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  1. Spared due to a last-ditch effort by Cleopatra's fleet that had been waiting, nearby , Octavian pursued them, and after another defeat in Alexandria on 1 August 30
  2. And Mosque. In summer there are several big outdoor dance parties in or, nearby ,Amsterdam, such as Awakenings, Dance Valley, Mystery Land, Loveland,A Day at
  3. Pine and Hurley, who play their matches around the Wagener Stadium in the, nearby ,city of Amstelveen. The basketball team Guide Amsterdam competes in the Dutch
  4. Seventy thousand men and women enlisted and shipbuilding was expanded at the, nearby ,port of Wheatley. The South Australian Government in this period built on former
  5. Sound of a Mozart piece is suddenly heard, played on the piano by a woman in a, nearby ,house. As one commentator notes," In contrast to this scene of primitive
  6. The Thumb Mark of Saint Peter. " Miss Marple also employs young women from a, nearby ,orphanage, whom she trains for" service" as general housemaids after the
  7. Drink nectar when not reproducing. They then will prey upon insect pests on, nearby ,plants. Some plants are herbs that produce enough scent to possibly
  8. Parasitic wasps and predatory flies, which then will hunt insect pests on, nearby ,crops. The family is closely related to Araliaceae and the boundaries between
  9. While Ames is the largest city in Story County, the county seat is in the, nearby ,city of Nevada which is east of Ames. Ames is the home of Iowa State University
  10. To such contraband camps, for instance establishing schools in Norfolk and on, nearby ,plantations. In addition, approximately 180,000 or more African-American men
  11. Near Kandahar in the south of the country) may have been a colony of the, nearby ,Indus Valley Civilization. The region was called Ariana. The ancient
  12. Through Antigua, but in 1824 it was placed under the administrative control of, nearby ,Saint Kitts. In 1967,Britain granted Saint Kitts and Nevis full internal
  13. Would allow crops to be grown without benefit of irrigation. At the same time, nearby ,areas experiencing significantly drier patterns were abandoned. The ancient
  14. And stretching in some places to the early 1910s,gold rushes in Alaska and the, nearby ,Yukon Territory brought thousands of miners and settlers to Alaska. Alaska was
  15. Wine Center and Tanzania National Aboriginal Cultural Institute are located, nearby ,in the East End of the city. In the back of the State Library lies the
  16. Second. The next day, the Lindbergh's watched the launch of Apollo 8 from a, nearby ,dune. Saturn V The Saturn V rocket used by Apollo 8 was designated SA-503,or
  17. Lived in" a mosaic of woodland and grasslands with lakes, swamps and springs, nearby ," but further research is needed to determine which habitat Ardipithecus at
  18. Higher but vary widely depending on transportation costs, seasonal usage peaks, nearby ,petroleum development infrastructure and many other factors. Alaska accounts
  19. City unopposed. Washington unsuccessfully attacked the British encampment in, nearby ,Germantown in early October and then retreated to watch and wait. After
  20. Detectable by the two gamma rays produced every time positrons annihilate with, nearby ,matter. The frequency and wavelength of the gamma rays indicate that each
  21. Pharyngealizing all nearby consonants and triggering the back allophone in all, nearby ,low vowels. The extent of emphasis spreading varies. For example, in Moroccan
  22. Covered peak Cotopaxi. The mountains have a large effect on the temperatures of, nearby ,areas. The snow line depends on the location. It is at between 4,500 and 4,800
  23. Parish, some from downtown Athens, ( accessible by car or cable car) and the, nearby ,town of Outrage (accessible by car via the Athens – Corinth National Highway
  24. For his hubris to challenge a god. He then nailed Marshal' shaggy skin to a, nearby ,pine-tree. Marshal' blood turned into the river Marshal. Another variation is
  25. Elton John's AIDS fundraiser viewing party airs the awards live at the, nearby ,Pacific Design Center. * The Governors' Ball is the Academy's official
  26. Zones, winter albedos of treeless areas are 10 % to 50 % higher than, nearby ,forested areas because snow does not cover the trees as readily. Deciduous
  27. The plants are herbs that produce enough scent to possibly dilute the odors of, nearby ,plants, or the pheromones emitted by insects that find those plants, which
  28. In Moroccan Arabic, on the other hand, short /u/ triggers labialization of, nearby ,consonants (especially velar consonants and uvular consonants),and then
  29. The resulting particle jets, which are immediately annihilated by contact with, nearby ,matter. They may similarly be produced in regions like the center of the Milky
  30. Manchester Grammar School and then Oxford University, in 1957 he moved to the, nearby ,village of Blacken, where he bought and renovated an Early Modern building
  31. In many of the spoken varieties, and to spread from emphatic consonants to, nearby ,sounds. In addition, the " emphatic" allophone automatically triggers
  32. Became more important, giving the harbor city some advantages over other, nearby ,cities as new industries came into existence. Viking Age and before The oldest
  33. Have multiple emphatic allophones of each vowel, depending on the particular, nearby ,consonants. In most MSA accents, emphatic coloring of vowels is limited to
  34. In ancient Libya 'Sal ammoniacal' ( salt of Amen) because of proximity to the, nearby ,temple. Salts of ammonia have been known from very early times; thus the term
  35. Wallingford in Oxfordshire (formerly part of Berkshire). She is buried in the, nearby ,churchyard of St Mary's, Cholsey. Christie's only child, Rosalind Margaret
  36. These styles in the city center. Most historic buildings in the city center and, nearby ,are houses, such as the famous merchants' houses lining the canals. Government
  37. Ginsberg was born into a Jewish family in Newark, New Jersey, and grew up in, nearby ,Paterson. As a young teenager, Ginsberg began to write letters to The New York
  38. The ancient Egyptian god Horus and his alleged messenger. She then led him to a, nearby ,museum in Cairo where she showed him a seventh century BCE mortuary style known
  39. To Tea Tree Gully's transport woes in the 1980s. The development of the, nearby ,suburb of Golden Grove in the late 1980s is possibly an example of
  40. Father, Thomas Sanders, a wealthy businessman, offered Bell a place to stay at, nearby ,Salem with Georgie's grandmother, complete with a room to" experiment ".
  41. Which the presence of an" emphatic consonant" triggers backed allophones of, nearby ,vowels (especially of the low vowels, which are backed to in these
  42. In Maghreb, Sudan,Andalusia, Italy,Mali, Niger,Senegal, Egypt,and other, nearby ,lands. In Khan provides a table summarizing the Aired, Banu Iran, Maghrawa
  43. People traded, worshipped, collaborated and fought most often with other, nearby ,groups. Cultural differences should therefore be understood as“ clonal ”,"
  44. Into a working class family in Congleton, Cheshire,Garner grew up around the, nearby ,town of Adderley Edge, and spent much of his youth in the wooded area known
  45. Sacrament is reserved in a tabernacle or Aubrey with a lighted candle or lamp, nearby , Only a priest or a bishop may be the celebrant at the Eucharist, though Sydney
  46. Tripoli Friedan amusement park as well as the deer park situated in the large, nearby ,public forest. Architecturally impressive sights include the 13th century
  47. Of discovering the island, he and Opera were likely guided there by natives of, nearby ,islands. Both described Aruba as an" island of giants," remarking on the
  48. Spreads forward and back through adjacent syllables, pharyngealizing all, nearby ,consonants and triggering the back allophone in all nearby low vowels. The
  49. Size, the Catholic clergy chose to place its episcopal see of the city in the, nearby ,provincial town of Haarlem. In recent times, religious demographics in
  50. Group and Philips. KPMG International's global headquarters is located in, nearby ,Amstelveen, where many non-Dutch companies have settled as well due to the fact

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