at London's Royal Albert Hall followed by a CD, release ,of the New York recordings. Since 1983,besides Chess and Kristina Fran
  29. In various line-ups. Pool Keith and Marc Live joined with Jacky jasper to, release ,two albums as KHM. Marc Live rapped with Ice T's group SMG. Marc also formed a
  30. Authorized by the Confederacy) to kidnap Lincoln in exchange for the, release ,of Confederate prisoners. After attending an April 11, 1865,speech in which
  31. On the UK singles chart becoming at the time the highest ever charting 12-inch, release , in UK chart history. Also in 1980,ABBA recorded a compilation of
  32. Recently the two wrote the title track for Andersson's first international, release , The Benny Andersson Band – The Story of a Heart, release d in July 2009. The
  33. With catchy tunes and harmonies. Although not revealed at the time of its, release , the album's title track, according to Slaves, refers to the secret meetings
  34. The film finally opened in April 1954,half a year behind its original, release ,date and about three times over budget, making it at the time the most
  35. Threat of war, aging,and loss of innocence. This change of content led to the, release ,of the album The Visitors including the UK number 3 single" One of Us "
  36. Concept album by Pink Floyd *Animals (This Town Needs Guns album),a 2008, release , ; Songs *" Animal ", by Against Me! From New Wave (Against Me! Album) * "
  37. Gases nitric oxide and nitrous oxide. Changes in management can reduce the, release ,of these greenhouse gases, and soil can further be used to sequester some of
  38. Are also commonly sprayed with a releasing agent before filling to aid, release , Diesel oil is sometimes used as a release agent, although it can mix with and
  39. Capabilities changed as well, with the release of the new iPhone came the, release ,of Apple's App Store; the store provided applications for download that were
  40. Flash, front-facing VGA camera and FaceTime video calling. Shortly after the, release ,of the iPhone 4,it was realized by consumers that the new iPhone had reception
  41. A port was also included on Atari's Cosmos system, but the system never saw, release , Many of the recent TV Games series of old Atari games have included either the
  42. Hot Dance Club Play). Nevertheless, Arrival finally became a true breakthrough, release ,for ABBA on the US album market where it peaked at number 20 on the Billboard
  43. Wartime films and marriage (1942–1945) In the two years following the, release ,of Horse in 1941,Kurosawa searched for a story he could use to launch his
  44. Recording sessions for" Summer Night City" were an uphill struggle, but upon, release ,the song became another hit for the group. The track would set the stage for
  45. As a launch title but never officially release d, although an unofficial, release ,was produced by Triage. The Atari 7800 version was a launch title and
  46. A large app catalog on launch even with very little development time before the, release , Later that year on April 3,2010,the iPad was launched in the US and sold
  47. Oz, who championed the film, that Sanskrit Sugar was finally accepted for, release ,on March 25, 1943. (Kurosawa had just turned 33. ) The movie became both a
  48. Latter, are often considered to be among Kurosawa's finest works. After Ran's, release , Kurosawa would point to it as his best film, a major change of attitude for
  49. Filmmakers whose work, as a result, began to win festival prizes and commercial, release ,in the West were Kenji Mizoguchi (The Life of Their, Ugetsu, Sansho the
  50. Group had changed plans for the rest of the year: they settled for a Christmas, release ,of a double album compilation of all their past single release s to be named The

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