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  1. Briefly stayed at the Farm House and even wrote his inaugural speech in a, bedroom ,on the second floor. James“ Tampa Jim” Wilson resided for much of the 1890s
  2. weaver's family. The main room served as a living room, dining room and, bedroom , Andrew's family had to borrow money in order to migrate. Allegheny was a very
  3. Friar Park home and began loudly calling to Harrison. Harrison left the, bedroom ,to investigate while his wife, Olivia,phoned the police. Abram attacked
  4. To the entire school. The film ends with Lin and Agnes sitting in Elin's, bedroom ,drinking chocolate and Lin explaining that she often adds too much chocolate
  5. He then slumped forward in his chair, unconscious,and was carried into his, bedroom , The president's attending cardiologist, Dr. Howard Brent, diagnosed a
  6. Him, Scarlett throws back a drink and gets up from her chair to go back to her, bedroom , But Rhett stops her and pins her shoulders to the wall. Scarlett tells Rhett
  7. May Sinclair, in 1913,said that the slamming of Helen Huntingdon's, bedroom ,door against her husband reverberated throughout Victorian England. Anne's
  8. With human beings. Most conventional modern houses will at least contain a, bedroom , bathroom, kitchen (or kitchen area),and a living room. A typical "
  9. Edwards remembered that the knife Danger had threatened him with was in the, bedroom , When one of the officers checked the bedroom , he saw the photographs of
  10. Upperclassman - Completed in 1977 and housing approximately 500 students, in, bedroom , apartments,each bedroom accommodating two students and each suite sharing one
  11. Rich interiors that culminated in a presence chamber or throne room or a state, bedroom , The sequence of monumental stairs followed by a state apartment was copied in
  12. Officer, though later sources claim an antitank missile was launched into his, bedroom ,and killed him. Although Lenard was also injured, it is suspected that Abdallah
  13. Guitar chords together. McCartney stated that he and George usually shared a, bedroom ,while touring. Guitar work Harrison's guitar work with The Beatles was varied
  14. Or (for a color) faded.;. A dressing gown is a" robe de chamber" ( lit. A, bedroom ,dress).; e: small; waiflike; skinny; In French, it means only small and does
  15. George Markov, Nikolai Bulganin and Nikita Khrushchev where he retired to his, bedroom ,to sleep. At dawn, Stalin did not emerge from his room, having probably
  16. Decades that the Hill area on the city's Southside was largely developed and, bedroom ,communities such as New Maryland emerged. The 1960s also saw an expansion of
  17. Gothic – Isometric projection – Is ova – Soviet – Iran J Jack and Jill, bedroom ,– Jack arch – Jalousie window – Jetty – Jin-pole – Joist – Joist K Damian –
  18. In 1977 and housing approximately 500 students, in bedroom apartments, each, bedroom , accommodating two students and each suite sharing one bathroom. Suite has
  19. Governor's compound. That night, a desert bandit named Lo breaks into Jen's, bedroom ,and asks her to leave with him. A flashback reveals that in the past, when
  20. Wrists together. Wielding a large butcher knife, Dahmer forced Edwards into the, bedroom , where Edwards saw pictures of mangled bodies on the wall and noticed the
  21. His erratic behavior continued, however,as he would sit naked in his, bedroom ,with a pink hotel napkin placed over his genitals, watching movies. In one year
  22. Is ninety kilometers (fifty-five miles) northeast of Indianapolis. Largely a, bedroom ,community to its three thousand citizens, Fairmount is best known as the
  23. Up with his cousin and brother Carl. It was at these sessions, held in Brian's, bedroom , that" the Beach Boys sound" began to form. Brian says:" Everyone
  24. He served as Lincoln's secretary until 1864. He lived in the northeast corner, bedroom ,on the second floor of the White House, which he shared with his fellow
  25. Work. Arthur helped Irving set up his first chemistry lab in the corner of his, bedroom , and he was content to answer the myriad of questions that Irving would pose.
  26. Royal couple's palace was invaded, and they hid in a cupboard in the Queen's, bedroom , There is another possibility, used in a Serbian history TV series" The End of
  27. With end-stage renal failure. On 22 November 1963 Lewis collapsed in his, bedroom ,at 5:30 pm and died a few minutes later, one week before his 65th birthday. He
  28. Republic),but an injury he sustained while hurriedly escaping from the, bedroom ,of a married woman from Medellín prevented him from making the journey. Instead
  29. Madness, his accidental killing of the king's counselor in his mother's, bedroom , and the eventual slaying of his uncle. Many of the earlier legendary elements
  30. To reposition the hotel's trademark neon silver slipper, visible from Hughes, bedroom , which apparently had been keeping him up at night. An unusual incident marked
  31. Cross-purposes and meetings both missed and accidental. The innuendo of the, bedroom ,farce is sometimes present (often to the disgust of the socially conservative
  32. Him/her. The child wants to know why there's a strange man in their, bedroom , and the manipulator-victim dynamic shifts during the next argument. Then it
  33. As a living room used to receive visitors, the next room is the parents ', bedroom , and the third is for unmarried daughters. Sons sleep anywhere they can find
  34. Hall, Towers Hall, and Calhoun Hall are traditional residence halls (shared, bedroom , community bathrooms),while North Hall, Caneris Hall, Race Street Residence
  35. Anya's Ghost there is a poster for Belle & Sebastian in the title character's, bedroom , Discography *Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like a Peasant (2000) A
  36. Romps and horseplay with the 14-year-old Elizabeth. These included entering her, bedroom ,in his nightgown, tickling her and slapping her on the buttocks. Catherine Parr
  37. He would call her" mother. " We know, too,that they did not share the same, bedroom , It seems most likely that he was bound to her by the promise he had given to
  38. Was Minerva. Not only did he keep a personal shrine dedicated to her in his, bedroom , she regularly appeared on his coinage—in four different attested reverse
  39. From England. *1340 – Niels Been kills Gerhard III of Holstein in his, bedroom , ending the 1332-1340 interregnum in Denmark. *1572 – In the Eighty Years' War
  40. Threatened him with was in the bedroom . When one of the officers checked the, bedroom , he saw the photographs of mangled bodies, and called for his partner to arrest
  41. Modern popular music. Joe and Katherine Jackson originally moved into their two, bedroom ,house at 2300 Jackson St. in Gary, Indiana,after they got married on November
  42. To be a gossip ", first appears in Shakespeare. The term originates from the, bedroom ,at the time of childbirth. Giving birth used to be a social (ladies only)
  43. Industry set up factories in the nearby large cities, and Fairmount became a, bedroom ,community, restoring some of its lost prosperity. In the 1940s,James Dean
  44. Couple was hidden in a secret panic room hidden behind the mirror in a common, bedroom , The room contained an entrance to a secret passage leading out of the palace
  45. Of our Lives. Phoebe's apartment is fixed, but is rebuilt with only one large, bedroom ,instead of the original two, so Rachel decides to stay with Joey. The season
  46. And waited until seeing a fiendish cat-like creature stalk around his niece's, bedroom ,and bite her on the neck. He then leapt from his hiding place and attacked the
  47. In capacity to a home with an undersized central a/c e.g. " A hot upstairs, bedroom ,", cooling a room that never had a/c before but is now being used for living or
  48. By Peter Gorbachev, the Deputy Commandant of Kuntsevo, who entered his, bedroom ,to check up on him and recalled a horrifying scene of Stalin lying on the floor
  49. By The Four Seasons. History Formative years At age 16,Brian Wilson shared a, bedroom ,with his brothers, Dennis and Carl, in their family home in Hawthorne. He
  50. Crowns in a case and display them near their icon corner or in the couple’s, bedroom , They serve as a reminder that God has united them to each other and to himself

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