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  1. Had experienced the Trail of Tears, and they had faced starvation ... It was an, amazing ,gesture. By today's standards, it might be a million dollars" according to
  2. Admired Radar, one of his closest friends, and wrote:" Radar is the most, amazing ,manifestation of vitality ". They moved in similar circles and Baudelaire made
  3. And Spain. The number of these monasteries founded between AD 520 and 700 is, amazing , Before the Council of Constance, AD 1415,no fewer than 15,070 abbeys had been
  4. The standards for archaeo-astronomical fieldwork and interpretation, and his, amazing ,results have stirred controversy during the last three decades. " His influence
  5. Towards the shore, and building submarine shoals rich in fish, shrimps,and an, amazing ,variety of other marine life forms. This makes the Agassi area a very fertile
  6. More than one million people went to games involving Robinson in 1946,an, amazing ,figure by International League standards. In the fall of 1946,following the
  7. Clams, the Trident),sponges, and foraminifera. These endosymbiosis drive the, amazing ,formation of coral reefs by capturing sunlight and providing their hosts with
  8. It was the country versus the city – an exasperating idea for them, as was the, amazing ,fact that every new work of Rousseau’s was a huge success, whether the subject
  9. Books. On November 11,Bag well filed for free agency. Finally, to end his, amazing ,career, Bagwell announced his retirement on December 15. On November 6,Roger
  10. It. In the 1980s and 1990s,biologists found that microbial life has an, amazing ,flexibility for surviving in extreme environments - niches that are
  11. And of their powers. In the life sciences and paleontology, he revealed an, amazing ,transforming intuition, fueled by his study of comparative anatomy and fossils.
  12. The club moved to 21–1 over all games played after September 15. By then,the, amazing ,streak of wins became known among fans as" October ". In the 2007 World
  13. Bombay, Hind Kit abs Ltd.,1952. * China can make it: Eye-witness account of the, amazing ,industrial progress in new China,1952. * In the Image of Mao Setting, Peoples
  14. Fine Arts, and Designers Art School in Boston—the latter before launching his, amazing ,career. Camp had already decided to become a cartoonist. " I heard that Bud
  15. Is the significant process, not the man, which constitutes our theme. But the, amazing ,modus operandi of his genius, in the fresh light which I hope I have to offer
  16. Improving access into and out of the park. Deception Pass State Park has an, amazing ,abundance of recreational opportunities. It has three campgrounds. The
  17. In Variety wrote that" the real accomplishment of the film lies in the, amazing ,physical realization of an imaginative universe. Where Burton's ideas end and
  18. Had experienced the Trail of Tears, and they had faced starvation ... It was an, amazing ,gesture. " According to Judy Allen, editor of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma's
  19. Bob was in blackface and was the comic; he cracked jokes, sang,and did an, amazing ,jig dance. " Since there was already a" Jim" on the show, the manager began
  20. Of the Shoos, lovable and innocent fantasy creatures who reproduced at, amazing ,speed and brought so many benefits that, ironically,the world economy was
  21. Marco Polo was not the first Westerner to travel to the Orient and return with, amazing ,stories of this different culture, but his accounts published in the late 13th
  22. Many world leaders to lose sight of their purpose. " Government leaders are, amazing ,", she once said. " So often it seems they are the last to know what the people
  23. Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) nations have helped to propel this, amazing ,growth. The increased economic growth also led to a turn-around in government
  24. Effective first stable form in 1940,several clinical trials ensued, and their, amazing ,success inspired the team to develop methods for mass production and mass
  25. To ten years to complete, stating " There is no point in doing it unless it is, amazing , The last thing I want to do is to rush something out ". She did not give any
  26. Of the various types of borzoi dogs he found in the Cossack villages. Esmont's, amazing ,pictures were recently published and can be viewed by clicking on the link
  27. Also have more than one color per thread, which in the right project, creates, amazing , results. Related stitches and forms of embroidery Other stitches are also often
  28. Presley for the first time:" His energy was incredible, his instinct was just, amazing , ... I just didn't know what to make of it. There was just no reference point
  29. For hosting the Market Race – Jet Ski World Championship since 1998. This, amazing ,9-stage,4-day event unites competitors from all around the world (mostly
  30. Episcopalian,I've tried Scientology ... and I find that Buddhism is the most, amazing , transcendent path to enlightenment for me. " Love has advocated for several
  31. Device that transforms its user into any desired shape, Hobbes remarks," It's, amazing ,what they do with corrugated cardboard these days. " Calvin is able to change
  32. Astonishing news ... since nobody but Kant could have written this book. This, amazing ,news of a third sun in the philosophical heavens has set me into such confusion
  33. Tells Montag he had a dream about him, and quotes many books and shows an, amazing ,knowledge of literature to prove to Montag that books can confuse the thoughts.
  34. Improvements in fluorescence microscopy techniques have provided novel and, amazing ,insight into the dynamic structure of a single cell organism. Research on
  35. Moving into fourth on July 21 and second place on August 12. Despite their, amazing ,comeback, the Braves entered the World Series as a heavy underdog to Connie
  36. On Jamiroquai's Facebook site, saying," Hi Everybody, just wanted to say how, amazing ,it is to have so many Friends on Facebook, half a million I believe. Therefore
  37. Of rumbling and whispering and so forth,'cause nobody knew I even sang. It was, amazing ,how popular I became after that. " Presley, who never received formal music
  38. The start of a fantastic comeback. Samara struck twice as Fulham registered an, amazing ,3–2 victory. Fulham then won a very important match against fellow strugglers
  39. Word to Court and Spark; I worshiped her when I was in high school. Blue is, amazing , I would have to say of all the women I've heard, she had the most profound
  40. By repeated exclamations, showed his great amazement. - Well,what's so, amazing ,in that? Asked the Englishman. - Oh, but I'm not amazed at its coming out
  41. Further states (LOC cit) that he contracted to build the Middle of three, amazing ,walls linking Athens and Piraeus. Aimee Hewitt stated in her recent book that
  42. Predicate sentences. Examples include" big "," this "," so-called" and ", amazing ,". Both and form adverbs, by following with in the case of::" become strange "
  43. In The Second Italo-Abyssinian War, the way he saved his country and his, amazing ,speech to the people of The United Kingdom. Subsequently, therefore,the word
  44. Ad-libs. Besides, he proved himself a real action hero by doing a great deal of, amazing ,stunts. Soon nobody could tell anymore how many stunts he had already pulled.
  45. Last for the next seven years; agile and alert, he was frequently seen making, amazing ,reflex saves and possessed flawless positional sense and reading of attackers '
  46. Caring moments between four people: a hotel room here and there – a really, amazing ,closeness. Just four guys who loved each other. It was pretty sensational. "
  47. From all over the world, who are invited to paint outdoors in Alameda's, amazing ,range of light and temperate climate. The FCA is also home to the West Coast
  48. Used for severely handicapped characters. Scores of 15 or more are described as, amazing ,— they are immediately apparent and draw constant comment. Players assign these
  49. The business news website WWW. Mad. Co. UK remarked that the IKEA campaign had, amazing ,similarities with the marketing activity of UK home refurbishment company Ones
  50. Intellectual ability, particularly his son Blaine. The young Pascal showed an, amazing ,aptitude for mathematics and science. Particularly of interest to Pascal was a

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