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  1. Consort Maria Louise (as Concord),to model whom the author made a further, journey ,to Paris in 1810,the princess Esterhazy and the muse Olympia (Elisa
  2. Damascus; but not deeming themselves safe there, they continued their perilous, journey ,through the Caucasus and Anatolia. They were well received by the king George
  3. All the other snakes (Exodus 7:9) proving his rod was victorious. During the, journey ,in the wilderness, Aaron is not always prominent or active; and he sometimes
  4. Its prime beneficiary. " As for Carotid, in Gregory's words she died on the, journey ,home" by some ill chance ". Childbirth had her body brought to Paris where she
  5. That's affirmative, you are the best ones to know ". The spacecraft began its, journey ,back to Earth on December 25,Christmas Day. Unplanned manual re-alignment
  6. Raft made from tree trunks named Atlantis from Canary Islands and after 52 days, journey ,arrived to Venezuela in an attempt to prove travelers from Africa may have
  7. Distance from Berlin to Heidelberg. He then expanded his idea into a worldwide, journey , visualizing the places he was" traveling" through while walking the path
  8. The mountain K2,which at that time no other Europeans had attempted. On the, journey , Crowley was afflicted with influenza, malaria,and snow blindness, while other
  9. City. The following year he married architect Amino Mario. Their honeymoon, journey ,to Italy sealed an intellectual bond with the culture of the Mediterranean
  10. International Poetry Incarnation, Buddhism and Krishnaism Ginsberg's spiritual, journey ,began early on with his spontaneous visions, and continued with an early trip
  11. The place of emergence of the ancestors or a dimensional doorway. During their, journey ,from the ships to the world of the living, the spirits stop along the road
  12. External aid (as in grace) and will promise an immortality where the moral, journey ,can be completed. It will also ensure that in the long run happiness will
  13. The pope in person, the house being taxed with the expenses of the new abbot's, journey ,to Rome. It was necessary that an abbot should be at least 25 years of age, of
  14. To Rome; but his health being impaired from arduous application, he took a, journey ,through a part of Germany, in company with his friend Prince Rezoning. He
  15. With a feast day on 20 November. Selected works: *Hodoeporicon, diary of a, journey ,visiting the monasteries of Italy **Diogenes Laertes, Vitae philosopher (
  16. It is a proof of Mr. Derleth's merit that he makes one want to make the, journey ,and see his particular Avalon: The Wisconsin River shining among its islands
  17. To go to Abyssinia. The permission was granted, and Abu Bakr set off on his, journey , However, on the way he met Ibn-ud-Daghinna, the chief of Sara. Under
  18. Through the process of initiation which involves a trial by the elements in a, journey ,to the underworld. Lucius is then asked to seek initiation into the cult of
  19. Province of Carthage). Not long after his return home he set out upon a new, journey ,to Alexandria. On his way there he was taken ill at the town of OEA (
  20. Ferries link Anguilla and the neighboring island of Saint Martin, with a, journey ,time of about twenty minutes. Aside from taxis, there is no public transport on
  21. Of provincial samba. Book III of Marco Polo’s IL Million described his, journey ,by sea from China to India by way of Champ (= Southern Vietnam),Java (
  22. Smashes into the reef at Raroia in the Tuamotu Islands after a 101-day, journey , across the Pacific Ocean in an attempt to prove that pre-historic peoples could
  23. Deceased are often considered necessary for the successful completion of this, journey , From the belief in the survival of the dead arose the practice of offering
  24. Mameluke sultan. Having returned with rich presents and an ambassador, on the, journey ,back in March 1515 they were met by Albuquerque at Hormuz, where he went to
  25. From Apollo 11. JPG|Mexico and the Southwest United States seen on the return, journey ,File: Apollo 11 photo map. PDF|Map showing landing site and photos taken File:
  26. Messenger god Mercury was sent by Jupiter and Aphrodite to remind Aeneas of his, journey ,and his purpose, thus compelling him to leave secretly and continue on his way.
  27. Departs Springfield, Illinois,for California, on what will become a year-long, journey ,of hardship, cannibalism,and survival. *1849 – Hungary declares itself
  28. Top of the rocket on September 21 and the rocket made the slow 3-mile (5 km), journey , to the launch pad on October 9. Testing continued all through December until
  29. O' Messenger of Allah? " He answered," Yes! " At last we continued the, journey ,while the mushrikeen kept looking for us, not that could pursue us except
  30. Of King Priam of Troy, making Aeneas Priam's second cousin, once removed. The, journey ,of Aeneas from Troy (with help from Aphrodite),which led to the founding of
  31. To the Pope were fairly frequent. Around 890,Sultan of Haitian undertook a, journey ,from Haitian on Jutland along the Baltic Sea to the Prussian trading town of
  32. Eendrachtsland after the name of his ship. Abel Tasman endured a very rough, journey ,from Tasmania to New Zealand. In one of his diary entries Tasman credits his
  33. To deliver that beast. " Then 'AAIB said," No, until you tell us about your, journey ,with the Messenger of Allah when he went out of Hakka while the Mushrikeen
  34. Conditions and walks of life. According to some stories, Columbus began his, journey ,across the Atlantic Ocean on Friday, August 3,1492,in order to prove that the
  35. In a specially designed six-wheel drive vehicles, the team completed the, journey ,from the Antarctic coast at Patriot Hills to the geographic South Pole in an
  36. Finally to the castle of Sent'Elmo at Naples. He was accompanied throughout his, journey ,by his mistress, Afrosinia. That the emperor sincerely sympathized with Alexei
  37. Afrikaans, such as 'aardvark' ( lit. " Earth pig" ),'trek' (" pioneering, journey ,", in Afrikaans lit. " Pull" but used also for" migrate" )," spoor" ( "
  38. Still other systems combine these two beliefs, holding that the soul must, journey ,to the spirit world without becoming lost and thus wandering as a ghost (e.g.
  39. For an equestrian statue of the perjured Bourbon king Ferdinand VII. This, journey ,materially injured his health, but he rallied again on his return to Rome.
  40. Triumph. The adventure novel exhibits these" protagonist on adventurous, journey ," characteristics as do many popular feature films, such as Star Wars and
  41. Pattern, starting with the" call to adventure ", followed by a hazardous, journey , and eventual triumph. The adventure novel exhibits these" protagonist on
  42. At least, and that's a large proportion—into some tunnel of several days ', journey , We'd perhaps grumble less, afterward,at God's handiwork. In March 1916,the
  43. The first mention of another name is later (), during his first missionary, journey , Several years later, Barnabas and Paul set out on a mission (13-14) to
  44. The LM, the accident would certainly have been fatal. Crew survival and return, journey ,The damage to the Service Module made safe return from a lunar landing
  45. That a ship sailing west to the Far East could carry enough supplies for the, journey , By this legend Columbus' mission is then rendered entirely noble
  46. To aiding him only from afar, as by implanting thoughts in his head during his, journey ,home from Troy. Her guiding actions reinforce her role as the" protected of
  47. Would follow in 2011. Band members When Afforests began their musical, journey ,in the mid-1990s during the Real World Recording Week the difference between a
  48. A meeting with royal advisors. He was advised by them not to make the, journey ,over to Fife because of weather conditions, but travelled anyway. Alexander
  49. Ill. In November 1515 he decided to return, but he didn't survive the, journey , dying off Goa. Political downfall Albuquerque's career had a painful and
  50. Oculos) The company stopped on the island of Sicily during the course of their, journey , After the first trip, before the Trojans went to Carthage, Achaemenides, one

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