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  1. The numbers involved * the logarithmic cost model, also called logarithmic-cost, measurement ,(and variations thereof),assigns a cost to every machine operation
  2. Analytic instruments such as the Spectrum analyzer facilitate visualization and, measurement ,of acoustic signals and their properties. The Spectrogram produced by such an
  3. Be tuned to the precision of, e. g., the data storage format or the original, measurement ,hardware. A relative histogram of a random variable can be constructed in the
  4. Length as measured by the United States Geological Survey is, and by steamboat, measurement , The river crosses the richest agricultural and timber districts of the state.
  5. And possibly multiplied by a scaling constant k (which depends on the units of, measurement ,that are chosen):: \theta = k \franc. The value of θ thus defined is
  6. In 1807 by Friedrich Bessel, the father of modern asymmetry. He made the first, measurement ,of stellar parallax: 0.3 arc sec for the binary star 61 CGI. Being very
  7. Millikan's detailed experiments on the photoelectric effect, and with the, measurement ,of Compton scattering. Einstein concluded that each wave of frequency f is
  8. That if it is possible to determine what the answer to a position or momentum, measurement ,would be, without in any way disturbing the particle, then the particle
  9. Whip-like tail. Its forelimbs were slightly shorter than its hind limbs. One, measurement ,places the total length of the species Apatosaurus Louise at. It was roughly
  10. The demographer and theologian Genius attributes to Pythagoras the exact, measurement ,of the obliquity. Multiple worlds According to Simplicity, Anaximander already
  11. Their arguments are in radians. The radian is the (derived) unit of angular, measurement ,in the SI system. *The astronomical hour angle is 1/24 of a turn. Since this
  12. Models are generally used: * the uniform cost model, also called uniform-cost, measurement ,(and similar variations),assigns a constant cost to every machine operation
  13. The Sun. This has led to calls to abandon the astronomical unit as a unit of, measurement , There have also been calls to redefine the astronomical unit in terms of a
  14. The Gaussian gravitational constant (k) takes the value when the units of, measurement ,are the astronomical units of length, mass and time. An equivalent definition
  15. It is very sensitive to small changes in the data, so much so that changing a, measurement ,by a few percent can make the solar distance infinite. Later in Europe
  16. Telephone played important roles in a global transformation of society. Sound, measurement ,and analysis reached new levels of accuracy and sophistication through the use
  17. Analysis by color, odor,or melting point. Quantitative analysis is achieved by, measurement ,of weight or volume. Instrumental methods use an apparatus to measure physical
  18. Is due primarily to the side-chain conformations of the antigen. It is a, measurement , although the degree of specificity may not be easy to measure, and need not be
  19. Near the Earth in 1900–1901 allowed a considerable improvement in parallax, measurement , Another international project to measure the parallax of 433 Eros was
  20. Level above and contain only the flats (AME apartments) themselves. Units and, measurement ,Numbers When saying or writing out numbers, the British insert an and before
  21. Is related to the light time per unit distance) this gave the first direct, measurement ,of the Earth–Sun distance in kilometers. Newcomb's value for the solar
  22. Eclipse in 1919 to make the first empirical test of Einstein’s theory: the, measurement ,of the deflection of light by the sun's gravitational field. In fact, it was
  23. Element of national security among the major world powers with materials, measurement ,and signature intelligence (MAS INT) capabilities. Isotopes Chemists can use
  24. To Herodotus' Histories (II,109),who gave the Greeks the art of time, measurement , It is likely that he was not the first to determine the solstices, because no
  25. Einstein returned to the question of quantum mechanics. He considered how a, measurement ,on one of two entangled particles would affect the other. He noted, along with
  26. Other acres * Scottish acre, one of a number of obsolete Scottish units of, measurement ,ATP may refer to: * Adenosine triphosphate, coenzyme used as an energy carrier
  27. 1,2,3-cd)pyrene. This list of the 16 EPA priority Pass is often targeted for, measurement ,in environmental samples. Aromaticity Although Pass clearly are aromatic
  28. To be a zero-center analog pointer-type meter for modest-accuracy voltage, measurement , Stable, accurate voltage sources provide known magnitudes. Typical electronic
  29. Choose to express their weight in terms of kilograms. When used as the unit of, measurement ,the plural form of stone is correctly stone (as in" 11 stone" ). When
  30. Half a degree. " The small-angle formula can be used to convert such an angular, measurement ,into a distance/size ratio. ASA may refer to: People * ASA (born 1982)
  31. Sodium bicarbonate, and dialysis. The diagnosis of poisoning usually involves, measurement ,of plasma salicylate, the active metabolite of aspirin, by automated
  32. Method to work; the accuracy of his value seems to based more on luck than good, measurement , with his various errors cancelling each other out. Jean Richer and Giovanni
  33. A minute of arc; arc minute; or minute of angle (MOA),is a unit of angular, measurement , equal to one sixtieth () of one degree. In turn, a second of arc or arc second
  34. Flowed out of the calorimeter was collected and weighed. Lavoisier used this, measurement ,to estimate the heat produced by the guinea pig's metabolism. Lavoisier
  35. Straight lines, and squares, often in two and sometimes in three dimensions of, measurement , Geometrically, one studies the Euclidean plane (2 dimensions) and Euclidean
  36. The degree and the radian are by far the most common. Most units of angular, measurement ,are defined such that one turn (i.e. one full circle) is equal to n units
  37. Have been disrupted, and indeed 511 David, the same size as Sylvia to within, measurement ,error, is estimated to be two and a half times as massive, though this is
  38. Having first been calibrated). Setting circles are angular, measurement ,scales that can be placed on the two main rotation axes of some telescopes.
  39. Of asymmetry is error correction. Various factors introduce errors into the, measurement ,of stellar positions, including atmospheric conditions, imperfections in the
  40. Of the telephone. " The be (B) and the smaller decibel (dB) are units of, measurement ,of sound intensity invented by Bell Labs and named after him. Since 1976 the
  41. Of a low level of inner-cloud turbulence. Line ratio calculations provide a, measurement ,of cloud temperature that is independent of previous CO observations. The
  42. Fahrenheit-scaled increments) with increasing rarity. Absolute temperature, measurement ,is uniquely determined by a multiplicative constant which specifies the size of
  43. Meters per second (CSI) is fixed in the International System of Units, this, measurement , of the speed of light in AU/d (CAU) also determines the value of the
  44. On improvements in experimental design, chemometrics, and the creation of new, measurement ,tools to provide better chemical information. Analytical chemistry has
  45. Regarded as one of the main discoverers of electromagnetism. The SI unit of, measurement ,of electric current, the ampere, is named after him. Early days Ampere was born
  46. A pure solvent. If the amount in the sample is below an instrument's range of, measurement , the method of addition can be used. In this method a known quantity of the
  47. Does better for smaller phases. Meteors For a meteor, the standard distance for, measurement ,of magnitudes is at an altitude of at the observer's zenith. Apollo 1 (also
  48. Higher or lower number of cycles per second. In a common technique of acoustic, measurement , acoustic signals are sampled in time, and then presented in more meaningful
  49. By the Mendenhall Order. In India, especially in Kerala, Cent is a, measurement ,used in measuring residential plots. One Cent is one-hundredth of an Acre.
  50. Explained some basic notions of geometry. It also mentions his interest in the, measurement ,of time and associates him with the introduction in Greece of the noon. In

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