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  1. Movement of righteous Muslims was needed to establish" true Islamic states ", implement ,sharia, and rid the Muslim world of any non-Muslim influences, such as concepts
  2. The Group Code Recording used by the controller was simpler and easier to, implement ,in software than the more common MFM. In the end, the low chip count of the
  3. Commercially available consumer operating systems for personal computers to, implement ,preemptive multitasking. Another notable feature was the combined use of both a
  4. Reprogrammable computers. The machine was, however,the first to, implement ,three critical ideas that are still part of every modern computer: #Using
  5. For amphibian conservation. Amphibian Ark is an organization that was formed to, implement ,the ex-situ conservation recommendations of this plan, and they have been
  6. The Group Code Recording used by the controller was simpler and easier to, implement ,in software than the more common MFM. In the end, the low chip count of the
  7. Dung said Vietnam has always supported Myanmar and hopes it will continue to, implement ,the" roadmap to democracy" outlined by its government. Nobel Peace Prize Sung
  8. Food, fiber,and other products used to sustain life. Agriculture was the key, implement ,in the rise of sedentary human civilization, whereby farming of domesticated
  9. And the military, who were supposed to assume the government temporarily to, implement ,democratic reforms related to 1891's Constitution, closed the Congress and
  10. Of NSW land enclosed by an exclave of ACT land. Administration ACT Ministers, implement ,their executive powers through the following government departments and
  11. This term was never clearly defined, and no Labor government ever attempted to, implement ," socialism" in any serious sense. Labor supported national wage fixing and a
  12. Software (which has ceased its activities). *Jack is a SourceForge project to, implement ,AWK in Java. Extensions to the language are added to provide access to Java
  13. And then only those calculations strictly required. An obvious (and easy to, implement ,) lazy evaluation is the J-vector: when a monodic iota is encountered in the
  14. Programming languages, such as C++ and Java, come with standard libraries that, implement ,several common Acts, such as those listed above. Built-in abstract data types
  15. Allows admission of another task. The select statement in Ada can be used to, implement ,non-blocking entry calls and accepts, non-deterministic selection of entries (
  16. Of the Emancipation Proclamation. At first, Lincoln was reluctant to fully, implement ,this program, but by the spring of 1863,he was ready to initiate" a massive
  17. Is available on any platform supported by Java. Argo UML does not yet completely, implement ,the UML standard. History Argo UML was originally developed at UC Irvine by
  18. Group of the World Conservation Union (IUCN) is spearheading efforts to, implement ,a comprehensive global strategy for amphibian conservation. Amphibian Ark is an
  19. Stand unconditionally behind you. " However, he demanded the exclusive power to, implement ,the Nero Decree, and Hitler signed an order to that effect. Using this order
  20. Official, the program was organized as part of U. S. efforts to help Azerbaijan, implement ,its NATO IPA, specifically to strengthen Azerbaijan's ability to control its
  21. In 2005,but anti-corruption measures have been more difficult to, implement , Investment in the construction and industrial sectors is expected to continue
  22. S text or to materialize a new function from text, are simply not practical to, implement ,in machine code compilation. A commercial compiler was brought to market by
  23. Instruction, and the auxiliary carry (AC/NA) flag, which were used to, implement ,decimal arithmetic routines. These four-bit quantities are sometimes called
  24. Of the Race involves an interactive program about global hunger that teachers, implement ,in their classrooms. Recognizing the paradox of hunger in the developing world
  25. To texture only from AGP memory, making PCI versions of the board difficult to, implement ,(local board RAM had to emulate AGP memory. ) Microsoft first introduced AGP
  26. Hardware can implement . There is no requirement that an APM-aware device, implement ,all states. The four states are: * Device Power Managed: The device is still
  27. Designs, or Alan Turing's post-War designs at NPL and elsewhere. Nor did it, implement ,the stored program architecture that made practical fully general-purpose
  28. To the west, into areas held by the Britons. Further success Easier to, implement ,were Rome's mandates concerning pagan temples and celebrations. Temples were
  29. Signal standard, which made color display relatively easy and inexpensive to, implement , The original NTSC television signal specification was black-and-white. Color
  30. Languages would remain, Ada and Lisp. Early Ada compilers struggled to, implement ,the large, complex language, and both compile-time and run-time performance
  31. Aged 37,few imagined that he would be known to posterity as a leader able to, implement ,the most challenging reforms undertaken in Russia since the reign of Peter the
  32. Connection-oriented protocol like TCP was considered to be too expensive to, implement ,for most of the intended uses of Applejack. Thus, ATP was a simple
  33. Device power states APM also defines power states that APM-aware hardware can, implement , There is no requirement that an APM-aware device implement all states. The
  34. A (usually rubber) bung at the bottom of one end, and a hard spite or other, implement ,is used to open a hole in the side of the cask, which is now uppermost. The act
  35. With revenues booming from oil exports, the government has started to, implement ,ambitious development programs in building roads and other basic infrastructure
  36. Are often called vectors or matrices, respectively. Arrays are often used to, implement ,tables, especially lookup tables; the word table is sometimes used as a synonym
  37. According to the ADT's specifications. Usually there are many ways to, implement ,the same ADT, using several concrete data structures. Thus, for
  38. Out for a shorter cell length. With 32 bytes, France would have been able to, implement ,an ATM-based voice network with calls from one end of France to the other
  39. Upper bounds for K (s): simply compress the string s with some method, implement ,the corresponding decompress or in the chosen language, concatenate the
  40. The French word bill art or Gillette, meaning " stick ", in reference to the,an, implement ,similar to a golf club, which was the forerunner to the modern cue; the term's
  41. Another question under debate has been how the Partners and others could, implement ,the OSCE acquit, in other words its principles, norms and commitments on a
  42. RS690),targeted at mainstream IGP computing. It was the industry's first to, implement ,an HDMI 1.2 port on motherboards, shipping for more than a million units. While
  43. Of growth for AOL. Certified e-mail In early 2005,AOL stated its intention to, implement ,a certified e-mail system called Good mail, which will allow companies to send
  44. Tariffs were vetoed by Rhode Island. Above concludes that their failure to, implement ,national measures" stemmed not from a heady sense of independence but rather
  45. Important data structures, and are used by almost every program and are used to, implement ,many other data structures, such as lists and strings. They effectively exploit
  46. The electrolysis of antimony (III) trichloride. When scratched with a sharp, implement , an exothermic reaction occurs and white fumes given off as metallic antimony
  47. Signal standard, which made color display relatively easy and inexpensive to, implement , The original NTSC television signal specification was black-and-white. Color
  48. According to Conway's Game of Life. It demonstrates the power of APL to, implement ,a complex algorithm in very little code, but it is also very hard to follow
  49. Beloved of ALGOL implement ors for the interesting" thunks" that are used to, implement ,it. Donald Knuth devised the" man or boy test" to separate compilers that
  50. Communicating with the drives. With the 40-wire cable it was very common to, implement ,cable select by simply cutting the pin 28 wire between the two device

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