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  1. Protocol burden from the CPU itself. This allowed the CPU and memory side to, evolve ,separately from the device bus, or just" bus ". Devices on the bus could talk
  2. Carter SAP (with multiverse) predicts the following: * Physical theory will, evolve ,to strengthen the hypothesis that early phase transitions occur
  3. Is evidence to suggest that asexual reproduction has allowed the animals to, evolve ,new proteins through the Meyerson effect that have allowed them to survive
  4. Were cognates. However, an understanding of the way words in the two languages, evolve ,from Proto-Indo-European (PIE) roots shows that they cannot be cognate (see
  5. Audition process, although many of them form on their own. Some such bands can, evolve ,out of church choral or Gospel music groups, but are often created by talent
  6. Until the confusion of tongues (Genesis 11:1-9),or if it began to, evolve ,naturally even before Babel (Genesis 10:5). Dante addresses the topic in his
  7. Of a chair in mental processes, and how do the non-material processes, evolve ,in the mind that has no space? " Further, what are the very specific qualities
  8. With the introduction of the first RS/6000 SMP servers and continued to, evolve ,through the 1990s,culminating with AIX 4.3.3 in 1999. Version 4.1,in a
  9. Implosion sphere diameter of Green Bamboo. Afro proposed that Blue Steel would, evolve ,over time, subsequent versions increasing speed (to Mach 4.5) and range. The
  10. By Doug Engelhardt to refer to his belief that organizations could better, evolve ,by improving the process they use for improvement (thus obtaining a
  11. Into production in 1982. The 1970s also saw a major central office technology, evolve ,from crossbar electromechanical relay-based technology and discrete transistor
  12. TUBE system in the late 1970s,which consisted of specialty channels that would, evolve ,into national networks Nickelodeon, MTV and The Movie Channel. TUBE also
  13. By the requirement that there exist sites where carbon-based life can, evolve ,and by the requirements that the Universe be old enough for it to have already
  14. Canvas, Deluxe Paint, and Cyber Paint (which author Jim Kent would later, evolve ,into Autodesk Animator) featured advanced features such as 3D design and
  15. Development of German tactical methods German operational theories began to, evolve ,immediately after Germany's defeat in the First World War. The Treaty of
  16. Culture When Aeschylus first began writing, the theater had only just begun to, evolve , although earlier playwrights like Thespis had already expanded the cast to
  17. HCN is a weak acid; alkaline solutions are safer to use because they do not, evolve ,hydrogen cyanide. Hydrogen cyanide may be produced in the combustion of
  18. Exist. On the other hand, in a sufficiently large universe, some worlds might, evolve ,conscious life regardless of adverse conditions. Douglas Adams used the
  19. Although components of a binary star form at the same time, and massive stars, evolve ,much faster than the less massive ones, it was observed that the more massive
  20. The course of the movie, they are quite intelligent and have managed to ", evolve ," into newer, more dangerous forms, most notably human forms which the real
  21. Gradual shift of power during the 8th century led the kingdom of the Franks to, evolve ,into the Carolingian Empire. The Treaty of Verdun in 843 divided the region
  22. Date from the colonial era. Contrary to popular belief, the road system did not, evolve ,from longstanding cow-paths. Roads connected various village settlements with
  23. Physical constants set to ensure that life as we know it will emerge and, evolve , *" Observers are necessary to bring the Universe into being. " Barrow and
  24. To escalating home run totals that not only excited fans, but helped baseball, evolve ,from a low-scoring, speed-dominated game to a high-scoring power game. In 1998
  25. Presaged fiber optical telecommunications, while the Volta Bureau would later, evolve ,into the Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (
  26. Acids and bases. During the 17th century, practical alchemy started to, evolve ,into modern chemistry, as it was renamed by Robert Boyle, the " father of
  27. Pests will not be immediately killed. It is anticipated resistance to BT will, evolve ,in the form of a recessive allele in the pest. Because of this, a pest that
  28. By granting some degree of moral relativism and accepting that norms may, evolve ,over time and, therefore,one can criticize the continued enforcement of old
  29. Have been otherwise. Resistance to ciprofloxacin and other fluoroquinolones may, evolve ,rapidly, even during a course of treatment. Numerous pathogens, including
  30. Monarchy. Only in England and the Netherlands did representative government, evolve ,as an alternative. From the late 17th century, states learned how to finance
  31. Term" art" has changed several times over the centuries, and has continued to, evolve ,during the 20th century as well. The main recent sense of the word“ art” is
  32. Some of the carriers that won these routes would, through time and mergers, evolve ,into Pan Am, Delta Air Lines, Braniff Airways, American Airlines, United
  33. And continue doing so throughout their careers, as opening theory continues to, evolve , The fundamental strategic aims of most openings are similar: * Development:
  34. That the rules governing the relations between the Council of Europe and NGOs, evolve ,to reflect the active participation of international non-governmental
  35. To creation-science, the general theory that complex life forms did not, evolve ,but appeared 'abruptly. '" A 2000 poll for People for the American Way found
  36. For concepts that did not exist in Quranic times (and in fact continues to, evolve ,). Some words have been borrowed from other languages, notice that
  37. The Knickerbocker code as the basis, the rules of modern baseball continued to, evolve ,over the next half-century. History of baseball in the United States The game
  38. Others, such as Julian Steward and Leslie White, focused on how societies, evolve ,and fit their ecological niche—an approach popularized by Marvin Harris.
  39. Have good leadership and ball handling skills. Strategy The strategies also, evolve ,with the game. In the 1990s and early 2000s,teams played with more" isolation
  40. And communicate with angels. In the 17th century, practical alchemy started to, evolve ,into modern chemistry, In the eighteen century," alchemy" was considered to
  41. Pathways—is considered a crucial component to understanding how life might, evolve ,elsewhere in the universe. According to astrophysicist Dr. Stand Sigurdsson,"
  42. Under LEADER or PROPER to solicit European aid for rural development could also, evolve ,into comarcas. Almost every Andalusian municipality outside the capitals and
  43. A high level of atmospheric oxygen, complex animals may not have been able to, evolve ,until the atmosphere was oxygenic enough for collagen synthesis. The origin of
  44. Principle #: There is an underlying principle that constrains the universe to, evolve ,towards life and mind. #The self-explaining universe #: A closed explanatory or
  45. Windows 95,and Linux. TCP/IP networking allowed most of the remaining BBSes to, evolve ,and include Internet hosting capabilities. Recent BBS software, such as
  46. Separately from the body's normal defenses. Nevertheless, new strains may, evolve ,that escape immunity induced by vaccines; for example an update Influenza
  47. Relatively short lifetimes, meaning that life would not likely have time to, evolve ,on planets orbiting them. Very small stars provide so little heat and warmth
  48. One of only two in Arizona),Crow stated that ASU is in a unique position to, evolve ,together with the city into one of the great intellectual institutions in the
  49. Sections of the tree – for instance, the early vertebrates that would someday, evolve ,into the family Homicide cannot be placed in any other monophyletic family.
  50. Passages for solo voices alternated with passages for full choir, began to, evolve , This became the dominant form in the Restoration period, when composers such

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