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  1. With the player who caused the merger to happen, each player may either, sell ,his shares in the acquired chain, trade in two shares of the acquired chain for
  2. Are some who do not agree with this idea. When Todd's grandson attempted to, sell ,Todd's Oscar statuette to a movie prop collector, the Academy won the legal
  3. Has sold third party accessories. This allows, for instance, Nikon and Canon to, sell ,their Mac-compatible digital cameras and camcorders inside the store. Adobe
  4. Raids, called Razzing, on European coastal towns to capture Christian slaves to, sell ,at slave markets in places such as Turkey, Egypt,Iran, Algeria and Morocco.
  5. Alcohol. However, counties can declare themselves" dry "; the state does not, sell ,alcohol in those areas. *List of counties in Alabama Politics The current
  6. All those books tapes and seminars; things the rank and file distributors can’t, sell ,themselves but, are told over and over again, they need to buy in order to
  7. Pyramid scheme because distributors were not paid to recruit people and had to, sell ,products to get bonus checks, and the company was committed to buying back its
  8. Is a direct sell ing company and manufacturer that uses network marketing to, sell ,a variety of products, primarily in the health, beauty,and home care markets.
  9. Over long distances. Bell and his partners, Hubbard and Sanders, offered to, sell ,the patent outright to Western Union for $100,000. The president of Western
  10. Old, a horse trader from Thessaly brought Philip a horse, which he offered to, sell ,for thirteen talents. The horse refused to be mounted by anyone, and Philip
  11. Serious topics from the Virgin birth of Jesus to circumcision. The book did not, sell ,well; a Boston lawyer bought 750 copies to use as waste paper. The temple
  12. Fourth best- sell ing music artists in the history of recorded music. They still, sell ,between two and three million albums a year. ABBA was the first pop group to
  13. As in the decision to execute the entire male population of Melts and, sell ,off its woman and children simply for refusing to became subjects of Athens.
  14. US$40.00 per kilogram. There is an active trade in the shells, which, sell , for more than US$1,400 per metric tonne. There is, however,speculation that
  15. Winners nor their heirs may sell the statuettes without first offering to, sell ,them back to the Academy for US$1. If a winner refuses to agree to this
  16. Also give each player who holds any interest at all in a chain a chance to, sell ,his stock or to trade it in for shares of the acquiring chain. A merger takes
  17. Eggs instead of handing them to the higher powers (the pigs),who want to, sell ,them to humans. Napoleon then uses fear and starves them until the pigs get
  18. Musical tastes quickly made them outmoded. In response, Vivaldi chose to, sell ,off sizeable numbers of his manuscripts at paltry prices to finance his
  19. In Judaism and Jews – had described in his diary as" They're going to, sell , " Death Warhol died in New York City at 6:32 a. m. on February 22, 1987.
  20. Influence popular conceptions or mood. Similarly, art that tries to, sell ,a product also influences mood and emotion. In both cases, the purpose of art
  21. Of a book priced at $20.00 - that is,$2.00 per book - the book will need to, sell ,1000 copies before any further payment will be made. Publishers typically
  22. Apple discontinued the original 40 GB Apple TV and now continues to produce and, sell ,the 160 GB Apple TV. On September 1,2010,alongside the release of the new
  23. Not on the open market. The case of Michael Todd's grandson trying to, sell ,Todd's Oscar statuette illustrates that there are some who do not agree with
  24. Bebop. * On April 6,2010,AOL announced that they were planning to shut down or, sell ,Bebop. This has been successfully concluded but with a huge loss on investment.
  25. IBO's. Each IBO may earn income both from the retail markup on any products they, sell ,personally, plus a performance bonus based on the sales volume they and their
  26. Publisher let it go out of print, although European editions continued to, sell , After the success of her later novels, Rand was able to release a revised
  27. Black African slaves were traded to Portuguese merchants who bought them to, sell ,as cheap labor for use on Brazilian agricultural plantations. This trade would
  28. May overlap. For example, art for the purpose of entertainment may also seek to, sell ,a product,i.e. the movie or video game. Controversial art Theodore Hérault
  29. Was not as successful as the band had hoped, since most of the venues did not, sell ,out. Due to a lack of demand, they were even forced to cancel a few shows
  30. The publisher of The Geographical Distribution of Animals to avoid having to, sell ,some of his personal property. Darwin was very aware of Wallace's financial
  31. Set in 1964,where the Great War still continues and international corporations, sell ,stocks as if" betting" on an outcome. Since profits are so great, they
  32. Bottles of brandy (which remained unopened; forty years later, Lovell would, sell ,his at a Heritage auction for $17,925). There were also small presents to the
  33. The different areas; warlike states become states ready to produce and to, sell , In the Plan alto (the high plains),the most important states were those of
  34. He would consider it a bargain. By then, the Bell company no longer wanted to, sell ,the patent. Bell's investors would become millionaires while he fared well
  35. Public on the 14th of October. However, it is thought that the 4S will only, sell ,due to brand loyalty, as it displayed no drastic changes, and just a few new
  36. Of Ted Turner's suggestions on reducing overpopulation by having poor people, sell ,(to rich people) their right to bear a single child per family. In Tanzania
  37. Legally encumbered by the requirement that neither winners nor their heirs may, sell ,the statuettes without first offering to sell them back to the Academy for US$1
  38. Grants to all arrivals. Wakefield's idea was for the Government to survey and, sell ,the land at a rate that would maintain land values high enough to be
  39. Important leaders in the Ainu community. After Okinawa and Kazan declined to, sell ,their land, the Hokkaido Development Bureau applied for and was subsequently
  40. Was to collect insects and other animal specimens in the Amazon rainforest and, sell ,them to collectors back in the United Kingdom. They also hoped to gather
  41. Psychology, to illustrate another discipline, to (with commercial arts) to, sell ,a product, or simply as a form of communication. # Communication. Art, at its
  42. Later that year. In July of the following year, Apple launched the App Store to, sell ,third-party applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Within a month, the
  43. General, Publius Cornelius Sulla, left the Athenians their lives and did not, sell ,them into slavery; he also restored the previous government, in 86 BC. After
  44. Including the United Kingdom, Germany and Australia and the single went to, sell ,over 10 million copies worldwide. In Australia, the song occupied the top
  45. For its contractors' labor, environmental,and business practices. To, sell ,the Apple I personal computer kit. They were hand-built by Wozniak and first
  46. S website on February 6,2007,Steve Jobs wrote that Apple would be willing to, sell ,music on the iTunes Store without DRM (which would allow tracks to be played
  47. Since, these ideas have been somewhat lost as the art market has learned to, sell ,limited edition DVDs of video works, invitations to exclusive performance art
  48. The rural area surrounding Adelaide was surveyed by Light in preparation to, sell ,a total of over of land. Adelaide's early economy started to get on its feet
  49. Title in many cases, a privilege denied to individual Alaskans) but cannot, sell ,the land. Individual Native allotments can be and are sold on the open market
  50. 1971,at Sotheby's New York – a minimal amount for the artist whose paintings, sell ,for over $6 million more recently. He loved celebrities, so he painted them as

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