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  1. Especially that of Saint Anselm, and Saint Augustine. He is also known to, quote ,thinkers such as Saint Bernard, and Richard of Saint-Victor. He differs from
  2. Purposely changed the line—and the character speaking it—because the original, quote ,made it seem that the problem had already passed. The film was a critical and
  3. As a Self-exploratorium. A sense of what Kay is trying to do comes from this, quote , from the abstract of a seminar on this given at Intel Research Labs, Berkeley:
  4. Kick" and" hydrogen jukebox" both show up in" Howl ",and a direct, quote ,from Cézanne:" Later Omnipotent Veteran Zeus ". Style
  5. Aspects of primordial energy. As Herbert V. Gunther states: In the above block, quote ,the trial is encoded as: dharmakaya" god "; sambhogakaya" temple" and
  6. Into the band, which they named Hole. The band's name allegedly came from a, quote ,from Euripides' Medea which read" there's a hole that pierces my soul" and
  7. The ballot or by any ordered course of public action. " Historians believe the, quote ,attributed to Wilson originated with Dixon, who was relentless in publicizing
  8. H Russell NA on page 58 there is a picture of Japanese riveted Kari, and this, quote ,from the translated reference of Sakakibara Kozan's 1800 book, The Manufacture
  9. Letter proclaiming Abdel-Rahman III's assumption of the Caliph title |, quote ,= We are the most worthy to fulfil our right, and the most entitled to complete
  10. Indoor sets, such as the Queen's throne room and Blackadder's front room. A, quote ,from this series ranked number three in a list of the top 25 television 'put
  11. 79) any aspect of music. The music of Africa is often purposely ambiguous. To, quote ,Sir Donald Francis Today (1935,p. 195),“ Theorists are apt to vex
  12. S $75,000. His response:" I know, but I had a better year than Hoover. " That, quote ,has also been rendered as," How many home runs did he hit last year? " (Ruth
  13. The sphere and the cylinder. The inscription around the head of Archimedes is a, quote ,attributed to him which reads in Latin:" Transpire sum rectus unique potion
  14. So £ (UK Pound Sign) was used for open quote and? (Question Mark) for close, quote , Special sequences were placed in double quote s (e.g. ALL?? Produced a new
  15. Overconsumption of carbohydrates than the product itself. Several diet books, quote ,beer as having an undesirably high glycemic index of 110,the same as maltose;
  16. When he asks if God knows and sees all, or does man have free will. To, quote ,V. E. Watts on Boethius, God is like a spectator at a chariot race; He watches
  17. To write a letter in exile, with no access to a copy of the Scriptures, and, quote , from memory every verse in the Old Testament with reference to the Trinity
  18. That he was supposedly studying when disturbed by the Roman soldier. This, quote ,is often given in Latin as" Nola turban circles mess," but there is no
  19. Usually offer preannounced and simplified price structure, and sometimes, quote ,prices for each leg of a trip separately. Computers also allow airlines to
  20. Of the musical group Santana is entitled Abraham. That album has the following, quote ,from Damian on the album cover:" We stood before it and began to freeze inside
  21. Possible that Antaeus wrote amorously about Sappho, as indicated in an earlier, quote , * Miscellaneous: Antaeus wrote on such a wide variety of subjects and themes
  22. Added. Those who regard that statement as Smith's central message also, quote ,frequently Smith's dictum: It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the
  23. For transmission purposes. The escape character (ESC) was intended to ", quote ," the next character, if it was another control character it would print it
  24. Song" Mausoleum" from 1994's The Holy Bible contains the famous Ballard, quote ,about his reasons for writing the book. * Tuxedomoon's instrumental" Crash! "
  25. If Sharon did not enter the mosques, no problems would arise. They also often, quote ,statements by Palestinian Authority officials, particularly Mad Faludi, the
  26. Easy deus ex machina which discourages searches for physical explanations. To, quote ,Penrose again:" it tends to be invoked by theorists whenever they do not have
  27. Showed a keen interest in the Bible and in biblical prophecies, and would often, quote ,biblical texts in his letters and logs. For example, part of the argument that
  28. Not because mathematicians prefer it to other axioms. " — A. K. Dewey: This, quote ,comes from the famous April Fools' Day article in the computer recreations
  29. Of the water because a liquid in equilibrium cannot support shear stresses. To, quote ,Anthony and Bracket: Moreover, because the element of water does not move, the
  30. My armies be the rocks and the trees and the birds in the sky '. " Despite the, quote ,'s popularity since the movie, there is no evidence that Charlemagne actually
  31. Officers of the nuclear submarine have a discussion about the meaning of the, quote ," War is a continuation of politics by other means. " The executive officer (
  32. Differing opinions on the threshold for being underweight in females; doctors, quote ,anything from 18.5 to 20 as being the lowest weight, the most frequently stated
  33. The code lacked any quote characters so £ (UK Pound Sign) was used for open, quote ,and? (Question Mark) for close quote . Special sequences were placed in double
  34. There is also much material found in Obadiah 10-21 which Jeremiah does not, quote , and which, had he had it laid out before him, would have suited his purpose
  35. Symbol for marking the arc minute is the prime (′) (U+2032),though a single, quote ,(') (U+0027) is commonly used where only ASCII characters are permitted.
  36. Swims and is not a submarine, the Cantonese will eat it. " Despite having the, quote ,presented to a notable organization, it has also appeared in books such as "
  37. Common law into general and accepted legal principles. You can see this in the, quote ,above from the Supreme Court where the Court is noting that while the black
  38. Organisation and techniques most of which occurred during World War I. To, quote ,McCauley, By WWII decades if not centuries of weapons development had settled
  39. Ga zeta: On September 3,1918, the newspaper Izvestia published Dzerzhinsky own, quote ,: In the autumn of 1918,the Cheney openly and proudly announced itself to be a
  40. An example of ancient aesthetics in Greece through poetry is proven by the, quote ," For the authors of those great poems which we admire, do not attain to
  41. 803 used 5 hole paper tape and thus only had upper case. The code lacked any, quote ,characters so £ (UK Pound Sign) was used for open quote and? (Question Mark
  42. You," a phrase that shows adoptionist tendencies. It is also almost a direct, quote ,from the second Psalm. Later Secondary Documents The Gospels of Matthew and
  43. In computer game Civilization IV, the technology fusion is accompanied by the, quote ,of the third law. As leaving a contradictory impression," suggesting at once
  44. By using pesticides and intensive high yield farming, a view exemplified by a, quote ,heading the Center for Global Food Issues website: 'Growing more per acre
  45. Of late 19th/early 20th century England. Take for instance the highly repeated, quote ,from his thickly veiled Book Four:" It would be unwise to condemn as
  46. These functions include power management, hot swapping, thermal management. To, quote ,Linus Torvalds, the task of BIOS is" just load the OS and get the hell out of
  47. Names of Samuel Clarke, Benjamin Badly and William Whist on are associated. To, quote ,the Encyclopædia Britannica's article on Arianism:" In modern times some
  48. Symbol for the arc second is the double prime (″) (U+2033),though a double, quote ,(") (U+0022) is commonly used where only ASCII characters are permitted.
  49. 54 countries in 15 different languages. The Soviet newspaper Pravda featured a, quote ,from Boris Nikolaevich Petrov, Chairman of the Soviet Intercosmos program, who
  50. Therefore, in order to describe a given signal completely,it's necessary to, quote ,the color system and the broadcast standard as capital letter. For example the

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