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  1. Recorders that can read and record subtitles (Closed Captioning). * Vibrating, fire ,alarm placed under pillow when asleep. Others * Walmart provides companionship
  2. Destroy them. Local militia, known as 'minutemen,' confronted the troops and a, fire ,fight broke out. See Battles of Lexington and Concord. Any chance of a
  3. Into the jungle on Guam on approach to airport, killing 228. *2001 – Er wadi, fire ,incident,28 mentally ill persons tied to chain were burnt to death at a faith
  4. The very day of his consecration, his sons, Nadab and Abide, were consumed by, fire ,from the Lord for having offered incense unlawfully (Leviticus 10)
  5. Many navies have used an aluminum superstructure for their vessels; the 1975, fire , aboard USS Belong that gutted her aluminum superstructure, as well as
  6. Elements, which included the five classical elements (either, air,earth, fire ,and water),in addition to two chemical elements representing the | year
  7. The module was in the same relative position it had been in before lift-off and, fire ,the thrusters to" correct" the module's attitude. 16 months later, Lovell
  8. Hernán Cortés. *1536 – Buddhist monks from Kyōto's Enryaku-ji temple set, fire ,to 21 Nichiren temples throughout in what will be known as the Ten bun Hooke
  9. Ex. gravity, particle simulations),simulated fur or hair, effects such as, fire ,and water and the use of motion capture to name but a few, these techniques
  10. Modern elements are. " ... True alchemy never regarded earth, air,water, and, fire , as corporeal or chemical substances in the present-day sense of the word. The
  11. Real life. Using advanced rendering that makes detailed skin, plants,water, fire , clouds, etc. to mimic real life. Examples include Up (2009,USA),Lungful
  12. Challenging each other for the command of the Texas Army; Johnston refused to, fire ,on Huston and lost the position after he was wounded in the pelvis. The second
  13. Will spend eternity in hell. Their sins and their unbelief will torture them as, fire , " The Catholic Church The Catholic conception of the afterlife teaches after
  14. The rims pierced by holes like those of a flute. Consequently, the Sun was the, fire ,that one could see through a hole the same size as the Earth on the farthest
  15. Philippines killing more than 270 people and wounding 261. *1973 – A flash, fire ,kills 51 at the Summer land amusement center at Douglas, Isle of Man. *1980 – A
  16. Increases in verbal attacks against Jews and vandalism such as graffiti, fire ,bombings of Jewish schools, desecration of synagogues and cemeteries. Germany
  17. Earth (or twenty-eight, depending on the sources) and the lunar wheel, whose, fire , was less intense, eighteen (or nineteen) times. Its hole could change shape
  18. Application is in the manufacture of paper. It is also used as a mordant, in, fire , extinguisher,as a food additive, in fire proofing, and in leather tanning.
  19. Of the Universe. It resembled a system of hollow concentric wheels, filled with, fire , with the rims pierced by holes like those of a flute. Consequently, the Sun
  20. The first and only country to date to gain independence unwillingly. * 1965 – A, fire ,at a Titan missile base near Search, Arkansas kills 53 construction workers.
  21. Of this story, Thetis anointed the boy in ambrosia and put him on top of a, fire ,to burn away the mortal parts of his body. She was interrupted by Pele us and
  22. People. And the glory of the Lord appeared to all the multitude: And behold a, fire , coming forth from the Lord, devoured the holocaust, and the fat that was upon
  23. To have it removed and his own removal from office. *2004 – A supermarket, fire ,kills 396 people and injures 500 in Asunción, Paraguay. *2007 – The I-35W
  24. In the universe were formed from only four elements: earth, air,water, and, fire , According to Aristotle, each element had a sphere to which it belonged and to
  25. The word is translatable as" The Treasury" and" The Treasurer" of, fire ,or" The Land of the Fire" History Antiquity The earliest evidence of human
  26. Island of Data, is completed. *2000 – -tall Standing Tower in Moscow catches, fire , three people are killed. *2003 – Mars makes its closest approach to Earth in
  27. As an assertion of the necessity of an appropriate balance between earth, fire , and water, all of which may be independently seeking to aggrandize their
  28. Rowan Helper. Then slavery in the lower South, like a" scorpion encircled by, fire , would sting itself to death. " According to historian
  29. A natural order ensures balance between these elements, that where there was, fire , ashes (earth) now exist. His Greek peers echoed this sentiment with their
  30. Explains how the four elements of ancient physics (air, earth,water and, fire ,) are formed, and how Earth and terrestrial beings are formed through their
  31. View. Neither is it something halfway between air and water, or between air and, fire , thicker than air and fire , or more subtle than water and earth. Anaximander
  32. Which make it impossible for him to continue, he sets all his oil wells on, fire , leaving a jeering note:" I am leaving it as I found it. Take over. It's
  33. Before shooting the famous scene in which the castle is attacked and set on, fire , in order to prevent the Styrofoam“ stones” from melting in the heat, the art
  34. The player controls a triangular-shaped ship that can rotate left and right, fire ,shots straight forward, and thrust forward. As the ship moves, momentum is not
  35. Only resolution of these contradictory positions was for the confederates to, fire ,the first shot; they did just that. " On April 15,Lincoln called on the states
  36. Thunder is a jolt of the air that disperses and falls, allowing a less active, fire ,to break free. Thunderbolts are the result of a thicker and more violent air
  37. While the unrighteous are tormented at the sight of the" lake of unquenchable, fire ," into which they are destined to be cast. The Early Church: 4th and 5th
  38. Heartbeat ", which quickens as the asteroid density is reduced by the player's, fire , Once the screen has been cleared of all asteroids and flying saucers, a new
  39. Carrying four nuclear torpedoes, sinks in the Bay of Biscay four days after a, fire ,on board. *1980 – Samuel Doe takes control of Liberia in a coup d'état, ending
  40. Misrepresented as a Zoroastrian fire -temple" due to frequent association of ", fire ,temple" with the Iranian religion of Zoroastrianism. Other Christian
  41. Vietnam War: Gulf of Tonkin incident – North Vietnamese gunboats allegedly, fire ,on the U. S. destroyers and. *1968 – An earthquake hits Caligula, Aurora
  42. Of the rally, killing an officer. In the ensuing panic, police opened, fire ,on the crowd and each other. Seven police officers and at least four workers
  43. Other before disappearing again. The saucers are of two kinds: Large saucers, fire ,in random directions, while small saucers aim at the player's ship. The
  44. In the days preceding the bloody conflict, a group of Algerian Rebels opened, fire ,on a marketplace in Oran killing numerous innocent civilians, mostly women. It
  45. Halfway between air and water, or between air and fire , thicker than air and, fire , or more subtle than water and earth. Anaximander argues that water cannot
  46. Stayed in Persepolis for five months. During Alexander's stay in the capital a, fire ,broke out in the eastern palace of Xerxes and spread to the rest of the city.
  47. 17. Just one week was spent in hurried post-production, hampered by a studio, fire , and the finished film premiered at Tokyo's Imperial Theatre on August 25
  48. The evil from the righteous and throw them into the furnace of unquenchable, fire , Then the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father. The
  49. Abrupt break as initially appears. The basic elements of nature (water, air, fire , earth) which the first Greek philosophers believed that constituted the
  50. In Nicaragua. *1985 – Manchester Air Disaster sees 55 people killed when a, fire ,breaks out on a commercial aircraft at Manchester Airport. *1989 – The first

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