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  1. They do is unquestionably right. He often forces others, especially his, secretary , to placate the Competes' by granting their unorthodox requests. Although
  2. When his curiosity is engaged. Nevertheless, he continues to employ his, secretary , Miss Lemon, at the time of the cases retold in Hickory Hickory Dock and Dead
  3. Firm of Wald, Harkrader & Ross. In 1981, she served as counsel to the assistant, secretary ,of the Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights. From 1982 to 1983
  4. Wealthy soap manufacturer … poisoned his wife in order to be free to marry his, secretary ,". We do not know whether this case resulted in a successful prosecution or not
  5. A pool of blood, apparently from the body of Herbert von Bose, von Papen's, secretary , who had been killed there. Speer related that the sight had no effect on him
  6. Same authority, Bishop Alexander" invited Athanasius to be his communal and, secretary , He had been well-educated, and was versed in grammar and rhetoric, and had
  7. This time, Aage Bohr travelled with his father, acting as his assistant and, secretary , The Bohr's returned to Denmark in 1945,and Age returned to University
  8. In the First Council of Nicaea. At the time, he was a deacon and personal, secretary ,of the 19th Bishop of Alexandria, Alexander. Nicaea was convoked by the Emperor
  9. And Nancy Pulp as" Miss" Jane Hathaway,Drysdale's scholarly," plain Jane ", secretary , who pined for the clueless Jethro. While Granny frequently mentioned that she
  10. The true nature of whom Crowley never understood. Crowley's disciple and later, secretary ,Israel Regarded believed that this voice came from Crowley's subconscious, but
  11. Honorary position usually held for a one-year term),and a state or territory, secretary ,(a full-time professional position). The larger branches also have full-time
  12. Function was not primitive recursive, but it was Ackerman, Hilbert’s personal, secretary ,and former student, who actually proved the hypothesis in his paper On
  13. Liberate her from this debt. Nora asks Torvald to give Kristine a position as a, secretary ,in the bank, and he agrees, as she has experience in bookkeeping. They leave
  14. With a nationalist. At Cromer's behest, Lord Rose berry, the British foreign, secretary , sent him a letter stating that the Derive was obliged to consult the British
  15. The one in the National Archives),and that delegates should inform the, secretary ,of their authority for ratification. On July 9,1778,the prepared copy was
  16. Kelly be introduced to them.: During the final season Kelly May takes a job as a, secretary ,at the Commerce Bank after Jed and Granny persuade her that it would be a good
  17. Same evening Agatha disappeared from her home, leaving behind a letter for her, secretary ,saying that she was going to Yorkshire. Her disappearance caused an outcry from
  18. The founders of the Geological Society of London in 1807 and was its honorary, secretary ,in 1812-1817. He contributed papers on the Resin and the Shropshire coalfield
  19. Located downtown, houses the offices of the governor, lieutenant governor and, secretary ,of state, as well as the General Assembly. The Governor's Mansion is located
  20. Cards on the Table and has been bothering him ever since. Miss Lemon Poirot's, secretary , Miss Felicity Lemon, has few human weaknesses. The only two mistakes she is
  21. School, while also embarking on a tentative, ill-fated romance with Jameson's, secretary , Betty Brant. By focusing on Parker's everyday problems, Lee and Ditto created
  22. The figure serve as his headstone and epitaph. In 1923,Marcel Tire,Rodin's, secretary , published a book alleging that Rodin's death was largely due to cold, and the
  23. His mother and sister doing the same. ` Abdul'Baha soon became his father's, secretary ,and shield. ` Abdul'Baha was fifteen or sixteen at the time and ` Ali Shaka
  24. Terms of the concordat arranged with Portugal. The same year he was appointed, secretary ,of the Congregation super negative ecclesial extraordinarily. In 1889, he became
  25. Biography Andrey Andreyevich Markov was born in Ryan as the son of the, secretary ,of the public forest management of Ryan, Andrey Grigorevich Markov, and his
  26. Emily was married to Andrew Jackson Donelson, who acted as Jackson's private, secretary ,and in 1856 would run for Vice President on the American Party ticket. The
  27. Normally politicians. The quorum of the Board was two commissioners and a, secretary , The president of the Board was known as the First Lord of the Admiralty, who
  28. Ташкентский договор (The Tashkent Treaty). Nikolai Bordyuzha was appointed, secretary ,general of the new organization. On 23 June 2006,Uzbekistan became a full
  29. A leading role in the Theosophical Society's section in Germany, becoming its, secretary ,in 1902. During the years of his leadership, membership increased dramatically
  30. Al-Islami, who had been arrested in India. In January 2010 U. S. Defense, secretary ,Robert Gates, while on a visit to Pakistan, stated that al-Qaeda was seeking to
  31. Patriarch, Alexander of Alexandria, in 319. In 325,he served as Alexander's, secretary ,at the First Council of Nicaea. Already a recognized theologian and ascetic, he
  32. Proposal. In 1876 Austro-Bohemian Countess Bertha Kinsey became Alfred Nobel's, secretary , But after only a brief stay she left him to marry her previous lover, Baron
  33. Standards organization. According to Paul G. Agnew, the first permanent, secretary ,and head of staff in 1919,AEC started as an ambitious program and little else
  34. An" old fossil ". The administration offered him the consolation prize of, secretary ,or governor of the Oregon Territory. This distant territory was a Democratic
  35. Solar System. * 1989 – Maui Midoriyama becomes Japan's first female cabinet, secretary , *1991 – Belarus gains its independence from the Soviet Union * 1991 – The
  36. In other locations, or by the Boeing Airborne Laser. During 1998,Defense, secretary ,William Cohen proposed spending an additional $6.6 billion on intercontinental
  37. In one episode, it is established that Miss Jane sacrificed her job as the top, secretary ,of the top executive of the top insurance company to join Mr. Drysdale at the
  38. Takes a grip on the town, Grand joins the team of volunteers, acting as general, secretary , recording all the statistics. Room regards him as" the true embodiment of
  39. A soldier of the regular forces, and a copy of such order be sent to the, secretary ,of state, he may order a portion of the soldier's pay to be retained. There is
  40. Des Minnelli). The father of the family, attorney Charles-Marie Bonaparte, was, secretary , to Pasquale Pauli during the golden years of the republic. After the defeat of
  41. Nationalists leader Even Konovalets, Ignace Poetry, Fourth International, secretary ,Rudolf Element, Leon Trotsky, and the Workers' Party of Marxist Unification (
  42. Politician of the CDU, former minister of the federal government and CDU, secretary ,general * Walter Adams (born 1945 in Wasseralfingen),middle distance runner
  43. Another legend reports that the Norwegian-American Eleanor Lille berg, executive, secretary , to Louis B. Mayer, saw the first statuette and exclaimed," It looks like King
  44. Hansen in 1999. Hansen was a long-time friend of all four, and also former, secretary ,of Sting Anderson. Honoring Gore, ABBA performed a Swedish birthday song" Med
  45. Writer, Nobel Prize Laureate (b. 1871) *1942 – Made Desi, personal, secretary , of Mahatma Gandhi (b.1892) *1945 – Korechika INAMI, Japanese War Minister (
  46. By the pope to Canada as a bishop's chaplain. On his return he was appointed, secretary ,to the Congregation of the Propaganda. In 1884,he was created by Pope Leo XIII
  47. From the cockpit, according to a statement released by the governor's press, secretary , No one was harmed in the incident. Net worth Schwarzenegger's net worth has
  48. Of a tram conductor and a dressmaker, she was working as the Aga Khan's social, secretary ,at the time of their marriage. She had been" Miss Lyon 1929" and" Miss
  49. Coalfield, among others, to the transactions of that society. Later he became, secretary ,of the Royal Society of Arts. He was founder of the Chemical Society of London
  50. Of Hoboken, New Jersey, in trust to Robert A. Franks,Carnegie's business, secretary , There, a special vault was built to house the physical bulk of nearly

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